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RT @TichaPenicheiro: Good bye Dallas!! AS#10 was amazing! I'm exhausted and definitely need to catch up on my sleep..BUT it was so worth it!
10:48 AM Feb 15th

RT @DonnaOrender: By the time we got to sleep it was time to wake up. 2010 NBA all star a great success.
4:34 AM Feb 15th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: I want 2personally thk the NBA/WNBA 4having me here this wknd! I had an amazing time &all I can say is: I LOVE MY JOB!!
9:41 PM Feb 14th

RT @DonnaOrender: #AS10 wknd was allstar experience.Thx 2Wnba stars who spent wknd w/us Congrats2 @NBA staff who did a spectacular job,108k!
9:33 PM Feb 14th

RT @karalawson20: I love Alicia Keys!!!! #AS10
7:14 PM Feb 14th

Talking about new ideas &opportunites with @caroline from @twitter at #AS10. Fans, tell us what u want from our Twitter feed-we want 2 know!
6:11 PM Feb 14th

RT @shotime_5: At cowboy stadium for the #AS10 game. This place is AMAZING!!!
4:47 PM Feb 14th

RT @NBA: #AS10 is trending, but we're not satisfied. We want to get #AS10 to #1 by tip-off at 8pm/ET on TNT. Plz retweet this!
4:37 PM Feb 14th

RT @missarob43: In traffic going to the stadium. About to be 90,000 deep. If u haven't left u better. #AS10
4:09 PM Feb 14th

Behind the scenes at Jam Session with @TichaPenicheiro & Scholanda Robinson #AS10
3:50 PM Feb 14th

RT @missarob43: I got a big hug from @THE_REAL_SHAQ last night at the nba players association gala. Fun! First time meeting him
2:28 PM Feb 14th

RT @Jenniferazzi: Who's excited 4 NBA All-Star Game?Having a grt time in Dallas as part of #AS10 weekend events
1:49 PM Feb 14th

RT @cappa23: wishing all the nba all stars gluck tonight...def wanna see highlites when i awaken #AS10
12:00 PM Feb 14th

RT @100fromAS10: 68 RT @KaraLawson20 I signed autographs w/Rolando Blackman &Ron Harper, 2guys I loved watching play when I was a kid #AS10
10:30 AM Feb 14th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: I also would like to wish our amazing WNBA pres @DonnaOrender an amazing day..she is a yr younger today!!;)happy Bday!!
9:44 AM Feb 14th

RT @hoopfeed: Day 4 of NBA All-Star Week: The sun comes out and WNBA players continue making the rounds (
9:35 AM Feb 14th

RT @DonnaOrender: Grt wnba pre- game reception sat. Thx to all partners, players &friends who attended and very special guest Maria shriver.
7:59 AM Feb 14th from TinyTwitter

RT @100fromAS10: 58."There's not any bigger arenas that I know of.It should be exciting, nice 2see it live" BeckyHammon onASG @ TexasStadium
9:08 PM Feb 13th

RT @NBA: Nicole Powell, Marie Ferdinand Harris & Angel McCoughtry check out the replay in the #SpriteSlam
7:32 PM Feb 13th

RT @NBA: Nicole Powell, Marie Ferdinand Harris and Angel McCoughtry check out the replay in the #SpriteSlam
7:31 PM Feb 13th

RT @NBA: #AS10 If you'd like to donate to the @cbhaitifund while watching Ms. Badu, go here: / #Haiti / Plz RT!!
6:31 PM Feb 13th

RT @NBA: TeamTexas never looked worried watching Team LA fr the bench in Haier Shooting Stars championship@ #AS10
6:14 PM Feb 13th

RT @NBA: Team Texas (Dirk, Jet & Hammon) beat Team LA in the Haier Shooting Stars Competition, Taco Bells Skills Competition up next on TNT.
5:59 PM Feb 13th

RT @Mocurrie25: I gotta get used to seeing Nicole Powell in a liberty uniform! #AS10
5:50 PM Feb 13th

Nicole Powell drains the halfcourt shot with one second to go, elimating the Atlanta team in Shooting Stars Competition #AS10
5:49 PM Feb 13th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: About to watch my WNBA homies shooting it up!! Becky, Nicole, Angel and my new teammate Marie! I'm excited!! #AS10
5:10 PM Feb 13th

RT @NBA: Drop everything, & get to an HDTV quick. #AS10 Saturday Night presented by State Farm starts right now on TNT.
5:05 PM Feb 13th

RT @shotime_5: Headed to the arena to watch the shooting stars comp & all the other contests! #AS10
4:32 PM Feb 13th

Becky Hammon, @angel_35 , Nicole Powell & Marie Ferdinand-Harris will go head-to-head in the Shooting Stars Competition @8pm/ET on TNT #AS10
4:00 PM Feb 13th

More video: Becky Hammon runs down her Top 5 All-Star memories of all-time
2:00 PM Feb 13th

Becky Hammon address the media at @nba #AS10 in Dallas
1:55 PM Feb 13th

RT @hoopfeed: - WNBA at Jam Session #AS10
1:05 PM Feb 13th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: Just finishing SpecialOlympics clinic @ jamsession! I'm so fulfilled!These kids r amazing! They bring a smile 2 my face
12:40 PM Feb 13th

RT @blacknificent: @wnba I think is the BEST promo the WNBA has ever had....BASKETBALL IS BASKETBALL :) [thank you!]
12:38 PM Feb 13th

Basketball is Basketball: In time 4 #AS10, here's our latest promo spot. It'll air during Sunday's All-Star Game
11:30 AM Feb 13th

@NancyLieberman: [on Celeb game]OMG-i had fun BFF angel mcCoughtry is a gem!so talented, kind &a doll!becky hammon SUPER! #AS10
10:12 AM Feb 13th

