The WNBA Draft and the top college seniors were in Cleveland to learn their future. And once again, Minnesota Lynx forward Tamika Williams joined us to co-host our live WNBA Draft coverage on April 4.

Williams knows the Draft prospects well as she works as an assistant coach at Ohio State in the offseason. Her Lynx had the fourth overall pick and pulled off a major trade to get the top overall pick. Williams was among the first to meet her new teammates.

You asked the questions... and we got them answered for you...

Tamika Williams: (12:23 PM ET ) I was just in the restroom and Ivory Latta was in there as well, and behind us was a 14-year old girl, who had a ball and a marker and asked Ivory for an autograph. Amazing!

Tamika Williams: (12:24 PM ET ) To the women here, I just want to say good luck and remember that it's not when you get drafted, but where you go that makes all the difference. Hoping for a good fit for each of them... and they all look dazzling... fierce!

Brad, New York: Tamika, I hear you have your wedding coming up, congratulations! Hows the planning going? I assume my invitation got lost in the mail...

Tamika Williams: (12:26 PM ET ) Hi Brad from New York... The wedding plans are going well. As for the invite... I just wish you would have given me the ring first and things might have turned out differently. But thanks for the good wishes! miss you.

Madison (Mo City, TX): Hello Tamika! How good do you think Jessica Davenport will be in the WNBA?

Tamika Williams: (12:20 PM ET ) I think it will be a surprise. She is long, a shot-blocker and her whole collegiate career, she was triple-teamed. So I would love to see her play with some one-on-one opportunities.

kevin (macon ga): Hey Tamika! Who do you see going #1?

Tamika Williams: (12:22 PM ET ) Wow, that is hard. Phoenix could use a big body who can stay up with Diana and Cappie or they may take a point guard so those two can fill the lanes. But to be honest, I have no idea. ant there are always trades.

Zara (Columbia, MD): Hey Tamika! So how many drafts have you covered since coming to the WNBA? Does it still bring back memories of your own draft experience?

Tamika Williams: (12:32 PM ET ) I think this is my third... Yes. Three! I always love coming here because it's such a big event. It does bring back the memories. It's a big transition and full of excitement.

Wolske (Brownsburg Indiana): Tamika I would love to know your thoughts about having the great Teresa Edwards as the Lynx's Assistant coach??? Cant wait to see you and Amber here in Indiana May 19th!!!

Tamika Williams: (12:35 PM ET ) Great Great Great! I loved watching T in the ABL and with USA Basketball, I loved playing with her for two years. So I am really looking forward to having her as Coach T.

Chakeira; Copperas Cove, Tx: How do you think Price (out of Ole Miss) will affect the WNBA? She is a real good athlete, something like Deena Nolan, but isnt that known among the college world.

Tamika Williams: (12:28 PM ET ) I feel she has an extreme upside. She is athletic, long and raw. Whatever franchise she gets drafted to, she will be a diamond in the rough.

Dave Klatsky, New York: I have my WNBA fantasy draft coming up and wonder which rookie you would draft, if any, and who would be condsidered a "steal" as a current WNBA player who will have a break out year? Go Lynx!

Tamika Williams: (12:39 PM ET ) Gosh, that's hard. The top rookie to Draft fantasy-wise, which is all about numbers, would be someone like Armintie Price. She could make an immediate impact with a team. As for current players... good question. I think Tina Thompson will have her best season ever, which is amazing because she is so good. But the way she is playing overseas has been amazing. She has come back from having a baby and is better than EVER!

Chuck, Manhatten: Are you sitting next to Matt Wurst right now? Does he smell like Old Spice?

Tamika Williams: (12:41 PM ET ) Yes, Chuck Barnett. You're right on. I am sitting next to Matt Wurst and I don't think it's Old Spice... It may be Musk. Either way, I'm trying not to get too close.

nancy bird syosset, ny: hi sweetheart, congrats on ur wedding. say hi to ur parents. we love u. nancy and dennis

Tamika Williams: (12:37 PM ET ) Thanks, Nancy! Love you too. Tell Dennis I could really go for a steak the next time I'm in New York.

Marie Fusci, Long Island, NY: Did you see the tournament run Marist made? Do you see more Mid-Major womens players getting picked this year and in the future with all this parity in the game?

Tamika Williams: (12:38 PM ET ) Definitely. Look how many mid-major schools won big games (like Marist). Most of these players are highly-skilled and very competitive. I definitely see WNBA teams drafting more of these players in the future.

KaraYow: Where do you think Purdue's Katie Gearlds will go?

