Draft Day Quotes

Angel McCoughtry
No. 1 Pick

Renee Montgomery
No. 4 Pick

Courtney Paris
No. 7 Pick

Kia Vaughn
No. 8 Pick

Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream

No. 1 Draft Pick

Q: How does it feel to be going to Atlanta?

McCoughtry: It feels great. This is the top talent in the world and I wouldnít rather be with anyone else. They deserve everything they are getting. I am on cloud nine right now. After I get off cloud nine, it is time to work and get things started for Atlanta.

Q: No one knew who would go No. 1, so what were your thoughts when you heard Donna Orender call your name?

McCoughtry: I was just very honored. It is very humbling, and I want to thank Atlanta for believing in me and believing we can take this franchise to another level and contend for a WNBA championship.

Q: Can you please talk about what the last 48 hours have been like?

McCoughtry: It has been very busy and hectic but like I said before it is all worth it. I would rather be busy doing this than not doing anything at all.

Q: A week ago you had to console Kristi Toliver when you beat her and today she was the first to congratulate you.

McCoughtry: Yeah. Sheís a great person and in the NCAA only one team can win anyway so about 60 other teams arenít happy, but she is a great person and I am going to congratulate all of the other girls because they deserve it.

Q: Can you talk specifically about what you want to bring to Atlanta?

McCoughtry: Oh man, I want to bring hard work and dedication. Iím a good person and donít cause a lot of drama and I want to have fun with the girls. I have never been to Atlanta before but I had always wanted to, so now I will be living in that city, playing hard and getting a WNBA Championship.

Q: Were you nervous today?

McCoughtry: I was very nervous but I was excited at the same time. I live for this stuff.

Q: Were you confident that you would be drafted number one?

McCoughtry: Wherever I was picked I was confident. I am just very excited to go to a team that needs me.

Q: Can you just talk about going to Atlanta and what you expect?

McCoughtry: Iím very excited and I am thrilled. I think Atlanta is a great city and Iím going to get to work and help this team get more wins and, like I said before, help this team get a WNBA Championship.

Q: Can you discuss this yearís draft class?

McCoughtry: These are elite players and I am so excited to be with these girls. To be number one is just very humbling.

Q: This has to be one of the busiest times in your life. A few days ago you were playing college basketball and today youíre drafted into the WNBA.

McCoughtry: Hey, itís all worth it. I have no complaints. This is the best position in the world to be in and I have no complaints.

Q: Can you tell us what the last 48 hours have been like for you?

McCoughtry: Thereís been a lot going on. It has been very busy and hectic, but as I said before Ė itís well worth it. I would rather be busy than not doing anything at all.

Q: What makes you the ideal player for a team in a rebuilding mode?

McCoughtry: I think because of where Louisville came from, because Louisville wasnít that great at first and we turned the program around. I think Atlanta has a lot of great players (too) and we can turn the program around. Iím ready to get started. I canít wait.

Renee Montgomery, Minnesota Lynx

No. 4 Draft Pick

Q: This is a pretty solid draft class, very deep. What do you think about that?

Montgomery: We have a lot of really good players that have shown that [they are talented] throughout college. I think when you have such great players, you donít know who is going to pick whom. It all comes down to exactly what a team needs.

Q: What are the emotions as youíre sitting there?

Montgomery: It makes me anxious! I was just nervous. Itís nervous to see where your future is going to be, where youíre going to live, who your new teammates are going to be.

Q: Is that the first time youíve been nervous in a while?

Montgomery: I was nervous before the NCAA Championship game, but this is just a completely different feeling.

Q: Did you talk to anyone special today? If so, what did they tell you?

Montgomery: I canít even name them all. Pretty much all of the UConn alumni that have ever played there called me. They all pretty much said the same thing Ė itís a big day for you. Enjoy it. Weíll be watching, and weíre here.

Courtney Paris, Sacramento Monarchs

No. 7 Draft Pick

Q: How excited are you to go back to California?

Paris: Iím really excited. Iím a California girl, Northern California, too. I remember growing up as a little girl going to Monarchs games so I am really looking forward to going back there playing.

Q: What do you think you will provide to the Monarchs?

Paris: Well I have a lot of work to do but hopefully my competitive edge and my body build and how strong I am and also my rebounding. I take a lot of pride in my rebounding so hopefully that is something I can do right away.

Q: Who do you look up to in the WNBA?

Paris: Iíve been saying this a lot but I look up to Tamika Catchings and Kara Lawson. To be able to play with Kara Lawson is going to be amazing.

Q: What advice has your dad given to you?

Paris: Just to have a universal perspective of everything and to know that you are not just competing against the people that are next to you, but youíre competing with the rest of the world. I think that is so important since teams especially since teams are only going to be carrying eleven players you have to come out ready to go.

Q: Whatís it going to be like not being able to play with your sister?

Paris: It is going to be devastating but hopefully things work out for both of us. Sheíll be in L.A. and Iíll be in Sacramento so weíll be just a short plane ride away. I canít get rid of her! Even though we really close and we are twins we have had opportunities to play apart and in college have been able to make our own friends and develop our own personalities and lives. I think this will be a real test for us but it will be a gift for us, too.

Q: What are you going to do to prepare for the WNBA season?

Paris: Iíve already gotten a plane ticket booked to California for a week from now. I have nothing else to do so I figure I might as well go to California and work out with my high school coach and a strength and conditioning coach down there. I guess I will just stop by in Sacramento and see what they need me to do to prepare.

Q: You talk a lot about Kara Lawson and how you admire her game. What do you think it will be like to play with her? What is it that you admire about her?

Paris: Honestly just how hard she plays. Iíve had the opportunity to play on the same team with her USA Basketball and every last ball, just diving after it, she is just one of those players that is so focused and loves what she is doing and gives 100 percent. Also off the court she is just a great person. She is so excited to be playing and is so confident, strong and willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. To do that but to still have that excitement about basketball and you really have to admire someone like that.

Q: How far did she pick you guys going?

Paris: She had us playing in the national championship game. We let her down but she was rooting for us. We really appreciated that!

Kia Vaughn, New York Liberty

No. 8 Draft Pick

Q: Did you have any idea that New York would take you?

Vaughn: No, I had no idea. Everyone was sort of giving me the runaround. Iím very happy, very happy.

Q: Talk about your approach to being ready. Everyone says ďKia Vaughn is ready for the WNBA.Ē

Vaughn: I definitely am ready. I just have to keep preparing myself every day, and playing every game like itís my last.

Q: How great is it to be back in New York City, being that you were born there, and you get to play at Madison Square Garden?

Vaughn: Itís great getting to play at the Garden, besides getting to play there (when I was) at Rutgers. Now this is my home stage and Iím going to take it all in a little bit at a time.

Q: Not knowing where you would end up, were you adjusting to the possibility of life outside the New York area?

Vaughn: Definitely, I was preparing myself to go far away from home. Itís just like any other change that you have to make in life, and I was ready and I knew that Iím the type of person that can adapt anywhereÖ I was pretty confident that wherever I was going to go, I would have an impact.

Q: Can you talk about how your game translates at the next level?

Vaughn: My game pretty much is going to change. I have to work on ball-handling, facing up a little more. Offensively I am going to have to work and practice hard.