South Florida's Jessica Dickson on Vanderbilt's Dee Davis
"Quick. Quick. Quick. By the time the ball is inbounded, she is down the court. Very quick, a very smart, heady point guard who makes good decisions."

Coastal Carolina's Alisha Dill on North Carolina's Ivory Latta
"She's quick. She's probably the quickest person in America. Just really fast and a great player. You know she's a great athlete, but she also loves this game. She'll do great things for the WNBA."

Virginia Tech's Nare Diawara on Duke's Alison Bales
"She's a good player. She blocks shots, she is tall, strong and she will be good inside for any team and can help a team with rebounding and scoring inside."

Penn State's Amanda Brown on Ohio State's Jessica Davenport
"She's just a tremendous post player, very strong, very physical. She can finish her shots extremely well: her shooting percentage is up in the 60s. We're different kinds of post players, but she's taught me a lot."

Baylor's Bernice Mosby on Texas' Tiffany Jackson
"She's a close friend of mine. She's just a great player. She has a great ability to handle the ball (like I do) and her size and quickness can hurt you inside or out. Another thing about her that I admire a lot is that Tiffany has a lot of moves to the basket. Not a lot of people can match her there. She's going to be a great player in the WNBA."

Temple's Kamesha Hairston on Duke's Lindsey Harding
"I love her game. She is a great point guard, aggressive and she knows when to score, when to set her teammates up and when to make a big play. I love to play against her."

Vanderbilt's Dee Davis on Mississippi's Armintie Price
"She's a really good player. I saw her play in March and she's great. Very quick and she reads the game really well, especially on defense."

South Florida's Jessica Dickson on Marquette's Christina Quaye
"She can bring a great post presence. She has good footwork and for a post player, she has a shot, a good shot, and can step out and hit a three. I know she did that on us. She'll bring a great post presence."

NC State's Gillian Goring on North Carolina's Camille Little
"She's really quick and athletic, she can score, penetrate, spot up and shoot and also bring excitement to the game."

Rice's Lauren Neaves on Tulsa's Jillian Robbins
"She is an extremely hard player. She has great stats because she is always working hard. I'd describe her as athletic, mobile and versatile for her position even though she is a little oversized. But she is great on defense and can defend posts and guards both. She is also so passionate about the game. I have a lot of respect for her as we have been playing against each other for four years now. She has also done a great job expanding her outside game over the years. She can now shoot the 3, she has a quick first step, she drives pretty well from the outside as well."

Tulsa's Jillian Robbins on Rice's Lauren Neaves
"Ahhhh, my foe! The Tulsa-Rice rivalry is hardcore and serious business. And my coaches always told me to pay attention to her, because they said, 'She's you… but white.' To me, she's like Tim Duncan. I might be like Kevin Garnett, kind of all over the place, but she's Tim Duncan, the big fundamental. Everything is fundamentally sound and polished."

UCLA's Noelle Quinn on Stanford's Brooke Smith
"Brooke the hook! That hook shot is unstoppable! She reminds me of Kareem. But at the same time, she can also shoot from the outside. She's very steady."

Arkansas State's Adrianne Davie on Middle Tennessee State's Chrissy Givens
"She was dominant in the Sun Belt. She's a scrapper, especially on the boards, but one of her strengths is dribbling in and hitting pull-up jump shots over people. She's a good all-around player. She plays hard."

Baylor's Bernice Mosby on N.C. State's Gillian Goring
"Woo! (Laughs and points at Goring about 10 feet away.) She is hard to guard! Look at me, then look at her! She's a great player and she's so big, that it's hard to get around her, and that's a big plus: her height and her physique."

Oklahoma's Leah Rush on Iowa State's Lyndsey Medders
"Lyndsey is one of my favorite players in the Big 12. We played together in high school at an All-American game and I loved playing with her. At college level, her teammates loved playing with her. She was a tremendous floor leader for them, makes big plays and it really tough. I really respect her game a lot."

Stanford's Kristen Newlin on her teammate, Brooke Smith
"She has a wide array of moves right and left. She can shoot from outside. She is just very difficult to guard. Throughout the year, we had to practice double and triple-teaming her because that's what we're going to see. She is that kind of player who can demand that kind of attention. It has been awesome having her as a post partner. She is an excellent passer who finds me well and I look for her as well."

Stanford's Brooke Smith on her teammate, Kristen Newlin
"She's going to surprise a lot of people. She's a great defensive player and can rebound well. People don't know her for her offense, but she can shoot the ball really well and she has a great 3-point shot."

South Dakota State's Megan Vogel on Baylor's Bernice Mosby
"She's a player. There is no other way to describe her. She gets the job done. She is big, strong, physical, I just like how intense she was in our game and I loved the way she played. There wasn't one specific thing that she did, but she was always getting the job done."

