Why I became a Dream Supreme: I look forward to Dream Supreme practices and games at Phillips Arena like a kid looks forward to the circus. I joined the Dream Supremes to add music, dancing and camaraderie with women to my already full stay-fit routine. I believe that living an active, energized life makes you feel young and keeps you young at heart. My inspiration to live life fully comes from my parents. My father taught me to live life on the bright side. My mother, at 85, continues to work, play, and engage the life of friends and family. Love what you do and you will be good at it and giving back becomes easy.

Personal: Annette, 60 is the wife of attorney Ted Marcus and the mother of Matthew, an Atlanta chef and Andrew, an aftermarket automotive businessman.

Professional: I am the owner of Annette Marcus Catering. I am a graduate of Northwestern University and former special needs teacher.

Other Interests: You can find me at the elementary school mentoring a first grader, at synagogue studying, or at my weekly tap or yoga class.