Tamika Williams: (12:41 PM ET ) I believe Katie will be a first round pick. I hear she played well at Pre-Draft Camp and she had a great postseason. She is a big guard, she is versatile and she can knock down the 3. So whoever gets her will be happy.

Glenn (Morris Plains, NJ): How can PHX keep all these high draft picks under the cap WITH them re-signing miller...and should they go best player and take harding or need and take a post?

Tamika Williams: (12:51 PM ET ) It's easy to keep draft picks because most of them are "stuck" there for four years. But who they should take.... I don't know. Every time I see Paul Westhead, I just tell him good luck in picking the right pick.

Marni, Los Angeles, CA: hey Tamika love your game. Which rookies do you see making the biggest impact down the road? Not just this season.

Tamika Williams: (12:45 PM ET ) This is so hard this year. Price, Bales, Davenport and Harding. And I do like Camille Little a lot. She is a lanky forward with guard skills.

Anneliese (East Brunswick, NJ): People are saying Davenport can't play on a team that runs? Your thoughts? Hers?

Tamika Williams: (12:55 PM ET ) I think she can because I believe she is the best shooting post in the draft. She is crafty, highly skilled and she can shoot the trailing 3.

SportsNation Moderator: (12:49 PM ET ) We are just a few minutes away from getting started, so tune in to ESPN2 right now!

VJ (Houlton, Me): Of all the prospects available, who would you like to see on the Lynx playing with you?

Tamika Williams: (12:49 PM ET ) Anyone who will be really, really good, obviously!

Tamika Williams: (1:02 PM ET ) Also just want to give a big shout out to my two favorite girls watching in Russia... Diana "One" Taurasi and Suzanne "Brigit" Bird. And of course, Ski. See ya Friday morning. It be a runaway bride situation come Saturday. I'm Sleep. Zzzzzzzz.

SportsNation Admin: (12:55 PM ET ) And the players have all entered the main ball room from the green room. We're getting ready. The room is abuzz...

SportsNation Moderator: (1:11 PM ET ) We're live!

SportsNation Moderator: (1:08 PM ET ) And here comes Donna Orender now! With the first pick in the 2007 WNBA Draft, the Phoenix Mercury select...

SportsNation Moderator: (1:09 PM ET ) LINDSEY HARDING!

Shaluan (Dallas, TX): Lindsey Harding, Your a great PG and you play both ends of the floor with the same intensity, you don't find that in alot of PG's now-a-days. How do you think your leadership skills will help you in the WNBA?

Lindsey Harding: (1:12 PM ET ) I think it just came with experience and learning the game. I know it is so much different. I am really confident as well.

K. Williams, Caserta Italy: Hey Lindsey in Italy with Mistie. Congrats on being drafted. What type of impact do you think you can have on a team during your rookie year? We miss ya!

Lindsey Harding: (1:12 PM ET ) I know they have three amazing guards that play for them. I just want to learn and play some good minutes. We just want there to not be any drop off when I come in the game from them.

Marquita Chicago Illinois: i have a question for Lindsay Harding: what advivice would you give a girl thats wants to be in the WNBA

Lindsey Harding: (1:13 PM ET ) I think first, set goals, dream big and when I got to college, no one thought that I could be an all-american or a number one pick, so just be confident in yourself.

Hill City, Kansas: Is this something you dreamed of when you were younger or did this just kind of happen?

Lindsey Harding: (1:15 PM ET ) I never thought this could happen until I was 12 years old and when I went to my first game. From there, it became my dream. Today is the fulfillment of my dream!

SportsNation Moderator: (1:15 PM ET ) Here comes the second pick, Jessica Davenport!

SportsNation Moderator: (1:15 PM ET ) And Dan Hughes is in the room to congratulate their pick!

Tamika Williams: (1:23 PM ET ) I'm so excited. My little baby is going away. I'm happy for her. She is a hard worker and she will do very well.

chris georgia: davenport, what is the one thing you think u have to work on now that you are in the wnba

Jessica Davenport: (1:17 PM ET ) Just my overall defense. This is a whole new league and all new players. So I will work on my defense to compete with them at the next level.

Fisher: Ann Arbor, Michigan: Jessica, hate the Buckeyes but like the way you play. What do you think will be the toughest thing about making the transition to the pro game?

Jessica Davenport: (1:17 PM ET ) Probably the travel. That's what I hear from people. I'm not great on planes so that will be a tough adjustment for me.

Dominica: (Fort Worth, TX): Congrats on being drafted. Ok now that you've been drafted, what are your next goals to accomplish?

