Watch the entire coverage of the 2007 WNBA Draft.

The Mercury select Lindsey Harding with the No. 1 pick | Phoenix GM Ann Meyers talks about the trade

The Silver Stars select Jessica Davenport with the No. 2 pick

The Sky select Armintie Price with the No. 3 pick

The Lynx select Noelle Quinn with the No. 4 pick

The Liberty select Tiffany Jackson with the No. 5 pick

The Mystic select Bernice Mosby with the No. 6 pick

The Storm select Katie Gearlds with the No. 7 pick

The Comets select Ashley Shields with the No. 8 pick

The Fever select Alison Bales with the No. 9 pick

The Sky select Carla Thomas with the No. 10 pick

The Shock select Ivory Latta with the No. 11 pick

The Sun select Kamesha Hairston with the No. 12 pick

The Comets select Dee Davis with the No. 14 pick

The Lynx select Eshaya Murphy with the No. 15 pick

The Liberty select Shay Doron with the No. 16 pick

The Silver Stars select Camille Little with the No. 17 pick

The Monarchs select Jessica Dickson with the No. 21 pick

The Lynx select Brooke Smith with the No. 23 pick

The Lynx select Kathrin Ress with the No. 24 pick

The Silver Stars select Nare Diawara with the No. 30 pick

The Mercury select Chrissy Givens with the No. 31 pick

The Mystics select Gillian Goring with the No. 32 pick

Cavaliers General Manager Danny Ferry says it's exciting to have the WNBA Draft in Cleveland.

The Shock's first pick Ivory Latta says she will "have the most assists in the WNBA this year."

Liberty No. 1 pick Tiffany Jackson says she is going to "love New York."

Ashley Shields, the Comets' No. 1 pick, says she is glad "to have this opportunity" to play in the WNBA.

No. 1 overall pick Lindsey Harding says she knew there was a chance she would be traded to Minnesota.