If there is one thing we know about WNBA fans, they have plenty of opinions. When we opened up the mailbag, we found hundreds of letters. Keep sending your suggestions, feedback and all-out pleas by clicking here and we'll keep posting them up until Draft Day.

Posted 4/3/07

Phoenix should draft Lindsey Harding. Let her and Kelly Miller go at it for starting point guard. Whoever wins, starts... the "loser" is the backup.
Shay, St. Louis, Mo.

Armintie Price is amazing. She should definitely be one of the top picks in this year's draft. She is outstanding. She possesses qualities to make any team much better, plus, she has such a great personality. Having gotten to be around her at Ole Miss, I have noticed that she brightens a room whenever she walks in. She is sooooooooo charismatic and positive. She is a once in a lifetime pick that a team will be so happy to receive. Without armintie, Ole Miss would not have reached the Elite Eight. Go Armintie!!!
C., Gainesville, Fla.

The Minnesota Lynx need a point guard bad... and if little Ivory Latta is on the board, you can't pass up on her... She is the best point guard and has been for the last four years in college. She has that swagger and game to dominate the WNBA like last years rookies.
Isaac, Minneapolis

Phoenix now has their post. Let's take the best player out there: Latta or Harding!
LKC, Phoenix

With the 6th pick in the WNBA Draft, my Washington Mystics will i hope select Bernie Mosby from Baylor University. I think she will be the best post player left at this pick and should be able to contribute well this summer for the Mystics. If we were in need of a guard, Armintie Price would be my choice, but we are in more need of a post presence.
Phillip, Washington, D.C.

I don't know if the Liberty plan to put Janel McCarville at post now that they've traded Kelly Schumacher, but McCarville is really a forward in my mind. I like Barb Farris, and she had a good 2006 season, but I think our frontcourt could use a big dynamic player... someone like Jessica Davenport, Tiffany Jackson or Sidney Spencer. We've also got room for a good point guard like Shay Doron... no offense to Becky who I think would shine at shooting guard.
Margaret, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I think that Latta will be the 1st pick. I mean the girl can ball... you have to give it to her. She steps up when her team needs her and is quick on her feet. When she takes it to the hole or makes a three the crowd feels her power and so does the team.
Jas, El Dorado, Ark.

Minnesota needs a center/power forward and also had inconsistant PG play last year. That being said, two of our PGs were rookies and one was hurt all season, so PG may NOT be as big a need as we think. As for center, well, we had a big, slow center last year and what did that get us? I think the top picks at center are just more of the same and not worth a 4th pick overall. I wish we could get Armintie Price. She is one of the few players coming out this year who I think might be a star.
Muneraven, St. Paul, Minn.

The "price" is right for the Monarchs.
Bernard, Lexington, Ky.

I just think that in the list of prospects that Renee Taylor is the absolute best point guard out there. I have gotten a chance to see all of the young ladies play and she presents the best package. If Renee played with those teams that Latta or Harding played with, would she have an NCAA title under her belt. MY answer is yes. She is phenomenal. To score 2,500 points in a 4 year college career is fantastic. To do it at the height of 5'2" is phenomenal. OK, let's just count the 2 years at the Division I level... she still scored 1,000 points. So 4 years at DI says what? She can pass, shoot from distance and has a mid-range game as well. I believe that the team that takes her will be extremely pleased that they did.
Jerry, Brooklyn, N.Y.

In my opinion the Indiana Fever need a post player that can control both boards as well as be an offensive threat. The current lineup of Catching and Whitmore at forwards, Tully and DeForge at guards is fine but it simply needs a post player to take them to the next level. An big presence on the inside will greatly benefit both the offense and more importantly the defense.
Centre, Batesville, Ind.

Posted 3/29/07

I think Jess Davenport will go first to the Mercury. But with that said, I think the greatest team... the Sun... should look to add Katie Gearlds and Shay Doron with their two top first-round picks. Katie Geralds can fill in when Douglas and Sales need a breather and Doron can learn how to play some point so she can back up Lindsey and play that 2 guard position as well. I think trading Taj was a good thing. And in the second round you want to talk about sleepers we will grab Natalie Berlin from Wisc.-Green Bay. I know a lot of guards, but Phillips is out and look for Carey to get cut before the season starts.
Manny, Providence, R.I.