USC's Shay Murphy on UCLA's Noelle Quinn
"Ummm, amazing… hello? She's naturally gifted, born to ball for sure. She can do everything."

James Madison's Meredith Alexis on Delaware's Tyresa Smith
"In the CAA, it was between me and her for Player of the Year and it could have gone either way. She's a great player, great on the wing, a phenomenal leaper. She knows how to score, she knows how to rebound. She's a great defensive player. I have nothing negative to say about her."

Delaware's Tyresa Smith on James Madison's Meredith Alexis
"JMU became one of our rivals. She's a great inside presence. We used to have to change who was guarding her a million times. She's big, strong and she can finish. She's a great player."

Iowa State's Lyndsey Medders on Washington's Cameo Hicks
"She is tough, she's competitive. She has a drive about her that I haven't seen a lot in college. I think she'll land somewhere."

Vanderbilt's Dee Davis on Mississippi's Ashley Awkward
"Good point guard... really good point guard. She worked really hard and took her team quite a ways this season. I have a lot of respect for her. We actually had a conversation at the SEC Tournament one time, which I'd never really done before, which was pretty cool… She's a good player."

Arkansas State's Rudy Sims on Louisiana-Lafayette's Yolanda Jones
"Very tough and competitive. She hates to lose and wills her teams to win."

Maryland's Shay Doron on Miami's Renee Taylor
"She is small, but plays with a lot of heart. If you can set her some screens, get her some open looks, she is pretty deadly. She is really athletic, a quick-gun point guard. That's what the ACC is all about."

Vanderbilt's Carla Thomas on Georgia's Cori Chambers
"I played AAU with her so it has been interesting to have her on the opposite team and to go against her. She is an amazing athlete and an amazing competitor. She always puts everything on the line and her game has improved so much over the past four years."

Ohio State's Jessica Davenport on Purdue's Katie Gearlds
"She has definitely come into more of a leadership role over her four years. She has taken over the team. As far as shooters go, she is definitely one of the best, not to mention her size."

Purdue's Katie Gearlds on Ohio State's Jessica Davenport
"A 6-5 lefty in the post, you don't teach that. She is very intelligent on the court, she's a big body and will help a team immediately. Top five pick, easily."

Oklahoma's Leah Rush on Texas' Tiffany Jackson
"We actually go way back. She is athletic and a game-changer. She really can do a little bit of everything. She can block shots, make steals, score, alter shots and brings a good mix of size and speed. It's been good for her to be the go-to-player. She has been on a lot of good teams and grown as a player."

Boston College's Kathrin Ress on Duke's Alison Bales
"She's a strong player, she can do little things so well and has both good outside and inside moves. She has always been such a strong complementary player, and knows her role well."

Temple's Kamesha Hairston on Nebraska's Kiera Hardy
"She has the quickest release I've ever seen. She is a dangerous player and hard to defend."

Nebraska's Kiera Hardy on Temple's Kamesha Hairston
"Smooth, relaxed, calm. Has a nice effect on her teammates."

Vanderbilt's Carla Thomas on Texas' Tiffany Jackson
"I played against her in high school and she has an intensity and fire on court. It is something you have to match or she will overpower you. Her athleticism is amazing and I something that I can definitely respect."

Texas' Tiffany Jackson on Oklahoma's Leah Rush
"She's a real rival because we played each other two times a year. She's the opposite of a Bernice (Mosby): she's really physical, but she's still a great player."

Temple's Kamesha Hairston on Duke's Alison Bales
"I remember her from high school and AAU. I am from Toledo and she is from Dayton. She is a big center and definitely blocked my shot a few times in the Tournament. Her ability to step out and hit the jump shot is what makes her dangerous as a post player."

Iowa State's Lyndsey Medders on Georgia's Cori Chambers
"If anyone watches the game, they know she can shoot the heck out of the ball. She can score, and a lot of people who talk about this league know how important being able to score one-on-one is. She's a very intense player... very, very talented."

Wichita State's Antoinette Wells on Northern Iowa's Tara King
"We had a hard time guarding her. It just seemed like it was a mismatch every time down the floor. Not only can she go down and post up, but she can shoot from the outside. She's versatile."

Vanderbilt's Carla Thomas on NC State's Gillian Goring
"I played against her a few times and she has the ability to dominate with her size and you have to respect that."

Boston College's Kathrin Ress on North Carolina's Camille Little
"She is a great athlete who sometimes gets a bit overshadowed. She plays her role really well on that team. She can play inside really great and did a good job adjusting after being asked to play outside a bit."

Virginia Tech's Nare Diawara on NC State's Gillian Goring
"She's just a good player too. She is a good shooter, and not just for a post player. That is a plus in the WNBA."

Miami's Renee Taylor on Georgia Tech's Stephanie Higgs
"Another player with heart and puts all of her emotion on the court. It would be great to play with her because you know she can rebound, pass, do what she can to help teammates win and gives her all all the time. That's what makes her special."

