Why I formed the Dream Supremes: I got motivated and involved when I heard Kathy Betty address the Buckhead Business Association in May of 2010. I, who had been an adagio ice skater and ballet dancer as a child, wanted to dovetail onto Ms. Betty’s positive mission of empowering women to stay fit and active at any age. Thus a search went out for a diverse group of poised older women who could “boogie” and had stage presence!

Personal: I am the proud parent of Judd Jaffe who attended the University of Miami Law School and Avery Jaffe who is currently a dental student at the University of Southern California. Avery was a high school varsity cheerleader and encouraged me to go forward with the Senior Dream idea as she had recently seen the Golden Oldies perform with the Miami Heat.

Professional: I am a native of Knoxville, Tennessee and a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Florida. I migrated to Atlanta where I became an Advertising Account Executive for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. 36 years and 7 promotions later, I retired as Advertising Manager for Buckhead and citywide Restaurants and Hospitality. I currently serve as the Vice President of Retail for the Buckhead Business Association.

Other Interests: I stay fit by eating healthily, speed walking, and working out at least 4 times a week. I am known as the renegade risk taker of the group and do handstands, splits, cartwheels, and various stunts with the recently added male members. I, along with Joy and Marci, the newest Dream Supreme members, spend Saturday afternoons at the Bremen Jewish Home for Seniors- dancing with and performing for the residents.