As a HUGE Liberty fan, we are in desperate need of a strong post player. We got manhandled on the boards last year, could not prevent penetration to the basket, and had to rely on jumpshots because the inside-game was nonexistent. I think the Liberty should take Tiffany Jackson from Texas. She's just remarkable. She is extremely athletic, she is agressive on both ends of the floor and an excellent defender. We need someone who can do the job at both ends. Unfortunately, I don't think Allison Bales offers us what we need offensively on a consistent basis. However, if Ivory Latta miraculously falls to us at #5, you gotta grab her. She offers everything we have been lacking in New York since T-Spoon left (a winning attitude, a competitive fire, excellent passing, leadership, and scoring: someting we could have used more of from T-Spoon). She would also allow Becky to move back to the 2 spot. If we pick Latta, we could probably still get our hands on Brooke Smith (Stanford) in the second round. Smith plays well on both ends of the floor, she just needs to learn how to be more agressive. GO LIBERTY!!!
Philippe, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Monarchs are in pretty good shape. However, one young lady to watch very closely is Cameo Hicks out of Washington. Led the Huskies in almost all categories. She's a tough, tough competitor. Probably a late first-round pick or early second. This one is a sure sleeper for whomever gets her.
Ray, Sacramento

I am a huge Stars fans and believe we need a point guard with Pee Wee gone. The obvious choice would be Harding (Duke) but they need someone with emotion that the other players can feed from. Ivory Latta (UNC) brings that emotion to the court and is an exciting player to watch. GO STARS GO!
Jose, San Antonio

We love our Connecticut Sun up here in the northeast. In my opinion, the Sun need to get younger and bigger. Detroit got even bigger with the trade acquiring Katie Feenstra, and what we need to compete with our Eastern Division arch rival is size and toughness and a couple of big bodies that can crash the boards with some attitude. We have two picks in the first round, their should be no excuses for not getting at least one of these types of players, otherwise we will see Detroit raising the banner again.
John Sample, Norwich, Conn.

My team is Phoenix. I think they really need a post and I think my girl Alison Bales would get the job done. She is great offensively and defensively. I mean, come on, she is the leader in blocks. She would be a great asset to the team and I think they would win more.
C. Dean, Franklin, Ohio

Megan Vogel from South Dakota State University would be a great addition to one of the WNBA teams. She reminds me of Becky Hammon. Megan, like Becky, plays with passion and dedication. She always puts everything she has into the game. She is a smart, strong and athletic player. She is a great ambassador for women's basketball.
Brookings, S.D.

The Sun need a post player like Brooke Smith and a guard like Katie Gearlds to improve (after) the team's trade of Taj to L.A.
John, Storrs, Conn.

If it's in any way possible and if she still is available, my team, the Washington Mystics, better pick Lindsey Harding at the six spot. She is the best player in the draft to me and she will be around for a long time. She has an amazing defensive game with a bonus of offense.
Nacole, New Iberia, La.

Hello, I love the WNBA as if all were family. I'm not a huge Connecticut fan, but they should select Shay Doron as a backup guard since Erin Phillips got injured overseas. Get better Erin, and win the Eastern Conference championship again.
Brina, Edgewood, Md.

Posted 3/21/07

I think the Silver Stars need to draft Lindsey Harding to replace Shannon Johnson, who high tailed it out of S.A. Still not happy about that...
Steph, San Antonio

Please let Ivory Latta stink it up in the tournament so she can fall to the number five pick. I've been a fan of the Liberty since day one, but ever since T-spoon left they've been a bit boring. Ivory will bring the excitement back to MSG. She's got the fire that the Liberty have lacked. If she's not available Alison Bales and Brooke Smith would give the Liberty a true post/center for the first time since Kym Hampton, then Shay Doron in round two. Or how about this (Liberty nation forgive me) trade Becky Hammon, Kelly Shumacher, Barb Farris and/or the fifth pick to Phoenix for Cappy Pondexter? Go Liberty!!!
Jason, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Seattle Storm: They say they need a guard to back up Sue Bird/Lennox, but I think they should add more weapons to their frontcourt. When Lauren gets double-teamed, I know Burse is there, but I think they need another 4 or 5 with more offensive output. I say Stanford's Brooke Smith, so that the defense will have to gamble leaving either one open, and I think she'd be great starting off the bench. Is there anyone in the draft who uses the step-through move/jump hook more effectively? Go Storm in 2007!
Ed, San Francisco

I think the Washington Mystics need a good small forward who can also play the shooting guard position. Someone athletic who can shoot the ball. Someone like Kamesha Hairston from Temple. I think she would fit very well.
Sierra, Salisbury, Md.