Vanderbilt's Carla Thomas on her teammate, Dee Davis
"I obviously know her game pretty well and it is impressive. She can score at will but chooses to make the great pass to whoever is open and she is consistent with it. She has always been an unselfish player, which I can appreciate a lot. She works on game constantly and is always trying to improve. She is also quick, which goes without saying."

Vanderbilt's Dee Davis on her teammate, Carla Thomas
"Oh, she's phenomenal. We trusted Carla with anything and everything. Like if you got beat on a drive, you knew Carla was going to send it into the stands. You could always count on her coming down and hitting that trail shot. She even hit a 3-pointer once. She's evolved into a really good player. She is strong, she works hard. She doesn't say much, but she works hard, and when something needs to be said, she'll say it. She's gonna go far."

UCLA's Noelle Quinn on USC's Shay Murphy
"Shay I've known for a while, since travel ball. And she's gotten so much better since high school. She's gotten very aggressive, she shoots the ball really well and she doesn't stop… she stays really active. She's done really well."

Southeast Missouri State's Lachelle Lyles on Tulsa's Jillian Robbins
"She is a really offensive-minded player. A good finesse player."

Arkansas State's Rudy Sims on her teammate, Adrianne Davie
"Very competitive. She hates to lose."

Arkansas State's Adrianne Davie on her teammate, Rudy Sims
"It's been great playing with her for four years. She made things go in our program. If it wasn't me who we were trying to get the ball to for a last-second shot, it was her. She's a good clutch player and a hard worker."

Maryland's Shay Doron on North Carolina's Ivory Latta
"This year, she has become a different player. She is more of a 3-point threat than anything else. It really spreads out the game for Carolina. She has a great team around her and does a great job of getting everyone involved. She has been doing it for four years."

Tulsa's Jillian Robbins on UAB's Carmen Guzman
"It's funny. I don't know anything about the different 'styles' of play from around the country… you know, the New York 'style' of player. But my dad told me before we played UAB that she has a real New York style. I was like, 'What does that mean?!?' But then I saw her play, and it was really different from what I see in Texas and in the South. She's going to take you off the dribble. And maybe she doesn't feel like taking you off the dribble, so she'll pull up and hit a jump shot. She's magical! Our game plan was to switch off screens against her team, and sometimes we post players got stuck on her, and it was like, 'Oh no… what am I going to do? Which shot do we want her to beat us with?' "

Nebraska's Kiera Hardy on Missouri's EeTisha Riddle
"A real player. Versatile. My first few years, she was a three. Then she moved to center. We had a hard time guarding her. She's a great passer… a great player."

USC's Shay Murphy on Arizona State's Emily Westerberg
"You can move her out to the wing, play inside, wherever… and she'll get it done. She is amazing. She's kind of deceiving, but she gets it done, no matter whether it's from the outside or inside. A real workhorse."

South Florida's Jessica Dickson on Vanderbilt's Carla Thomas
"She is a good player, a skilled post player. Athletic, she block shots, just very good."

Middle Tennessee State's Chrissy Givens on Arkansas State's Rudy Sims
"Rudy is a point guard. She gets hers, but she also gets everybody else involved. That's what a point guard should do. She doesn't go out looking for hers, but when it's time for her to shoot, it's more than likely that she's going to get it. So I think that she's what you want in a point guard."

Arkansas State's Rudy Sims on Middle Tennessee State's Chrissy Givens
"So versatile, she can play any position from the point, two or three."

Middle Tennessee State's Chrissy Givens on Louisiana-Lafayette's Yolanda Jones
"I'm not surprised that she's here. She gave us a lot of trouble. I see her as WNBA material. She's a great player: she can run, she can jump, she can shoot. She can even play inside, but she can shoot the 3, face up, take you off (the dribble), play with her back to the basket."

Oklahoma's Leah Rush on Baylor's Bernice Mosby
"She's like a Sophia Young twin. When Young graduated, Bernice filled it and didn't miss a beat. She plays nearly identical with just a few differences. Maybe playing against each other in practice, they began to move a lot alike and share similar moves."

Iowa State's Lyndsey Medders on Nebraska's Kiera Hardy
"She is extremely talented. She can score the ball as well as maybe anyone at the Draft Camp. She's a really good defender as well, so I hope she lands somewhere they need a scorer, a shooter, someone that can take people off the dribble and someone who can shoot the 3-point ball. They're going to be very happy."

NC State's Gillian Goring on Duke's Alison Bales
"She's a great person. She will bring a lot to a WNBA team. She is a dominant post player who can also square up and shoot. It's a tough conference with a lot of great players and she stands out as one of the best."

