Getting to Know ... North Carolina F Rashanda McCants

North Carolina F Rashanda McCants
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Rashanda McCants is one of the best pure athletes in this year's draft class. Standing 6-1, the small forward is long, lean and quick and uses all of those skills to her advantage on the basketball court. Whether she is breaking players down off of the dribble or pulling up for a jump shot that has three-point range, McCants is a versatile wing player with a pro-level skill set.

She was recently named to the All-ACC second team for the second straight year and has played in two Final Fours in her career at UNC. While many people will know her as the second pro basketball player in the McCants family after her brother Rashad, we took some time to get to know more about Rashanda as she prepares to enter the WNBA. What have you been doing and working on since the end of your team’s season?

McCants: I have been working on my conditioning and shooting since my season ended. What memories do you have about your college hoops experience? What will you remember most?

McCants: I have great memories with my teammates we have been to so many wonderful places, one in particular was our Cancun trip my sophomore year; it was absolutely beautiful. As far as basketball goes it was making it to the Final Four two years in a row and winning back to back to back ACC Championships. What strengths, qualities or skills will you bring or add to a WNBA team?

McCants: I am very versatile and quick. I can shoot, rebound and pass; I can do it all. I am exciting to watch and I play defense. What skills do you feel you need to improve or work on at the next level?

McCants: My ball handling, most definitely, it could get better. What do you expect to be some of the biggest challenges or adjustments at the next level?

McCants: The biggest challenges will be being away from my family, as well as the tempo and competition at the pro level. Is there a current WNBA player you model your game after, or that you look up to?

McCants: Deanna Nolan from the Detroit Shock - she has it all. I love her game. What WNBA players are you most looking forward to playing against or meeting?

McCants: All of them; I’ve always seen them on TV and now I have the opportunity to play with or against them. It’s amazing either way. Who are some of your all-time dream teammates that you’d want to play with?

McCants: That is tough, but I would have to say Tina Thompson, Lisa Leslie, Sue Bird, Deanna Nolan, and Ticha Penicheiro. What are a few things people need to know about you personally and what you’ll bring to the WNBA?

McCants: I love to laugh and I never mind signing autographs; I love kids and people. I wish I could sing; I really do think if I learned I would be better than Beyonce. OK, not really. I will bring a lot of fun to the WNBA. What are you thinking and feeling as the Draft approaches?

McCants: I am a nervous wreck; I don’t know what to expect. At the same time, I am full of excitement! What is your best on-court moment?

McCants: My best on-court moment was playing against Tennessee in the Final Four last year. I had a great game. What is your source of inspiration when it comes to basketball?

McCants: I love the game; it gives me so much to look forward to and I love that little kids look up to me; it inspires me to be better and everything I do. What do you like to do to relax off the court?

McCants: I love to watch movies and TV shows I have a ton of them. I also like writing poetry. What is your favorite movie, book, TV show, and magazine?

McCants: My favorite movie is Love and basketball; book is “Talent is Never Enough”; TV shows are General Hospital and Grey’s Anatomy; and my favorite magazine is Sports Illustrated.