Jessica Davenport: (1:18 PM ET ) I'm just trying to do the best I can. I want to try and be the best player in the league and I know it will take a lot of hard work.

Stacey, Sacramento,Ca: Who are you most anxious to play against and with?

Jessica Davenport: (1:19 PM ET ) Probably playing against Tamika. She's been talking a lot of junk. As far as playing with... I love Ruth Riley and I'm looking forward to getting to play with her.

Toieasha Cooper (Wichita Falls, TX): Are you excited to be going into the WNBA? Is this like a dream come true? Are you happy that all of your hard work has paid off? Because if I were you I would be!!!

Jessica Davenport: (1:27 PM ET ) This is the pinnacle of my WNBA career. Every player wants to get here so this is absolutely my dream.

Tamika Williams: (1:20 PM ET ) Congratulations, Jess!

Armintie , Dallas: hi my question is for armintie price... yes thats my name too lol but my question is ive heard analysis compare you to a young tamika does it feel to be mentioned in the same breathe as a player like her ?

Armintie Price: (1:29 PM ET ) It's amazing. I really don't believe. She is awesome and I think I have a ways to go to compare to her. But thanks for the compliment.

Tiffany(chicago,IL): Hi, Arminite. Just wanna say that you are a great player. I really enjoyed watching you in college and can't wait for the wnba. What are some your goals that you want to acheive to do great in the wnba? You are the best. Thanks! and much luv from your #1 fan

Armintie Price: (1:22 PM ET ) One of my goals is to extend my offensive game with the 3-point jumper. I also want to be a better defensive player to say I can shut down players like Alana Beard and Diana Taurasi. That is what I'll be working on. My overall game.

Joshua Morgan, Oxford Ms.: Armintie do you plan on wearing #24 in the WNBA?

Armintie Price: (1:23 PM ET ) Yes, if no one else is wearing it, I'd love to wear that.

shavonne, new jersey: price, who is the one player that you is lookin forward to playin this season

Armintie Price: (1:23 PM ET ) Tamika Catchings. Hopefully I can get a picture first so she won't be mad at me after we play and I ask her then.

Brantley (Oxford, MS): Armintie, yes this is Brantley! Everyone knows that you are a tenacious defender and that you play with all out intensity on the defensive end. What will be the biggest adjustment you will have to make in guarding players on the professional level? Love ya!!!

Armintie Price: (1:24 PM ET ) Really reading the scouting report. These WNBA players have a lot of different styles and skills. Older players are smarter and have been in the league for a long time, so they can outthink us younger players. So I'll be studying....

SportsNation Moderator: (1:25 PM ET ) Up next... Noelle Quinn! Teammates with Tamika Williams.

Tamika Williams: (1:25 PM ET ) I see her at every LA game. Front row!

Vonnetta (New York, NY): For Noelle Quinn, with friends and former teammates in the WNBA, how much do you talk to them and get advice about how to succeed in the WNBA. I have all the faith in the world that you will be a great WNBA player. All the best to you, Noelle.

Noelle Quinn: (1:26 PM ET ) I talk to them often. They are overseas a lot so I'm online with them. They tell me to keep working to prepare myself because it will be so hard once I get to the WNBa. Of coruse, they also want me to have fun and represent UCLA well!

Sarah Wisconsin : Who are you looking most forward to playing against in the WNBA?

Noelle Quinn: (1:34 PM ET ) Against? Wow. tough question. A lot of start power. I'll be looking forward to going home and playing LA and also playing against my former teammates, Lisa Willis in LA and Nikki Blue in Washington.

Brad, Minneapolis: Noelle, can you play the point for the Lynx?

Noelle Quinn: (1:27 PM ET ) You know what. Everyone thinks I can do it. So that confidence will be good for me. I'll do whatever I have to do for this team to help them win.

Tamika Williams: (1:28 PM ET ) I think she has the ability to play 1-3. She is a versatile guard, can shoot and get people open. In our system, we have a few people who can bring the ball up, so whoever gets it will go. So get on your running shoes.

Juanita (Austin, TX): Hello Tiffany, Do you think that you can make an immediate impact in the wnba? What will it take to do so?

Tiffany Jackson: (1:37 PM ET ) I sure hope so. I'll take whatever role I have to take and go from there.

Tamika Williams: (1:30 PM ET ) I think she is just what NY needs. She is athletic, versatile and can run the floor with Becky and Christon.

jocelyn, manhattan: tiffany jackson first i just want to welcome you to new york, but what do you think u have to work on now that you is in the wnba

Tiffany Jackson: (1:30 PM ET ) Definitely my perimeter defense. They are looking for me to play multiple positions. And also my range. Those will be the two keys.

candice, south carolina: Who is the player that you is waiting to play against this season?

