Post-Draft Quotes from 2010 WNBA Draft Picks

Tina Charles
No. 1 Pick

Monica Wright
No. 2 Pick

Kelsey Griffin
No. 3 Pick

Epiphanny Prince
No. 4 Pick

Jayne Appel
No. 5 Pick

Danielle McCray
No. 7 Pick

Tina Charles, Connecticut Sun
No. 1 Draft Pick

Q: Can you tell me what itís like being the No. 1 pick after winning your second National Championship?

Charles: It is unbelievable. My heart is still pounding out of my chest. I am very grateful and this is definitely a dream come true. Iím more interested in what kind of impact I am going to have on the team than being the No. 1 pick.

Q: It seems like the Connecticut Sun team is a little bit of a UConn alumni group with Renee [Montgomery] joining and Asjha [Jones] from before. What do you know about them and what do you think you can add to them?

Charles: I know there is going to be great chemistry right off the bat. I know Kara Lawson, sheís a great person. I am just excited to learn and just have fun.

Q: Can you talk about your last 48 hours?

Charles: Itís definitely been a blessing. Thatís the most I can say.

Q: What do you think you are going to bring to the Sun?

Charles: Hopefully everything and more than I did at UConn. I still want to learn and still want to improve on my game and hopefully we get to win championships.

Q: Are you looking forward to playing with Ajsha Jones?

Charles: Definitely. I had an opportunity at the USA National training camp and she taught me a lot of things. Just seeing the way she works and just being aggressive all the time, definitely.

Q: Do you have a guess as to where Connecticut is going finish this season?

Charles: I donít know. I am just anxious.

Q: Tina, itís a little bittersweet. Youíre a New York kid and they would have had the No. 1 pick if they hadnít made that trade and you could have come home and played at the Garden.

Charles: Everything happens for a reason. Iím not questioning anything. This is Godís plan, Iím just going on the road that he chooses for me.

Q: How will you handle not winning every game for two years?

Charles: You definitely know that and I think thatís why the determination of this team and last yearís team at UConn. Thatís why we went out there and played we did, because we didnít want to lose. I am just going to go out there and play with the same kind of intensity.

Monica Wright, Minnesota Lynx
No. 2 Draft Pick

Q: Monica, how sweet is it to be picked No. 2 by the Lynx?

Wright: I was really surprised and I really feel like God has blessed me throughout my career. I am honored to play among some great players and I am just excited about this opportunity.

Q: Itís been a great day for you, also being named to the USA select team thatís playing next week in Storrs. Best day youíve had in a while?

Wright: When it happens at the end of your [college] career like this you just feel like all of your hard work has paid off and Iím just really blessed.

Q: What do you know about the Lynx?

Wright: I do know that they have Seimone Augustus who is player I watched when I was in high school. I am honored an excited to play alongside her.

Q: Monica, can you talk us through the podium, sitting there waiting for your name to be called? Whatís going through your mind?

Wright: You know it is kind of nerve wracking, the anticipation, the hurry up and wait. But when they finally called my name it was a sigh of relief and I hugged my parents, I hugged my coach and just really felt like I was glad it was over.

Q: This has been a busy week for you, can you talk about your Final Four experience?

Wright: That was a great experience. I had never been to a Final Four before, just to be around all those coaches. I saw everyone I have ever known in my basketball career there and it was just amazing for womenís basketball to have that many fans and have that much support. It was great to be a part of it all.

Q: The great thing about today is you have grown up playing against most of these women. Can you talk about moving along and continuing your career with them?

Wright: It feels great to see people you have played against since you were 10 that are moving on to the next level with you. I am very happy for Tina who I have known for a little while and Iím interested to see the rest of the draft and see who goes next. Iím just excited for all the girls because I know how hard they worked.

Q: You also are a new generation of WNBA players that grew up watching the WNBA. Did you ever dream of this moment as a kid?

Wright: Not as a kid but throughout my college career. After seeing there Monarchs at the White House, I definitely wanted to experience that one day. Right now I am just full of excitement because I never thought this would be possible but I set that as a goal. Itís good to be here.

