With the 2007 WNBA Draft picks now intently focused on their rookie seasons, we asked them a bunch of questions about their fellow picks and their rookie seasons in the WNBA.

Which player will surprise fans the most and why?
-Katie Gearlds, Seattle Storm: "Noelle Quinn: I absolutely love her game; she is the Magic Johnson of the women's game."
-Kiera Hardy, Connecticut Sun: "Armintie Price, because she can play. She's one of the best in the nation."
-Tiffany Jackson, New York Liberty: "Ivory Latta. She is such an exciting player."
-Brooke Smith, Minnesota Lynx: "Armintie Price, because not that many people had heard about her before the (NCAA) tournament and she is so dangerous on both ends of the court."
-Shay Doron, New York Liberty: "Me, because I am a versatile player and given the opportunity, I will not be afraid to lead even as a rookie and I bring a different style of play (having played both European and American styles)."
-Noelle Quinn, Minnesota Lynx: "Shay Murphy. She is a workhorse and has improved tremendously throughout her career. She can shoot and is intense on the defensive end."
-Carla Thomas, Chicago Sky: "Anyone that has flown under the radar for most of her career and is given an opportunity to live out her dreams. It's anybody's guess."
-Kristen Newlin, Houston Comets: "Brooke Smith, because of her hook shot."
-Nare Diawara, San Antonio Silver Stars: "Armintie Price, she is very explosive and has been under the radar."
-Stephanie Raymond, Chicago Sky: "Myself, because I am willing to do whatever it takes to help my team succeed and win."

Which player's game is best suited to help a team win right away, and why?
-Lyndsey Medders, Indiana Fever: "Lindsey Harding will help a team tremendously because of her ability to guard other teams' top guards."
-Katie Gearlds: "Jessica Davenport, because she's a 6-5 center who can dominate the offensive end and be a force defensively."
-Kiera Hardy: "Bernice Mosby, because she is athletic and versatile."
-Noelle Quinn: "Ivory Latta brings leadership and enthusiasm, which will definitely enable a team to do well."
-Kathrin Ress, Minnesota Lynx: "Jessica Davenport. She is a great post player who knows her strengths. She is great inside and the experience that she has gained leading Ohio State as well as playing with the U.S. national team will help her in the WNBA."
-Shay Doron: "Lindsey Harding, because she is a great player and a great leader."
-Cori Chambers, Connecticut Sun: "Cori Chambers. I think that a good shooter has the ability to help any team right away."
-Brooke Smith: "Jessica Davenport, because she is so big and a great shot blocker."

Which player will win the 2007 Rookie of the Year honors?
-Shay Doron: "Lindsey Harding."
-Leah Rush, Phoenix Mercury: "Jessica Davenport."
-Cori Chambers: "Armintie Price."
-Megan Vogel, Washington Mystics: "Unsure. It might be someone you never would expect. How players adjust to the next level is so hard to predict."
-Lyndsey Medders: "Lindsey Harding."
-Kathrin Ress: "Davenport or Latta."
-Gillian Goring, Washington Mystics: "Harding."
-Tiffany Jackson: "I think that it is really up in the air. I feel that there are a lot of good people and there is no clear-cut favorite."

Which current WNBA player are you most looking forward to meeting and why?
-Jessica Dickson, Sacramento Monarchs: "Sheryl Swoopes. I grew up watching her play and I love her game."
-Kamesha Hairston, Connecticut Sun: "Tamika Catchings. She's such a hard worker and she has the most complete game in the league."
-Stephanie Raymond: "Lisa Leslie. Even though she's the complete opposite of myself, she is a veteran athlete and a great one at that. She has a lot of experience and probably the right answers to many questions."
-Lyndsey Medders: "Diana Taurasi, because I have always admired her competitive spirit and amazing talent."
-Megan Vogel: "Becky Hammon. She is originally from South Dakota (and) was not drafted, but worked harder than anyone else and earned her right to be considered one of the best in the league."
-Cori Chambers: "Tamika Catchings. I've always enjoyed watching her play. She can do it all!"
-Noelle Quinn: "Marie Ferdinand. She has been one of my favorite players since she entered the league. I have a great deal of respect for her game and I love the way she plays hard every time she steps foot on the court."
-Leah Rush: "Katie Smith. She's a great ball player and has valuable experience in the league."
-Kathrin Ress: "Penny Taylor. She plays for the team I used to play for back home, she is an outstanding player and maybe one day I will have the chance to play with her."
-Tyresa Smith, Phoenix Mercury: "Sheryl Swoopes. (I've) always been a fan and she's just an all-around great player. I used to play in her sneakers in middle school."
-Tiffany Jackson: "Swin Cash. I like the way she carries herself, and I enjoy watching her commentate."
-Kiera Hardy: "Betty Lennox, because people think we have a similar game."
-Carla Thomas: "Lisa Leslie. The competition will be amazing and I have watched her play for years."
-Shay Doron: "Becky Hammon, because I have been watching her play since I was young."