Tiffany Jackson: (1:39 PM ET ) I have to say Tina Thompson. Growing up in Texas, it had to be her.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:32 PM ET ) We have a trade... Lynx get Harding for Tangela Smith!

Tamika Williams: (1:32 PM ET ) Wait, what:? We need Tan. Just me in the middle now? I knew they were going to trade Harding.

Nadia Florida: Hey Tiffany how do feel about Coach G coming to Texas?

Tiffany Jackson: (1:33 PM ET ) I'm excited ro them. It will be great for them and will really help the program a lot.

Coach Corey, Temple, Texas: For Bernice Mosby... Congratuations B Mo! Are you healthy and ready for a WNBA season after a long college season? You will have a nice group of Baylor fans out to see you play. Hope to see you back at the Lady Bears banquet.

Bernice Mosby: (1:41 PM ET ) Yes, I'm very healthy. Ready to go. Been working out in the offseason and ready to take my game and go.

Lolo Queen Bee (Rutledge, New Mex): Hello Bernice, So sorry to hear about your home back in Florida. How would you compare your game now to where you were before you came to Baylor a few years ago?

Bernice Mosby: (1:34 PM ET ) More versatile and I'm finishing now. Earlier, I wasn't do that, but now I have the complete game in my arsenal.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:42 PM ET ) And a blockbuster... Becky Hammon to San Antonio for Jessica Davenport.

Tamika Williams: (1:43 PM ET ) WOW. THIS IS THE BEST DRAFT EVER.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:35 PM ET ) Back to Bernice....

Dexter (San Antonio, Texas): Do you plan on keeping your number?

Bernice Mosby: (1:36 PM ET ) I hope so. I was 33 in Florida and 32 at Baylor. Either one...

Dexter (San Antonio): Tamika how do you feel about the trade that just happend?

Tamika Williams: (1:36 PM ET ) Crazzzzy!

Wendy (Streighton, IL): How long before Katie Gearlds thinks she will be playing in the All-Star Game in the WNBA?

mya from Georgia: Katie Gearlds many people, including myself, felt you got snubbed for the kodak all american team. What are your feelings sbout this?

Katie Gearlds: (1:37 PM ET ) Oh gosh. A long time. I have to learn the system, learn the league, get stronger, quicker and just looking forward to the challenge of getting better every day.

Katie Gearlds: (1:38 PM ET ) There's 10 players and there were 10 players picked for a reason. I put myself in a position to be mentioned. It didn't happen and it wasn't meant to be. It is what it is.

Brittany (Dallas, TX): Hi Katie. Watched you play in the regionals and I love your stroke! Its so pure. What do you think are the keys to having a successful career in the W.

Katie Gearlds: (1:46 PM ET ) Every team is looking for a shooter. My career longevity will depend on how I learn and shoot the ball. I want to stretch defenses to open things up for Lauren inside.

TW, Seattle: So, Katie, how is going to be to play in the backcourt with Sue Bird, one of the best ever?

Katie Gearlds: (1:40 PM ET ) One of the bes tpoint guards to ever play. It's going to be exciting becuas eI am a shooter who likes to come off screens. Playing with the best point guard in the league.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:48 PM ET ) Up next... Ashley Shields... to Houston.

Tamika Williams: (1:49 PM ET ) What does it feel like to be the first player from a junior college to be drafted in the WNBA? With all of your struggles...

Ashley Shields: (1:49 PM ET ) It feels great. So excited. There are so many great junior college players. It's great to be the first but I know I won't be the last... This is just so overwhelming for me.

Corneel (Beaumont, TEXAS): Ashley Shields!! Welcome to Texas!!! I hope you help rejuvenate this team. How do you feel?

Ashley Shields: (1:43 PM ET ) It feels great. I have admired Sheryl and Tina for a long time. I'm just so proud to be on a team with them. I'm going to do what I need to do to help them win another championship.

Missouri: What a run for you from JC to the pros! What do you think the biggest transition will be, Ashley?

Ashley Shields: (1:43 PM ET ) Probably be a faster pace than I'm used to and a lot more work. I'm ready for the challenge of getting the job done.

Tamika Williams: (1:52 PM ET ) Up next... Alison Bales. Just so you know, she is from my hometown right outside Dayton, Ohio.