Kelsey Griffin, drafted by Minnesota Lynx, traded to Connecticut Sun
No. 3 Draft Pick

Q: How does it feel to be going to Connecticut?

Griffin: Iím excited about going to Connecticut. I was excited about going to Minnesota but Connecticut has a great fan base and Iím really excited right now.

Q: What do you think Connecticut is trying to do with their draft?

Griffin: I think theyíre trying to build a really strong program. I think they are trying to put some young inexperience around some great veteran experience to try and win a championship and I am excited and honored that I get to be a part of that.

Q: Where do you see yourself fitting in the Connecticut system?

Griffin: I am going to see myself wherever they want me. Iíll try to do whatever coach asks of me. I know there is a really good possibility Iíll be playing a lot of three, small forward. At the same time I think I can score on the low block as a forward so it will depend on what team we are playing and whoís on the court with me at that time.

Q: Have you been working on your range to develop that small forward position?

Griffin: Yeah. Iíve been working on my three-point shot, even my 17-footer, since my sophomore year. But at Nebraska I didnít have to be an outside shooter, we needed someone in the paint and I was more than happy to do that. Playing with Cory Montgomery and Yvonne Turner, I didnít really need to score on the outside. If the coach asks that of me I am going to try my best. The potential is there, I know I have a ways to go yet, but the foundation has been laid there.

Q: Is it worrisome at all for you with some many new players coming in and a roster down to 11, the issue of sticking to the team?

Griffin: Thatís definitely a possibility and thatís a fear but you donít want to be scared and play scared. I am just going to go out there and play my best and I have full confidence that whatever the team needs, that is who will stay, and I am just excited about the opportunity.

Q: Were you surprised by the trade [from Minnesota to Connecticut]?

Griffin: I was a little surprised. There had been talk about it. I had talked to the Connecticut coaches about it but you never know whatís going to happen and whatís not going to happen. I was completely ready to embrace Minnesota and was really excited about that. Since I have talked to the Connecticut coaches and gotten to know them a little better, I am really excited about that.

Q: Have you had an opportunity to talk to Tina [Charles] and Danielle [McCray] and Allison [Hightower]?

Griffin: I bumped in to Tina, we just got done doing photos together, and then I bumped into Danielle before she was off to another interview, so I gave her a quick hug. I am very excited about going out there with those two players.

Epiphanny Prince, Chicago Sky
No. 4 Draft Pick

Q: How long ago did you and [Chicago Sky teammate] Courtney Paris meet? Was it just last year?

Prince: We knew each other in high school when we were going to the All-American camps but we became closer went we both went to [Botas]. Everybody was looking at us to rally this team that was in 11th place to a play-off team. We just became closer and bonded more.

Q: Do you know anything about Chicagoís style of play? Are you ready for the transition from playing overseas to playing in the WNBA?

Prince: I know there is a fast pace, which is something we do over here a lot but Iím not really sure of the system.

Q: Outside of playing basketball in Turkey, what have been the most interesting things youíve been doing over there?

Prince: Just visiting a lot of different cities. The weather has been great. Sometimes we go to Mersin and there are nice beaches by Adana. We went to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Weíve been travelling a lot.

Q: Can you share your best story about being over in Turkey? Something that people will get a sense of the lifestyle over there?

Prince: I think we do the same thing every day. We go, we shoot before practice, we practice and then after practice we do cardio. We go out to out to eat some and we go to the movies, too. The thing about the movies over there is they have intermission in the middle so we can go get food during the intermission. Usually we donít go touring unless we are out of our city.

Q: What do you think of the food in Turkey?

Prince: Weíve been eating American food, like chicken fajitas or grilled chicken. We havenít really tried many new things. We tried something once and didnít really like it so after that weíve just been sticking to what we know.

Jayne Appel, San Antonio Silver Stars
No. 5 Draft Pick

Q: What does it mean to be drafted by the Silver Stars?

A: Itís a tremendous honor. I am very excited to go back to San Antonio. I got my taste during the Final Four. It will be very exciting.

