Opening Statement: I'm glad it's finally here. Being the number two overall pick is great and I'm excited. Having my family here helps to make this a great experience.

Q: Can you talk about the emotional swing of your team being upset in the NCAA Tournament and now you becoming the second overall pick in the WNBA Draft?

Davenport: It's definitely a disappointment knowing that we didn't play our best game (when we lost), but just knowing that I had more basketball to come and being here at the draft and now being selected number two - it's just a great feeling.

Q: What does this mean for you to get drafted in your home state?

Davenport: I was just telling all of my family and friends that being in Cleveland and having this whole "Ohio feel" at the Draft, it's just a great feeling.

Q: On a day like this, when it's so special for you and your family, can you think of one or two people who were instrumental in helping to formulate your basketball career?

Davenport: I definitely think about all of the people who made me play basketball in seventh grade. I didn't really think about basketball, I didn't like basketball, but just about my whole middle school forced me to play - so I'd like to thank them. I learned to love the game over the years and this is definitely a dream come true.