Rice's Lauren Neaves on UAB's Carmen Guzman
"She really improved game since the year before. She is aggressive offensively. She attacks the basket very well and has a great outside shot, which makes her hard to defend. If you get too tight, she's going to blow by you. If you're too far, she'll make the shot. That is incredible versatility. She can play the point or the two. A really good defensive player."

USC's Shay Murphy on Washington's Cameo Hicks
"So solid, so skilled and way underrated. She can go strong to the left, she can step out and hit the shot… an all-around good player."

Miami's Renee Taylor on North Carolina's Ivory Latta
"I don't know her off the court really, but we've spoken on the court a bit, just exchanging little jokes, things like 'Come on, you're making me work here.' She is a really good player and you know she wants to win. She shows her emotions on the court and wants it so bad. She has the 3 in her game and as a defender, you have to be ready to play and keep your feet to guard her. But she has such a good team behind her, so you just have to keep her in front of you."

Nebraska's Kiera Hardy on Iowa State's Lyndsey Medders
"Outstanding point guard, very underrated. Can do it all. Can play defense, can light you up off the drive, off the shot. Just a very good point guard."

Miami's Renee Taylor on Duke's Lindsey Harding
"Such a leader. You get a little emotion out of her, but you can't talk her out of her game. She is so focused and she leads her team and gets her in the right places. Of course, she is also long and a great defender."

Stanford's Brooke Smith on USC's Shay Murphy
"Shay is great. She's a fun competitor. She works and plays the game really hard and is as competitive as anyone I know. She has a great personality as well. She seems like she'd be a great teammate."

Ohio State's Jessica Davenport on Michigan State's Victoria Lucas-Perry
"She is all about energy. One of my best friends is good friends with her as well, so she has come to hang out in our apartment. She has a lot of energy and is always up for game. She brings that extra spark her team needs."

NC State's Gillian Goring on Duke's Lindsey Harding
"That girl is sweet. Everything about her game is great. She is the best defensive player and you can count on her to get the job done. She is a great offensive player as well. And a great human being as well. Just a nice person."

South Dakota State's Megan Vogel on Marquette's Christina Quaye
"I remember her as a good post player. We had to contain her simply because she is not just a big body in there. She is strong, physical and skilled around the rim. She was definitely a key focal point on the scouting report when we played them."

Marquette's Christina Quaye on South Dakota State's Megan Vogel
"She's a key player. A lot of heart and determination."

Stanford's Kristen Newlin on UCLA's Noelle Quinn
"She is a baller. I love her passing. She is a great passer, very unselfish. Yet she is a scorer too. She poses all threats. She is fun to watch."

Penn State's Amanda Brown on Purdue's Katie Gearlds
"She's a great player. She just goes out there and gives it everything. She's a great guard, very strong."

Maryland's Shay Doron on Duke's Lindsey Harding
"The thing about Lindsey is not only is she a great player, but she has class. That's my favorite thing about her. I remember back in the day when Duke used to beat us badly when I was a freshman and sophomore, Lindsey was the one who came up to me and said great things to me, like to keep my head up, that I'm a great player. She didn't have to do that because they had just killed us. That is was what I admired most, the kind of person she is and the way she handles herself."

Boston College's Kathrin Ress on NC State's Gillian Goring
"She has come a long way. I remember her last year, in our junior year, the difference in her game in the two games we played them. In the second game, we didn't prepare for her but she ended up being so strong. This year she came out and was a force for that team. I was just so excited to watch them play in the NCAA Tournament."

NC State's Gillian Goring on North Carolina's Ivory Latta
"She is really good. An emotional, in your face player. She is a good defensive player, spot-up shooter, scores in transition, she is strong, bangs with post players and can do anything, really."

Middle Tennessee State's Chrissy Givens on Arkansas State's Adrianne Davie
"Solid. Just solid. It is hard to play against her because she bangs and she fights. When you're guarding her, you know she's gonna get to the rim. Either she's going to be fouled or she's going to get two points."

UAB's Carmen Guzman on Tulsa's Jillian Robbins
"Wow… that girl just never takes a possession off. She's always working. And if she doesn't get her shot, she's going to get that offensive rebound. And she'll do whatever her team needs her to do. If her team needs her to hit a big 3, she'll get a big 3. If it's getting a big rebound, she'll get the rebound. If it's free throws, she'll do that. She's just an amazing player."

Stanford's Kristen Newlin on USC's Shay Murphy
"She is awesome, just a fun player to watch. She has a lot of energy, a lot of emotion, you can never leave her alone on the perimeter, she drives, she rebounds well and I've gotten to know her as a person, too. She is a great person, so awesome, nice and humble. I'll think she'll do well at the next level."

Purdue's Katie Gearlds on Georgia Tech's Stephanie Higgs
"A quick athletic guard who can find a way to get to the rim. You have to respect her game. I know I do because she hit some jumpers against us in our game."