What is your jersey number? Does that jersey number have special significance?
-Megan Vogel: "32. It was the number I received when I came to college and it has stuck with me ever since."
-Kamesha Hairston: "21. My assistant coach at Temple my freshman year picked this out when I came on my visit and he always told me that this number would be retired at the end of my career. So every time I would walk in the gym he told me to point to myself and then to the rafters because that would be me one day."
-Shay Doron: "22. I have had it throughout my career and 2 is my lucky number, so the more 2's the better (got 222?). My mom also was No. 2 when she played volleyball for the Israeli National Team back in the day."
-Jessica Dickson: "25, and yes it has a spiritual significance to me."
-Cori Chambers: "21. Yes my grandpa wore 21, and so does everyone else in my family."
-Lyndsey Medders: "14. Former NBA player and my former high school coach, Brian Taylor, wore it when he played and asked me to wear it when I started high school basketball."
-Nare Diawara: "11. It was my brother's number."
-Stephanie Raymond: "12. It's just been my number throughout AAU and college."

If you could play one-on-one against anyone, who would it be?
-Jessica Dickson: "Michael Jordan, because growing up that's who I idolized. I just love his game and I feel that I could learn a great deal from Mike."
-Lyndsey Medders: "I would love to play against Steve Nash because he is my favorite basketball player and is the best point guard in the world."
-Katie Gearlds: "Reggie Miller: I have always loved him growing up and I find him very attractive."
-Noelle Quinn: "Dwyane Wade. I would want to play him to merely be in his presence. He is one of my favorite players in the league and I enjoy watching him play."
-Tiffany Jackson: "Wilt Chamberlain, because he is my favorite player. I feel that there is a lot I can learn from him. Also, I could become a better player by learning and getting schooled from the best."
-Carla Thomas: "Shaquille O'Neal. I have a lot of respect for the way that he has dominated the game for so many years. I would love to have the opportunity to learn how he has been able to command such a presence and respect in the game."
-Megan Vogel: "Michael Jordan. He is the best player to have lived. I have always been taught you go out and find the best player you can to play against, because it is the only way you find out what you are truly made of."
-Dee Davis, Houston Comets: "Steve Nash, because I admire him as a point guard. I would love to have the opportunity to take some pointers, and to just meet him. He's the best point guard in the game."
-Gillian Goring: "I would love to play against Lisa Leslie because I love her game and she is a role model to me."
-Cori Chambers: "If I could play one-on-one against any other player I would pick Steve Nash. Although we don't play the same position, as a guard, he has the total package. He can shoot, pass, score at will and play defense. These are all characteristics that I could learn by playing one-on-one with him."
-Brooke Smith: "Amare Stoudemire, because I have always loved his game and he is so athletic."
-Nare Diawara: "Kobe Bryant, because he is a great player and I would like to be the one to try and stop him."
-Stephanie Raymond: "I would play one-on-one against Steve Nash because he is a tremendous athlete. I would like to get to know his style of play and learn some of his tendencies. I would like to pick up on other 'go to' moves that could get me by my defender."
-Tyresa Smith: "Deanna Nolan, because I like her game and she's very athletic."
-Kiera Hardy: "Latrell Sprewell because of his style of play."