I would like the New York Liberty to get a dynamic player like Bernice Mosby or a Tiffany Jackson in the first round. New York got killed in the post last year and they are in need of a quality post or posts. They need a backup point guard for Moore.
Tyree, Watertown, N.Y.

I think that point guard Stephanie Raymond from NIU would be a great guard for any team. Her great free throw shooting and excellent ball handling will make her extremely successful.
Alex, Chicago

I think the top pick in this year's draft is going to be Jessica Davenport. This is because of team needs. Phoenix needs a post player desperately especially now with Kamila Vodichkova out for the season. This move is more of a need than talent. I think if it was for talent then Ivory Latta would be the best choice no question. Now this is all being said without the possibility of Candace Parker coming out… but if she does then she's the obvious choice
Xavier, Dallas

First the Detroit Shock are going to repeat as champions. As for my Shock I would like to see them draft a small forward or someone like that who can grow with us and maybe play the post and pull up for a jump shot well. It would be great for Chicago to get Lindsey Harding. Phoenix should go for Alison Bales who will run the floor and be a presence on defense. Washington: they're in need of a small forward and Noelle Quinn can do it all.
TJ, Andrews AFB, Md.

My team is Houston. I love them ladies… I think we need a point guard badly… A veteran would be good. A rookie might still need a year or two to settle into the WNBA. Houston needs to realize that rookies are a must… I love my veterans but you need to add youth to the game to keep a franchise growing… Go Comets.
Gabriel, Soledad, Calif.

Hello, my name is Brian, and I am a HUGE WNBA fan. As a Detroit Shock fan first, we need absolutely NO help, as long as we contribute the same winning formula in our playbook for the upcoming season. However, as a Mystics fan SECOND, I believe we are seriously lacking a low post threat. A banger if you will. We need someone who will grab us offensive boards when we DESPERATELY need them down the stretch. But I guess that's all that's missing and we'll be fine. (Jessica Adair-F/G... cough, cough.)
Brian, Washington

I think Katie Gearlds should be a top 10 pick in the draft this year. She is an amazing shooter and is tall. She is also comfortable dribbling. I have only watched her play twice maybe but each time she amazed me.
Sarah, Exeter, R.I.

I am a Sky fan and I think that they need a post threat so I would consider Alison Bales from Duke.
Hannah, Alabama

Posted 3/14/07

I am a big Sky fan and I think they should acquire a quick guard to pick up the team's tempo: someone like Lindsey Harding (Duke) or maybe Armintie Price (Mississippi). Both can make plays happen on the offensive end as well as the defensive end. Also I would choose a forward who is good on the wing and not afraid to take shots when the seconds wind down by putting up a 3 like a Kamesha Hairston (Temple) (she and Candice Dupree has played for three years, so they have that team chemistry) or someone like Tiffany Jackson (Texas). They may also want to get a strong center like a Jessica Davenport (Ohio) or Allison Bales (Duke). Whomever they choose, hopefully it will get them more "W" for this season hopefully a playoff berth.
- Shon, Irving, Texas

My favorite team is New York. Go Liberty! I think we need a consistent big girl and floor leader! Becky Hammon needs to be the 2 so she can get more shots! I think a first-round pick of Ivory Latta or Lindsey Harding is very realistic! In the second round, you might want to look at Carla Thomas if she is still available. She's a big who battled strong with Sylvia Fowles in the finals of the SEC Tournament! Good luck, Liberty!
- Kendall, Ark.

I would also like to see the Liberty pick up a good point guard which would allow Becky (Hammon) to play her more natural position at the 2 spot.
- Megan, Dover, N.H.

The Mercury really need to select Jessica Davenport with their first pick in this draft. Their roster is full of guards and forwards, and with starting center Kamila Vodichkiva out for the season, this team really needs a post presence and a great defender. Davenport is a great shooter and will fit with the Mercury "Paul Ball" system perfectly!
- Rimz, Phoenix

Lindsey Harding is one of the most exciting ballplayers to watch. Whatever pro team picks her will become an automatic contender. She is tough and plays both ends of the floor with defense being her strenght. She plays much bigger than 5'8" and is called on to play down low frequently because of her basketball savvy and quickness. LINDSEY IS A THINKING POINTGUARD! SHE IS A COACH ON THE FLOOR. Lindsey Harding will fill seats!
- Mike, St. Louis

First of all, the Indiana Fever are going to win it all. No joke, they have a wide range of players, from veterans to savvy young guns. All the Fever need is one or two post players and a solid backup point guard. With the draft approaching, the Fever are most likely going to miss out on Davenport and Bales, but the Fever might be able to pick up a solid point like Dee Davis from Vandy. If the Fever can accomplish those few tweaks, they can accomplish a championship. Beware, they are gonna come out strong.
- Drewbie, Carmel, Tenn.