Q: Whatís your health status right now?

A: It will take a couple weeks to get my ankle back to full strength and to have my stress fracture healed completely. I donít think it will hinder my ability to get in shape and get some shots up. Hopefully Iíll be healthy heading down to San Antonio.

Q: Were you at all worried after such a tough time in the Championship game that that would affect your draft status?

A: I wasnít worried. I think I proved myself over the past couple of years that what type of player I can be and everyone knew I was playing through a lot of pain at that point and was still able to have an impact on the game. I wasnít worried.

Q: Are you looking forward to playing with Dan Hughes?

A: Absolutely. I just spoke to him on the phone and we were very excited. He seemed very upbeat and very pleased and I just hope to return all of the energy back to him.

Q: How do you feel playing at Stanford has prepared you for the pros?

A: I think anyone who plays under Tara [vanDerveer] will be extremely prepared for the professional league, not only in a basketball sense but in a life sense. Weíre able to get out of the little Stanford bubble and show the world what we are trained to do.

Q: Did you choose to go to Stanford thinking you might be able to make it to the pros?

A: For that reason and also for the great education. I am very interested in mental health and they have a great psychology department at Stanford.

Q: After speaking with the staff, how do you feel you can contribute to this team?

A: I think being a low presence down in the key and being able to score with either hand will be a big part and strong defensive presence as well.

Q: Do you ever intend to get a Masterís degree?

A: Not until after basketball but yes.

Q: Your passing ability is always brought up [in conversation]. What other post playersí passing do you find remarkable in the womenís game?

A: Courtney Paris is a good passer. She has been double teamed and she was someone I played against in AAU growing up. She has tremendous ability to pass consistently out of double teams.

Danielle McCray, Connecticut Sun
No. 7 Draft Pick

Q: How does it feel to be drafted Ė going through the finish of your college career but knowing you have a chance in the WNBA?

McCray: It feels great right now, I am so excited and so blessed to be here. The year has been kind of bad and unexpected. Just to be in this position right now means a lot. Not many players can get hurt and still be in this position right now so I am just really blessed and so excited to be a part of Connecticut.

Q: Whatís your rehab status right now? Any timetable?

McCray: August is when I am supposed to be cleared so right now I am staying on campus and getting some rehab in and just working on strengthening my knee and getting it back right.

Q: Connecticut is going to be loaded for next year.

McCray: Yeah, itís amazing. I talked to my coach and she has been talking to Mike [Thibault] and its just wonderful, the trades with Renee Montgomery and Kara Lawson, and here having the No. 1 pick with Tina Charles. Thatís amazing. We played for the USA Basketball team together and just having another opportunity to play with her again is just incredible.

Q: What do you know about the tradition of womenís basketball in the state of Connecticut?

McCray: A lot. Who doesnít know right now? Everyone in America knows about Connecticut and the tradition with UConn. They have a lot of basketball based there and just having Renee Montgomery and Tina Charles to bring more fans. It will be great and I am so excited. I donít want to rush my knee but Iím kind of happy and I want to go right now.

Q: Were you at all worried coming into the draft because of your health status?

McCray: Yeah, I was. I didnít know where, when I first went down it was like ĎOh man, there goes my careerí. I was so worried. When was I going to go? Would the team believe in me? Would the team be able to wait? It just says a lot when Mike Thibault and the staff knows and has the chance to wait on me and know what kind of player I am to have the chance to be effective for next year.

Q: Did you have a particular WNBA hero when you were growing up?

McCray: Yes, Alana Beard was. Ever since I went to Dukeís camp before college, her style of basketball was what I followed. Sheís a great player and thatís someone I have looked up to a lot.

Q: Do you see a potential silver lining to having sit out his season?

McCray: Yeah, from sitting on the side I can learn a lot as far as watching this team. Things happen for a reason. You never know. This injury has given me the opportunity to see how Connecticut is going to be next year and what [Mike Thibaultís] playing style is going to be and what to expect. I kind of have that edge where I can sit out and look at a specific team where previous players havenít had an idea of what team they are going to and have to adjust once they get there.