Bud Light Charity Stripe Trivia Game: Week One

Think you got game? Step up to the Bud Light Charity Stripe, test your WNBA knowledge and knock down a new set of questions each week.

Plus, follow the WNBA's top clutch free throw performers all season long with the Bud Light Charity Stripe Stat Tracker.

1. Who has made the most free throws in one game without a miss?

Nykesha Sales
Sue Bird
Lisa Leslie
Sheryl Swoopes

2. Which WNBA player holds the records for highest free-throw percentage in one season?

Nykesha Sales
Eva Nemcova
Nancy Lieberman
Cheryl Miller

3. Women’s Basketball Analyst Annie Meyers was signed to a professional contract by which NBA team??

Indiana Pacers
Boston Celtics
New York Knicks
San Antonio Spurs

4. Which professional basketball league first introduced the smaller basketball to the women’s game?


5. Which coach has been at the helm of three different WNBA teams?

Trudi Lacey
Anne Donovan
Brian Winters
Suzie McConnell Serio

6. Name the only coach to lead both an Eastern and Western Conference team to the WNBA Finals?

Van Chancellor
Anne Donovan
Richie Adubato
Cheryl Miller

7. Who was the player that established the 20-20 club (20-or-more points and rebounds in the same game)?

Cheryl Ford
Lisa Leslie
Tina Thompson
Natalie Williams

8. Who has played the most games in her WNBA career without blocking a shot?

Shannon Johnson
Chamique Holdsclaw
Yolanda Moore
Tamara Moore

9. Who reached the WNBA’s 3,000 career point plateau in the fewest number of games?

Sheryl Swoopes
Lisa Leslie
Tina Thompson
Katie Smith

10. Name the only WNBA team to make 40 percent or more of its three-point field goal attempts in a season?

1998 Houston Comets
2000 Houston Comets
2001 Los Angeles Sparks
2002 Charlotte Sting