Sue Bird at the 2003 got milk? Rookie Challenge

Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird stopped by the Cybercast during the 2003 got milk? Rookie Challenge on Saturday, February 8, 2003 to chat with fans about the game, the WNBA and her predictions for the 2003 season. Here's what Sue had to say:
Rod (Kelowna): Sue, any reason behind why you wear number 10?

Sue Bird: Yeah, I wear No. 10 because I was born in October and so was my sister who is five years older. She started the whole thing.

Mark from Hartz: What superhero do you most resemble?

Sue Bird: Definitely not the Incredible Hulk. And since the only one I can think of right now is Wonder Woman, I'll go with her. The brown hair and all ...

Evan, NYC: If you could pick one college player to play on the Storm next season, who would it be?

Sue Bird: I'd have to say Diana Taurasi, but she's only a junior, so I'll have to wait a few years.

brad(syosset): loved the new wnba commercial...were u nervous getting all fancied up.

Sue Bird: The new WNBA commercial was a lot of fun to do, because I got to hang out with a lot of the other girls and they picked out my outfit, so it wasn't really me getting fancied up.

Nellie, Roanoke: Who is your early pick for NBA MVP?

Sue Bird: I love the Dirk Nowitzki-Steve Nash combo, so either one of them.

Bird Man: Sue, what do you think of the coaching change in Seattle?

Sue Bird: What's up Bird Man, I'm really looking forward to working with Anne Donovan. She brings a lot to the table and she should help our team go to the next level.

Martin, Trenton: Are you excited about having the All-Star game in your hometown this season?

Sue Bird: Yes, I'm very excited about having the All-Star Game in New York this year. Now I just have to try and make it, so it can be even more memorable for me.

Road Dogg, SF City: Of yourself, Tamika Williams, Swin Cash, and Aiesha Jones, which of the UConn four (including yourself) are left-handed shooters or which one of you is left-handed in real life?

Sue Bird: Well, Swin thinks she's left-handed, but Asjha's probably the one with the best left hand.

Kelly: Hey Sue! I was just wondering if you were shocked on how well the Uconn women are playing this season. Thanks

Sue Bird: No, I think a lot of people have underestimated them, and even though they're young, they know how to play together, and I'm pretty sure I'll catch them in Atlanta for the Final Four.

Ivory(Albany, GA): Hey, Sue did you and the rest of of the WNBA players party Atl style?

Sue Bird: Now I know why they call it Hotlanta ...

I love Sue Bird: What things has playing a season in the WNBA taught you ?

Sue Bird: This has taught me how to live on my own and be a professional, which is sometimes easier than it sounds.

Mark (Syndey): How was coming out to Sydney recently? Did you enjoy it?

Sue Bird: Sydney was great. I could definitely see myself spending a long period of time out there. It was a lot of fun. Love the accents ...

Tarre(Allentown): What are your nba finals picks and who will win?

Sue Bird: Even though I'm an East coast girl, I'm going to have to go with the Kings over the Pacers in five. And hopefully next year my Knicks will be in it.

Mark (Sydney): Would you consider coming over to play in Aus with Lauren one off season?

Sue Bird: Yeah, it's a possibility. We'll see ...

Rod (Kelowna): Sue, what's your most memorable experience this year, and loving the new commerical

Sue Bird: Probably making it to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. That was exciting for everyone in the Seattle community.

prince(los angeles): Think the Storm can dethrone the Sparks this year??

Sue Bird: I don't know, the Sparks are definitely a good team. Hopefully we can carry over some of the momentum from last year.

Davy J., Valencia, CA: Hey Moderator, please ask Sue Bird what she thought of playing in the celebrity game last night, and how it must have been to see Muggsy and Manute on the same team! Thanks!

Sue Bird: Muggsy and Manute were quite the combo. My game plan was to throw it low and throw it high.

Rod (Kelowna): Sue, how does being a spokeswoman for the wnba make you feel and how was shooting the new comerical ?

Sue Bird: The commercial was a lot of fun to shoot and just to be grouped with the other players who were involved was an honor in itself.

Rod (Kelowna): Sue, who was your basketball hero as a kid growing up ?

Sue Bird: I looked up to players like Bobby Hurley and John Stockton. Any point guard who I could watch, that's who I looked up to.

Tarre(Allentown): Who do you think will be the nba all star MVP?

Sue Bird: I'm going out on a limb with Yao Ming.

sarah(middle village): Who's the cutest celeb you've met this weekend (i'm a girl, give me a break i wanna gossip)

Sue Bird: Alright, Sarah. Taye Diggs, was by far the cutest celeb I've seen. And the shortest ...

Sue Bird: Thanks very much for all of the questions and watch the WNBA this coming season.