Why I became a Dream Supreme: When asked to participate in the Dream Supremes, I thought it was a joke. I got a big laugh, closed the e-mail, and thought Iíd forget about it. But each time I did think about it, I continued to laugh. So after a couple of days, I pulled up the e-mail and decided what the heck, Iíll give it a shot. Itís something youíve never done before, itíll give you another opportunity to keep active and stay fit, youíll have fun doing it, and youíll get to meet some folks you might not otherwise meet. So I said yes. I love every minute of the Dream Supremes.

Personal: I have one daughter and one grandson.

Professional: I am 60, and recently retired from my position as Executive Assistant to the Publisher of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Other Interests: I enjoy scuba diving, dancing, roller skating, swimming, and horseback riding.