San Antonio needs a guard so if she sticks around until the third pick, Lindsey Harding would be key.
- Jay, Riviera Beach, Fla.

I believe that the Storm need a wing to back up Iziane because Izzy can't do it by herself. The Mercury definitely need a post like Alison Bales or (Jessica) Davenport. Bales would be good for the Merc.
- Stephanie, Ashland, Ore.

I believe that the Comets need to draft a point guard. Dawn Staley retired, we lost Dominique Canty in free agency and we released Tamecka Dixon. Although we have Roneeka Hodges she is more like a two guard than a point. Hopefully we could land Harding or Latta out of the draft. Other than that, the team is ready to bring the WNBA trophy back to Houston!!!
- Shade, Philadelphia

I think Ivory Latta and Lindsay Harding will be two of the top picks in this year's draft. I think Ivory Latta should go to the Minnesota Lynx. They need some energy on the team besides Seimone.
- Krys, Port Allen, La.

Being that Washington is my favorite team, I think they need to draft a center like Alison Bales or Jessica Davenport. I think that is where they lack consistency and need the most improvement. I also think they should get another consistent shooting guard opposite of Alana Beard (my favorite player) to balance out the floor.
- Ray, Orlando

My favorite team is the Indiana Fever. I think that one place that they should look to improve this year is their post play. They only have players 6-2 and 6-3 and that does not help when you play Margo Dydek or Katie Feenstra. They need to look to get a steal in this draft by getting a sleeper post who can bring it on offense and defense.
- PCatch, Naperville, Ill.

I am a dedicated fan of the WNBA and my favorite team is the Los Angeles Sparks. And although I am happy for my favorite player Lisa Leslie and her pregnancy, I am also disappointed that I won't see her on the court this year. Since 1997 I have tuned in and attended games to see her dominate. So obviously, the Sparks need to get a good center to replace her. I know that they have traded for Taj, but a "big" player is needed. Jessica Davenport or Allison Bales would be good. Also an athletic 2 or 3 guard. Mwadi is good but could use some help. Someone like Bernice Mosby or Camille Little would be good. So good luck Sparks and come back soon Lisa.
- Leroy, Midland, Texas

I may live in Wisconsin, but Chicago in my team... go Sky! We need a post player... Bernadette Ngoyisa has proven she can play with the best, but having that 1-2 punch would put the Sky right where they should be, as a contender for the playoffs. As for the #3 pick, my choice would be Ohio State's Jessica Davenport or Duke's Alison Bales. The Sky have great players right now who are fast, but we need to finish with a hard blow to the basket, and one of those centers will do it. Don't get me wrong, if they can get hold of Harding or Latta, then they will be in a great position for a trade.
- Bernell, Milwaukee

Wow, this is a wide open draft. First of all i like to say man i love how the free agents are working. i also like the trades that have taken place so far. But i think we need to see more trades before the season starts. Now to get to the draft the question is who will go number one. Last year we knew it would be Augustus and in 2004 we knew it would be diana taurasi. A bunch of anaylst think that it will be lindsey harding which would not be a bad thing, however phoneix does not need another guard since the resigned Kelly Miller and have Taurasi and Cappie. With their Center Kamila out its save to say they need to go out and get a good center. theres a wide variety if i were the GM i would go for the 6'7 from Duke Allison Bales im crazy about this girl shes amazes me everytime i see her. She throws the outlet well to which is what Phoneix. Then with the second pick the Silverstars need to take Harding because Shannon Johnson just signed with Detroit. Two blue devils in a row. Then, you can just go down the list ivory latta, Brooke Smith, Carla Thomas, Tiffany Jackson, Bernice Mosby, Dee Davis. The list goes on and on. Now to go on to the magnificent Candace Parker who needs to come out early. In the mens game we see it a lot but not in the women but i think it's time that we do. Pat Summit and Pokey Chapman both need to become coachs in the WNBA along with Geno Auriema its time for them to move on up. Thank you.
- Littleman, Searcy, Ark.

