Why I became a Dream Supreme: The newest passion in my life is being a member of the Dream Supremes. Because dancing has always been a source of pleasure and self-expression, I intended to bring it more fully into my life. Almost magically, my wish was granted: After not having seeing Marcia (Team Captain) the team’s organizer, since college days, I ran into her at a cultural event. We followed up this brief encounter a few days later, by taking a walk in the park together. It was during this walk that Marcia told me all about the Dream Supremes and invited me to try out for the team. I attended the next choreography session, learned the new dance steps with the rest of the members, and, well, the rest is history! Being on the team has added new dimensions of excitement, thrill, fun, and the ability to say, “Hey, look-at-me, who-said-I-could-never-be-a-cheerleader-at-my-age!” I love the camaraderie and diversity that exist among my cherished new group of friends.

Personal: I am an enthusiastic and creative educator with 35 years of teaching experience. After participating in an intensive professional public speaking course in 1991, I discovered a passion for self-expression that would greatly influence my life’s work. I was inspired to apply my newfound speaking skills by creating an original public speaking program at Morningside Elementary School. The program enabled my students to face their fears, decrease shyness, and increase their confidence and self-esteem. The program was an unprecedented success that benefitted more than 1,000 students. In 2006, I retired from the Atlanta public school system. After taking some time to settle into a new rhythm of life, I realized that my passion for teaching public speaking to children had only grown stronger. So, in 2010, I created “Express Yourself with JOY!” where I now instruct small groups of students in grades 3 and higher in the skills of communicating joyfully and with confidence.

Professional: I have one daughter, Pauley, who is currently resides in Limassol, Cyprus, while earning a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health from Cyprus University of Technology and Harvard University. This proud mama plans to attend Pauley’s graduation this summer. Pauley has greatly inspired me to live life fully.

Other Interests: Whether cheering at basketball games, retirement homes, or community events, I try and model by example that it is possible to live a life filled with passion, meaning, and openness to having new experiences.