Why I became a Dream Supreme: Although I was busy with work and friends, my life was ready for a fun edge, so when I was invited to join the Dream Supremes about a year ago when it was initially formed, I was very excited! Being a Dream Supreme has enabled me to truly enjoy an activity that I missed out on as a teenager. It has been so special to learn from our fabulous teacher, Karen, who encourages all to get out there and truly have a great time. The friendship and fellowship with my fellow members is phenomenal as we have all become very much like caring sisters. We recently added some men to our team and are very excited about this! All in all, it is indeed a privileged to be one of the original members of the Dream Supremes! At 70 years old, I feel like I have arrived!

Personal: I am a native of Atlanta and attended Westminster and the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. I married a wonderful man, Jack, and we have two children and have three grandchildren. Hannah, my oldest grandchild is a serious dancer who helps me and other Dream Supremes at learning and practicing the routines..

Professional: I, at one time, was a second grade teacher, but 27 years ago I became a Real Estate Agent and Broker.