Biggest Difference Between Regular Season and Playoffs

What is the biggest difference between the playoffs and the regular season to you?

Sancho Lyttle: Everybody steps up. Its a win or go home thing, you dont have any more second chances. If you want to win that ring, then you have to play as hard as you can play.

Tiffany Hayes: The playoffs are more exciting and more competitive because its win or go home.

Erika de Souza: The playoffs are harder because in order to win we need to stay together and just focus. If you lose, you go home, and I dont want to go home. I want to stay here, play the finals and bring home the ring.

Aneika Henry: The playoffs you just have to turn it up to the next level, and Im just excited about the playoffs and want to get this championship.

Jasmine Thomas: I feel like the biggest difference between the playoffs and the regular season is the focus. You have to win in order to continue your season, whereas during the regular season you could kind of give into your fatigue or give into how quickly we play back-to-back. But now, if you dont win, you put yourself in a tough situation.

Angel McCoughtry: The biggest difference is physicality. Its more mental focus. Its just like a different game. Its like something in the air, like its just going to be a dog fight, like a war.

Matee Ajavon: The biggest difference between the playoffs and regular season is that it is more intense. Everybody is striving for the same thing, so it makes it that much more interesting and intense.

Delisha Milton-Jones: Let me give you an example: We are all hungry wolves. We all see at the top of the mountain that there is a prized possession up there. There is a herd of sheep, and weve been in the wilderness for months, which is the WNBA season. Were hungry because its time to eat, its time to feast. It wont do me any good if Im just eating by myself. I have to feed the pack. So, the playoffs is just that. It is a pack of wolves all fighting to get to that herd of sheep at the top of the mountain to feed. And that herd of sheep is that trophy. But whos going to be the hungriest? Whos going to be the one to sacrifice the most in every possession on the basketball court to get their pack of wolves to the top, not just themselves? The pack wont eat if Im just there by myself, you have to bring everybody with you. So, whos going to be committed to having the team lock arm-in-arm and get to the top? Thats what the playoffs mean to me.

What are you anticipating the most during the playoffs?

Shoni Schimmel: I am anticipating this team to not just make it to the top and kind of come up short, but to go out there and win the championship. Were a great basketball team, so we just have to go out there and do it as a team to get that championship.

Amanda Thompson: Im anticipating the feeling of overcoming the adversity. Weve been through so much this season from our coach to other injuries. We could be mad everyday with how everything went. So that feeling of overcoming that hill, that hump, and getting there and winning that championship will be the most beautiful thing. Weve been along through the process, we work hard, and now its time to reap the benefits.

Celine Dumerc: Im wondering how it will be, and I think that we are preparing well right now. Coach Cooper was talking about how hard we have to be now, and practice, because its kind of a new competition. So Im really curious and looking forward to being in my first playoff here in the WNBA.