Why I became a Dream Supreme: Cheerleading has been an amazing addition to my life. The actual learning and remembering routines is a challenge, as is remembering to smile while concentrating and counting. There is a lot of hard physical work, with practices up to three times a week as we prepare for the upcoming season. The hard work is paid off with fan appreciation. The fans are very supportive and they encourage our performances. The actual practices and performances help me maintain body strength and fitness--much needed as a grandmother of five. My teammates, and especially Coach Karen, have been the biggest bonus of all. We are all totally different women coming together and supporting one another. Very enriching and exciting for mind, body and soul!

Personal: After my two young children were old enough to attend school all day, I continued my college education at Douglass College, Rutgers University, and received my degree in Political Science and Women's Studies. As the children grew older, I worked as medical/dental practice management consultant.

Professional: My children, Jane and Keith, are adults now, with children of their own--five in all. One of my grandchildren was diagnosed with autism at about 18 months of age. Family life for all of us has changed drastically since then because Autism is really a family diagnosis, as it changes the dynamics forever. Autism, its many theories and therapies, have become our family's cause.