Have a Lyttle Faith: Sancho Lyttle Feature
By Lauren Harper-- June 22, 2010

The Atlanta Dream has rolled to the top of the Eastern Conference thanks to forward Sancho Lyttle’s efforts. She averages a double-double with 15.6 points and a league-high 10.8 boards on the best rebounding team in the league.

Picked fifth by the Houston Comets in 2005, Lyttle came to the Dream in 2009 as the first pick in the dispersal draft after the Houston franchise suspended operations.

“It was a blessing in disguise,” Lyttle said. “In Houston, I had to sit and hope and wait for my turn. When I got to Atlanta, it opened up more opportunity and more doors for me.”

Upon Lyttle’s arrival, Atlanta finished 18-16 and made the playoffs. Lyttle went from averaging 8.2 points to 13.0 points, logged almost 10 extra minutes of playing time and made an All-Star appearance.

Lyttle has adapted quickly to the learning curve her entire life. She started playing basketball her senior year of high school in the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, after running track most of her prep career. She said she only had difficulty transitioning when she entered the league after playing first at a junior college, then the University of Houston.

“I didn’t know a lot about basketball, all I knew was that I had to learn. I had to learn and be patient with my own self. What I knew was 10 percent compared to what everybody else knew.”

“I had to sit back and watch other people. I had to tweak a lot of stuff that I wasn’t familiar with. My free throws? I was terrible,” she laughed. “So I watched other people. My game is from different people.”

She has not only mastered the game’s fundamentals but also refined her persona as a player enough to become tri-captain of the Dream. She helps steer one of the smoothest-running ships of the league. Lyttle’s not very vocal; you won’t hear her yelling in the huddle. The team’s closeness in age allows her to be a mediator or the responsible voice of what sometimes seems like a rowdy group of girlfriends.

As a player, Lyttle’s M.O. reflects her own personality. She is observant, laidback, rolls with punches and makes the best of new situations. Sure, her life plan was to get a degree in Kinesiology and return to her native St. Vincent. But instead she has embraced her path and relished every moment. When asked if she thought basketball was her calling, she paused for a second.

“Yes,” she decided. “If you are in a situation that you like, it’s going to be the way it works for you for a couple of years until you decide to retire.”

For Lyttle quitting won’t come for awhile.

“I want to win a ring, retire, and sit on the beach,” she said with a smile.