With WNBA Draft prospects now intently focused on the Draft and their rookie seasons, we asked them a bunch of questions about their fellow Draft picks and their own Draft status.

Which players will be the top three picks in the 2007 WNBA Draft?
-Noelle Quinn, UCLA: "There are many great players in the draft this year, but I think the top three picks will be Jessica Davenport, Ivory Latta, and Lindsey Harding."
-Katie Gearlds, Purdue: "Jessica Davenport, Lindsey Harding, Ivory Latta."
-Carla Thomas, Vanderbilt: "Lindsey Harding, Allison Bales, Armintie Price."
-Tiffany Jackson, Texas: "Lindsey Harding, Jessica Davenport, Tiffany Jackson."
-Gillian Goring, N.C. State: "Harding, Latta and Bales."
-Jillian Robbins, Tulsa: "Lindsey Harding, Jessica Davenport, Ivory Latta."
-EeTisha Riddle, Missouri: "Davenport, Harding, Gearlds."

Which player in this year's draft is the best pure shooter?
-Lyndsey Medders, Iowa State: "Katie Geralds."
-Christina Quaye, Marquette: "Katie Gearlds."
-Katie Gearlds, Purdue: "Sidney Spencer."
-Kamesha Hairston, Temple: "Kamesha Hairston."
-Brooke Smith, Stanford: "Katie Gearlds."
-Megan Vogel, South Dakota State: "I am not sure. There are lots of great shooters in the game."
-Terra Wallace, Texas-Arlington: "Erin Higgins."
-Stephanie Raymond, Northern Illinois: "Stephanie Raymond."

Which player in this year's draft has the best inside game?
-Lachelle Lyles, Southeast Missouri State: "Jessica Davenport."
-Carla Thomas, Vanderbilt: "It depends on the style, but probably Alison Bales."
-EeTisha Riddle, Missouri: "You can't guard Brooke Smith's hook shots!"
-Lyndsey Medders, Iowa State: "Tiffany Jackson."
-Kristen Newlin, Stanford: "Jessica Davenport."
-Leah Rush, Oklahoma: "Alison Bales."
-Adrianne Davie, Arkansas State: "Adrianne Davie."

Which player in this year's draft would you most like to play alongside during your career and why?
-Cameo Hicks, Washington: "Jessica Davenport: She is a great player and I enjoy playing with a dominant center."
-Megan Vogel, South Dakota State: "I have to go with Lindsey Harding. I feel like she was a leader for Duke, she made plays when they needed it most, and others played up to her level."
-Noelle Quinn, UCLA: "I would want to play alongside Katie Gearlds. She reminds me of a present-day Larry Bird. She can shoot the ball extremely well. I enjoy passing the ball, so I know every time I would pass to her, I can count on getting an assist."
-Adrianne Davie, Arkansas State: "Ivory Latta. I love her passion for the game and that's the kind of teammate I want."
-Carrie Moore, Western Michigan: "I'd love to play with Alison Bales because I've never played on a team with such a dynamic post presence. I think she would make my job a whole lot easier and I would love to have a player of her size in the middle to be able to get the ball to."
-Kamesha Hairston, Temple: "Armintie Price, she's a great athlete and defender."
-Carla Thomas, Vanderbilt: "Dee Davis. She is someone that I respect and admire as a player and a person. I love her game and the intensity that she brings to the court."
-Leah Rush, Oklahoma: "Lindsey Harding. She's a Texas girl like me and I like the way she plays and runs her team."
-Brooke Smith, Stanford: "Shay Murphy, because she has a great personality and would be a really fun teammate."
-Stephanie Raymond, Northern Illinois: "Camille Little, because she can run the floor well for a post player and is very athletic. She can score on anyone."
-Cori Chambers, Georgia: "Lyndsey Medders, because she's a really good point guard that knows how to distribute the ball to people where and when they need it."
-Lauren Neaves, Rice: "Jillian Robbins, because she and I have been playing against each other for four years now."
-Alisha Dill, Coastal Carolina: "Lindsey Harding, because I think she is very unselfish and likes to get other people involved in the game."
-Christina Quaye, Marquette: "Katie Gearlds. I would be able to kick it out and count on her to knock down the shot."

Which player will make the most immediate impact in the league and why?
-Adrianne Davie, Arkansas State: "Alison Bales will make the most immediate impact. She is a big body out there and she moves well for her size."
-Megan Vogel, South Dakota State: "Once again I have to go with Lindsey Harding. I think she is a phenomenal player who makes others around her better, and that is how you make an impact. Not by your play, but by how you influence others around you."
-Lyndsey Medders, Iowa State: "I think Armintie Price will make the most immediate impact in the league because she is extremely talented on both sides of the ball. She also has great athleticism that will complement the WNBA (style)."
-Noelle Quinn, UCLA: "I think Tiffany Jackson will make an immediate impact in the league because she has the complete package. She is aggressive, assertive, can handle the ball even though she plays the post, can shoot the ball and has good defense as well."
-Kiera Hardy, Nebraska: "Jessica Davenport, because of her ability to block shots and her height."
-Tyresa Smith, Delaware: "Ivory Latta. She plays with so much heart and her desire for the game is amazing."
-Kathrin Ress, Boston College: "Lindsay Harding. She is a great competitor who got better every year. She will work hard and contribute to her team."
-Carmen Guzman, UAB: "Carmen Guzman, because I bring mental toughness, leadership and an offensive arsenal."
-Shay Doron, Maryland: "Alison Bales, because of her size and her ability to shoot inside and out."