I think the Sky definitely need a post player. They already have a lot of talent with D. Canty, C. Dupree and M. Currie. Alison Bales would be a perfect fit for them. Because Currie and Bales already played together for Duke, they know each other's style so it won't be hard for them to get their game together.
- Joy, McCormick, S.C.

I am a huge Houston Comets fan and with all of the changes that have taken place this offseason, I think our needs are plenteous. I think that there are two positions that are absolute musts: point guard and a backup small forward. With Dawn's retirement and Dominique's change of address, we must replace our floor general. With the pick that we have, we should be able to find a capable backup for the best small forward to ever lace them up: Sheryl Swoopes. Sheryl has already said that at her age, she should not be leading the league in minutes played. With the change in coaching philosophy, that should be fixed knowing that it allows SS to stay fresher and more effective throughout this long season. The point guard hopefully will come through free agency, allowing an experienced player to come in and help get us back to where we still belong… as the 2007 WNBA champions!
- Headtoe, Tallahassee, Fla.

Minnesota has a definite need for both a point guard and center. They have some great forwards, but they need a good point guard, one who can effectively work every game, and they also need a great center.
- Dane, Pequot Lakes, Minn.

The Phoenix Mercury just simply need a big who can handle the ball and is a threat to post up down low. We need Jessica Davenport or even (Alison) Bales from Duke… we just need a couple bigs!!!
- Rach, Phoenix

It'll be interesting to see if Phoenix keeps the #1 pick. They desperately need a post player with Vodichkova out for the season and Rasmussen now with Connecticut. But does Jessica Davenport really fit into the "Paul Ball" system? The Mercury need a solid post that's ready to start and Davenport may not be the answer.
- Todd, Fords, N.J.

The Mercury should draft Amanda Brown.
- Emily, State College, Pa.

I really would love to see the Silver Stars draft Jessica (Davenport). She is just a good post-up player and our roster is filled with guards, but then again I wouldn't mind having Lindsey or Ivory! I think the Silver Stars need to stay healthy this year, play more defense and improve on offense.
- Daniel, Converse, Texas

I really love what San Antonio is doing in the offseason. Hopefully this season the changes will pay off and they will finally make the playoffs. I see them drafting either a big or forward to provide depth and maybe another point guard now that "Pee Wee" Johnson signed with Detroit. GOOD LUCK SILVER STARS!
- Teco, Cincinnati

I think Lindsay Harding, Jessica Davenport and Ivory Latta will be the top picks in the draft this year. The Silver Stars and Sky need point guards. And I wouldn't be surprised at a team like Phoenix drafting and trading a player to another team to get exactly what they need. The NY Liberty definitely need a strong post player. I think we are good in the guard department. But if a player like Camille Little is still around at #5, you have to take her. She can play the 3 or 4 for them and is a great offensive and defensive player. She can definitely be a go to player. If Latta slips to #5 you gotta take her. She was made for NY. Think T-spoon #2!
- Anneliese, East Brunswick, N.J.

I am a big Mystics fan and I really would like to see them draft someone who can score in the paint and rebound the ball. I have watched Duke all season, and if she is available when the Mystics pick, they should go after Alison Bales. She can score inside and she can shoot a 16-footer. We need this kind of threat to give Alana some room to work. And it always works to put two old teammates together.
- Suzie, Waldorf, Md.

phoenix- jess davenport (they need a big-no vodichkova or rasmussen)
san antonio- lindsey harding (stepped up her game shannon johnson is getting older, she could learn a lot)
chicago- ivory latta (brings emotion and heart, CAN SCORE!)
minnesota- tiffany jackson (no vanessa or adrian, tamika was struggling, tj provides good post depth)
new york- noelle quinn (as its been put-she can flat out score and pass)
washington- jessica dickson (good small forward, which they need)
seattle- armintie price (could be a good backup guard to bird and lennox)
houston- dee davis (no dawn or dominique, they desperately need a point guard)
indiana- ali bales (they don't have a shot blocker besides t-catch)
sacramento- brooke smith (yolanda is considering retirement, she could learn and get better and be the post sac. needs)
detroit- shae murphy (fits right in-athletic, quick, long, she can also hit 3s and rebound)
connecticut- chrissy givens (erin phillips is out, she could help out-defensively and offensively)
connecticut- bernice mosby (no more taj, margo getting older, they need another post to develop)
This is my first round predictions- if you are reading this sorry it is so long.
- Dom, Sacramento