Q&A With Ruth Riley

Ruth Riley stopped by the Dream offices upon joining the team, and took the time to answer a few questions about her career, her background and her future plans. To learn even more about Ruth, you can visit her website, and to become part of her Nothing But Nets team to help eradicate malaria in Africa, click here.

As someone who has been in the league for so long, how difficult was it to not be on a roster at the start of this season?

It was a little strange for me going into my 13th season. Itís not something that Iím used to but I understand the nature of the business, so Iím just grateful to have the opportunity now.

What do you anticipate your role being on the team?

My role will be to compliment what they are already doing. They are off to a great start and I have experience winning championships at a few different levels. So I hope to bring that experience to the Dream and bring that championship here.

Whatís been your favorite basketball moment so far in your career?

Thatís hard! I would for sure say winning a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics, but also winning the national championship at Notre Dame is something special. Anytime you are able to finish your career on top itís great.

Do you ever go back to Notre Dame and visit the coaches and teams?

I do! I have a great relationship with the coaching staff thatís still there.

Off the court, youíve won awards for your community service. How have your experiences changed or shaped you as a person?

Iím just grateful. I received the chance to play a sport for a living and I have had the opportunity over the years to see how I can utilize that platform to make a difference in peoples' lives. Whether thatís here with ďNo Kid HungryĒ or on an international level with ďNothing But Nets.Ē

When did you first think that maybe basketball could be something you could do for a career?

I was the first class going into college knowing that the WNBA existed when we graduate, because it started in 1997. So having the unique opportunity knowing I can have basketball as a profession once I graduated was exciting.

Growing up in the small town of Macy, Indiana, what did you do for fun other than play basketball?

Just spending some time outside, mainly playing sports like volleyball, basketball, track, and obviously having chores so it all wasnít fun. Just anything I could do to be active and outside.

What are your plans for after your basketball career ends?

The humanitarian work that I do is what I will get into full term, like working with the UN Foundation and continuing to be a spokesperson.

Would you want to start your own foundation?

No, I think I really enjoy the opportunity to just come in and utilize my skills. I donít want to organize it, I just want to be the hands and feet.