WNBA Players' Prospects to Watch in the Tournament

March 15 - Whether they have played with them or against them on the college level, or even coached with or against them, WNBA players have plenty of opinions about the next group of prospects. Hear what they have to say about this year's senior class as the NCAA Tournament gets underway.

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Janel McCarville, center, University of Minnesota

"She is a big body, but she is really agile. She can really move well and has quick feet, great passer. She can score, but is really a team player. Depending on what teams need in the Draft, I think she is a great big player. She can defend, run the floor and do a lot of good things. She is a top prospect." - Katie Smith, Minnesota Lynx

"If we could get her with the third pick, I'd be a very happy point guard." - Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury

"Definitely a top player to watch." - Nicole Ohlde, Minnesota Lynx

"She will bring a great personality to her team and mix well with her teammates. She is definitely fun to be around. Anyone that knows her knows that she is her own person and she embraces that. On the court, anyone who has watched her game can see that she is strong and physical. She has those wide shoulders and she has a good grasp of where the ball will come off for a rebound. She has some solid post moves, and not to mention a great headband collection. She is a good kid who loves her Playstation. It will be interesting to see where she goes and I'll be excited to see how she does in the league. I hope she does great." - Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun.

Temeka Johnson, guard, L.S.U.

"She is small but I've heard people saying a lot of good things about her. Having a point guard in this league is a top prospect. She has obviously handled her business in college and played for USA Basketball under my coach, Coach Foster." - Katie Smith

Kendra Wecker , guard, Kansas State

"Like always, the Big Twelve has a lot to offer. There are a lot of talented players coming out. There are some big girls and small girls. This should be another exciting year. Kendra Wecker is a great player coming out of my alma mater, Kansas State." - Nicole Ohlde

"Kendra Wecker from Kansas State is a decent-sized guard, very solid with the fundamentals. She shoots the ball well and can definitely help a team." - Katie Smith

Sandora Irvin, forward, Texas Christian

"You know who I really like? Sandora Irvin down at TCU. She is a very good post player." - Diana Taurasi

"Irvin is a big presence in the paint, changing the way teams go to the basket. She also now owns the NCAA single-game block record." - Nicole Ohlde

Caity Matter, guard, Ohio State

"I think she is a wild card. She can knock down her shots. She is an excellent player who can also defend. I think she could be a great role player for a team that needs another scorer or someone coming off the bench." - Katie Smith

Ashley Battle, guard, Connecticut

"Ashley is a player that can go into training camp and just blow people away. She is a scrapper. She is great defensively, she can rebound, shoot the ball pretty consistently, gets to the free throw line. If she goes into training camp, plays hard and does the things that we, as a university, teach our players to do, I know she will be fine." - Diana Taurasi

Tanisha Wright , guard, Penn State

"She is a good competitor, very good defender, can score, pull-up jumper, slashing, but is willing to do whatever she needs to do to help her team. She played with Kelly Mazzante last year and did her job but also guarded the other team's best player and was able to play her role knowing that Kelly would get a lot of looks. I think she will be a solid pro." - Katie Smith

Jessica Moore, center, Connecticut

"After last year, people thought Jessica would come out and average 20 and 10. But early on, that knee injury slowed her down. Now she has shown that she should be a top round pick. Any team that brings her into training camp will find out that they have a real good player. Not only does she love to play, but she loves her teammates. Whoever gets her is going to get a steal, I really believe that." - Diana Taurasi