WNBA Draft Pick ’em: How to Play

Make your predictions for WNBA Draft 2008 and you could win a trip for two to a WNBA Finals Game!

How the Game Works
  • Using knowledge of WNBA Draft 2008 prospects’ skills and statistics, predict the prospects that will be selected in the first round of the WNBA Draft in order from 1 to 14. You may select “other” as an option if you believe that none of the listed WNBA Draft 2008 prospects will be picked for a given spot.
  • Predictions can be submitted/modified up until the start of WNBA Draft 2008 on April 9, 2007 at 1:00:00PM ET.
  • You could win great prizes (subject to the Official Rules).

  • Fourteen (14) Points are earned each time you correctly predict the WNBA Draft 2008 prospect with their correlating position in the WNBA Draft 2008. If you have selected a WNBA Draft 2008 prospect that is in the top 14 but did not choose the correct position you will be awarded (14) points minus one point for every position above or below the correct position. For example if you state that player X will be picked first and she is picked fourth you will receive (11) points (14 points minus 3 positions).
  • If you selected “other” for a given spot and a WNBA Draft 2008 prospect that is not in the drop down menu is selected then you will receive (14) points or (14) points minus one point for every position above or below the correct position.
  • If any WNBA Draft 2008 prospect that you pick withdraws from the WNBA Draft 2008 or is not picked within the top 14 positions you will receive no points.

    How To Sign Up
    To play this fantasy game, you must first sign-up. If you are not an NBA Fan Center Member, you will be required to first register. If you are already a member, you will be asked to enter your personal username and password to enter the game. Then you will be prompted to make your picks.