#AS10 Celebrity Game highlights feature a nice move by @angel_35
9:20 AM Feb 13th

Yesterday was the @NBA Cares #AS10 Day of Service. The day was a huge success despite the snow and cold. Pix:
8:13 AM Feb 13th

RT @hoopfeed: - Finally got a shot of Angel's shoes #as10
5:35 PM Feb 12th

RT @NBA: Shot of Becky Hammon,Scooter Christensen&Michael Rapaport taking a breather on West bench at the #AS10 C
5:19 PM Feb 12th

RT @karalawson20: Just left Jam Session, signed autographs w/ Rolando Blackman & Ron Harper, two guys I loved watching play when I was a kid
5:11 PM Feb 12th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: Slam dunk champion?? Perhaps!! #AS10
3:11 PM Feb 12th

RT @100fromAS10: 18. Becky Hammon of the @SASilverStars on what she's looking most forward to at #AS10
2:31 PM Feb 12th

Basketball is Basketball: In time 4 #AS10, here's our latest promo spot. It'll air during Sunday's All-Star Game
1:53 PM Feb 12th

RT @angel_35: everbody check me and becky hammon out in the @nba all star game celeb game @ 5pm [central] ESPN #AS10
1:21 PM Feb 12th

Western connection at #AS10 Day of Service. Tim Duncan, @LA_Sparks Marie Ferdinand Harris & George Karl.
12:51 PM Feb 12th

RT @seattlestorm: Ashley Robinson talks about the NBA All-Star Weekend in her hometown of Dallas with #AS10
12:31 PM Feb 12th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: On my way to "NBA day of service"! I think I'm gonna be doing some painting!! #AS10
11:47 AM Feb 12th

RT @shotime_5: Jus left the tech summit #AS10 cool stuff! headed to day of service KaBOOM!
11:36 AM Feb 12th

RT @100fromAS10: 13. "I want to meet Magic Johnson, quote me!!" - Angel McCoughtry (@angel_35) of the @AtlantaDream
11:23 AM Feb 12th

RT @SASilverStars: Hanging out with Becky at her #AS10 media availability.
10:16 AM Feb 12th

A shoutout from Nicole Powell & a message for her Shooting Stars teammate CWebb. #AS10
10:13 AM Feb 12th

Angel McCoughtry (@angel_35) has a message for her teammate Steve Smith in the Shooting Stars Challenge at #AS10
8:35 AM Feb 12th

RT @100fromAS10: 12. "I gotta represent for my man Nate in the dunk contest, my Pac-10 buddy." -Nicole Powell, NY Liberty. #AS10
8:31 AM Feb 12th

Behind the scenes at a WNBA Fit video shoot: bloopers, a new uniform, an interrupted photo opp:
7:43 AM Feb 12th

Smile for the camera! WNBA players posed for photos today as part of the @NBA #AS10 media circuit
4:50 PM Feb 11th

RT @karalawson20: Just left Martin Boys&Girls Club/Fort Worth, awesome kids, NBA Fit Clinic teaching exercise, nutrition, &healthy lifestyle
3:49 PM Feb 11th

RT @NBA: Our #AS10 Tweetup at @NBAJamSession (Dallas Convention Center) starts in [1] hour (4:30p/CT). Meet us at NBA TV Lounge 4 FREE stuff
1:30 PM Feb 11th

Chat wrap: check out what @TichaPenicheiro & @karalawson20 had to say from Dallas #AS10
12:35 PM Feb 11th

RT @TichaPenicheiro: WNBA fans, 1st official photo shoot as a @LA_Spark ! Do I look good in yellow? #AS10
9:32 AM Feb 11th

RT @hoopfeed: Day 2 of All-Star Week: Snow, snow, snow and more WNBA players ( #wnba #nba #AS10
8:52 AM Feb 11th

Chat live with @karalawson20 & @TichaPenicheiro today! 3pm/ET on Submit your Q's now #AS10
8:30 AM Feb 11th

More WNBA players arriving in Dallas today for #AS10
7:50 AM Feb 11th

#AS10 festivities tipped off yesterday with the @NBA cares Community Caravan. Photos:
7:35 AM Feb 11th

RT @_workingmother_: Ann Meyers Drysdale is [also] named Most Powerful Mom in Sports by Working Mother. #workmom
3:51 PM Feb 10th

RT @_workingmother_: @wnba Candace Parker named Most Powerful Mom in Sports by Working Mother. #workmom
2:37 PM Feb 10th

In Dallas &attending @NBAJamSession 2mrw? We're having Tweetup so please stop by! @missarob43 & @JasonTerry31 will b there too. 4:30pm #AS10
2:06 PM Feb 10th

RT @karalawson20: Thx Cook Children's Hospital 4a wonderful visit! Amazing courage & toughness from those kids. NBA #AS10 started off right!
11:58 AM Feb 10th

RT @missarob43: About to meet the ex first lady...laura bush.. With @karalawson20 and meka christon #AS10
8:12 AM Feb 10th

RT @karalawson20: Next: Farrell Elem in Fort Worth, 2dedicate library w/new books &computers. Former 1stLady Laura Bush waiting on us! #AS10
8:10 AM Feb 10th

RT @karalawson20: Just finished 1st stop on NBACares Caravan,Vogel Alcove where they "transform lives of homeless children" Powerful! #AS10
8:05 AM Feb 10th

RT @missarob43: I'm back twitter. All star in dallas has officially Began. Did a live interview on fox 4. I didn't know so many people w ...
7:53 AM Feb 10th

WNBA players r descending on Dallas 4 @NBA #AS10. Keep up w/all their activities on, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
7:50 AM Feb 10th