Why I became a Dream Supreme: To say that I am excited about being a part of such a dynamic group of women is an understatement. I am loving every minute of it. What is it that is so special about this group? Besides the people, it is also what we represent. I think that we show that age is not a deterrent to anything that you want to do, if you put your mind to it. Too often, when we are young, we care too much what others think of us. However, as you get older, you know so much more about yourself and with that comes self confidence and a willingness to go outside your personal box. As a team, we have gone outside the box. Of course, we do work hard at our routines, but we do not take ourselves too seriously and the best part is that we have fun.

Personal: I am married to Harvey and we have four sons, two daughter-in-laws and a granddaughter. Until my sons got married, I was the only female in a house of males. Even the dog is a male!!! Nothing makes me happier than to have everyone home, despite the fact that the grocery bill increases exponentially!!! All said, family means the world to me and I am fortunate to have one so wonderful.

Professional: When I am not dancing, I am working as a nurse anesthetist at an outpatient pain center, Interventional Spine and Pains. I have been an anesthetist for over 28 years and for 10 of them, I was the chief anesthetist at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Other Interests: I also enjoy volunteering for various organizations in the Atlanta area. Giving back to the community both with time and through donations is very important to me. In addition to volunteer work, I enjoy bicycle riding. I recently rode the Silver Comet Trail from Atlanta to Anniston, Alabama in one day. It was challenging, but worth it. My newest challenge is running. My goal is to one day do a half marathon.