Forward Adrian Williams is going into her first full season as a member of the San Antonio Silver Stars after a mid-season trade from Phoenix last season. She knows that in order to help the Silver Stars return to prominence, she must be in her best personal shape.

Find out what other WNBA players had to say about their fitness routines.

Williams hopes to return to the form that made her an All-Star in 2003.
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Q: Do you have a favorite exercise for the lower body, and what does that help you do on the court?
"The best one for me for lower body is the leg press because I have tendonitis, so when I do that, it makes my legs stronger and also increases my jumping. So that's the first thing I do when I do lower body."

Q: Upper body?
"Upper body, besides bench press, I think is the shoulder press because I'm a rebounder, and so I need to do that so when I get the rebound, I can pull the rebound down. It's not just enough to go up and get it, I have to pull it down. I think the push press helps with that."

Q: Is there an exercise that you hate, have to force yourself to get over with?
"Lunges. That's probably one of the best things also for lower body that I do, but I can't stand it. And my strength trainer, he's always like, "Good job, Adrian. I'm glad to see you're doing that." And I'm like, "Yeah, but I don't want to do it."

Q: Is there a fitness accomplishment you're most proud of?
"Not really. I just want to continue to get better in the weight room and get stronger."

Q: Any specific goal that you've set?
"Not really. Sometimes during the season you fall off and you're not able to lift as much as you may want to. I lift after the games sometimes, and then I just continue my workout routine through the season. And if I do that, then I'm proud of myself because I've kept up my workout routine."

Q: What's your workout routine like in the offseason?
"I play a lot of basketball. Sometimes I go overseas. I did it a couple of years ago for half the season, the year before I didn't, the year before I did. So, I go overseas, stay in shape, get better. But last year I did a lot of working out with my coach. I did a lot of one-on-one stuff for a couple of hours a day. And I also play pick-up with some guys. Last year, I had a strength trainer who also has helped with my weight conditioning and strength training."

Q: Who would you describe the role of fitness for you as an athlete and as a person?
"Well, it's very important to me because even if I have the basketball skills but am not in shape, it won't matter. When I am in shape, I feel better and I don't have to worry about the, "oh my gosh, am I going to be able to make it?" so it's very important to me."

Q: Is there a fitness product that you've seen on t.v. that you laugh at the most?
"The thing that jiggles your stomach. I'm like, "there's no way." There's not that much jiggling that it can ever make somebody's abs look they look on TV, and I think that's funny."

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