Player Spotlight: Matee Ajavon

By Jordan Watters, Media Relations Intern

An arts lover in essence, Matee Ajavon not only enjoys the game of basketball, but also music and poetry. Her passion for both has no boundaries as she loves writing, recording, and listening to all genres.

Originally from Liberia, Ajavon moved to the United States at the age of six. Though she was young, Ajavon still has flashbacks of days in her home country. A part of home’s music culture that remains a treasure to her is musician Lucky Dube.

“Lucky Dube was a South African reggae star,” Ajavon said. “I grew up listening to him through my mother. He was on my bucket list to go to a concert, but he was killed a few years ago. Unfortunately, I will not be able to wipe that off my bucket list.”

But there is one new skill that she can check off her list: learning to spin the turntables.

“I just started deejaying, which has been interesting,” Ajavon said. “It’s cool and I’m getting better every day.”

Ajavon’s poetic inspirations include Dr. Maya Angelou, Kanye West, and Lauryn Hill — Hill reigning supreme on the list. She likes exploring the different types of poetry and writing it, too.

In addition, Ajavon is known for her quick wit. At the team’s Tip-Off party prior to the start of the season, she addressed the crowd about Running With the Dream this year after spending the previous five seasons with Eastern Conference rival Washington.

“I used to run against the Dream, and it got me nowhere,” she said. “They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so I’m in.”

Above all, Ajavon is indeed a people person.

“I think I’m a humanitarian at heart,” she said. “I love people and I love knowing people’s stories.”