Yo Yo (Durham, NC): Ali Ali Bales, yo! You are absolutely beautiful and an inspiration to watch play. Question is how long have you wanted to be a basketball player? Why not be a doctor like your mom? I think you could do anything.

Alison Bales: (1:45 PM ET ) There is always time to be a doctor after basketball. My body won't hold up forever.

Madison (Mo City, TX): First of all, Happy Birthday Allison! So how excited are you for playing with Tamika Catchings?

Alison Bales: (1:54 PM ET ) Wow, I think the first time I saw her was at Nike camp in high school. She is an amazing player and I'm looking forward to getting to know her as a player and a person.

K. Williams, Caserta Italy: Hey Ali... still in Italy with Mistie. Congrats! How do you feel about leaving a program at duke in which you were a captain and starting over as a rookie in the wnba?

Alison Bales: (1:55 PM ET ) You know, it's an experience I'm looking forward to in starting over again. It will be a great experience and a challenge.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:47 PM ET ) Up next is Carla Thomas...

Jilly (Knoxville, TN): A question for Carla Thomas - do you see yourself needing to be more of a physical player in the WNBA or will you be more of a finesse player? You have such a versatile game that you might be able to do a little of both! Thanks and best of luck always in all that you do - Jilly.

Carla Thomas: (1:50 PM ET ) I think it's whatever I need to be. If I need to bang, I cna handle that having learned in the SEC. You know I'll do whatever it takes at the next level.

Mike in Birmingham, Alabama: Carla Thomas, how much has having Dee Davis as your point guard helped you at Vanderbilt?

Carla Thomas: (1:50 PM ET ) It's amazing. You can learn so much from her work ethic and intelligence. She knows the game as well as anyone else. She can pass and score and will be tremendous for a WNBA team.

Ryan, Fullerton CA: Hi Carla, how do you feel going from the SEC in to the WNBA, do you think playing in one of the toughest conferences has prepared you for the WNBA

Carla Thomas: (1:59 PM ET ) I don't think I can say that not having played in the WNBA. But I definitely think playing in the SEC has made me a better all-around player.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:52 PM ET ) And here comes Ivory Latta, who is going to Detroit.

Shannon (Charlotte, NC): This question is for Ivory Latta. I've followed you since your freshman year. Did you ever dream would have such a huge fan base at UNC? What do folks in McConnells think of your success?

Ivory Latta: (2:02 PM ET ) Oh man. I never dreamed of having such a fan base. I'm just blessed. My hometown people have TVs set up to watch the draft and I know they're proud of me.

Chris (Brooklyn, N.Y_: For Ivory Latta: How Hard Do You Think The Transition From College To The WNBA Will Be For You Personally?

Ivory Latta: (2:02 PM ET ) It won't be a really bad transition. I just need to take my time and learn from the veterans. I am just going to learn as I go.

Shaluan Douglas (Dallas, TX): Ivory Latta, What has your coach taught you that you think will transfer over to the league both on and off the court. Their are alot of great guards in the nation but no matter what you will remain my Point Guard. Good Luck in the WNBA, Your #1 Fan Shaluan

Ivory Latta: (2:03 PM ET ) Just sitting with the table with coach, she started crying because she didn't want me to go. She'll always be there for me if I need to call her. She's my inspiration.

Sallie Marie,(ReRe) Plum Branch, South Carolina: Ivory, what strong asset do you feel you can bring to your team and the WNBA? Ivory, stay encouraged and represent South Carolina to the fullest!(smile)

Ivory Latta: (1:57 PM ET ) I know I can bring a lot. My thing is, anything coach wants, I'll bring it. If he wants me to pass I'll do it, if he wants me to score I'll do it. Anything to help the team.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:57 PM ET ) Kamesha Hairston is here... but got whisked away to do media interviews... but we'll hear more from her later.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:06 PM ET ) The last pick in the first round is a French player, Sandrine Gruda. She is a professional player who has a ton of experience in Europe.

SportsNation Moderator: (1:59 PM ET ) Now tune in to ESPNU and NBA TV for the second and third round.

Tamika Williams: (2:01 PM ET ) So we got Harding in a trade and Noelle Quinn... I think the trades help out everyone. Patty Coyle, please take care of my baby in New York. Players ended up in good places where they can grow.

Tamika Williams: (2:03 PM ET ) The Becky Hammon and Tangela Smith moves were definitely a surprise. Two All-Stars who will make their new teams better. So far, San Antonio has the most turnover and will be a great team.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:06 PM ET ) With the first pick in the second round... Dee Davis to the Houston Comets.

Tamika Williams: (2:07 PM ET ) She is also from Ohio! A lot of love for the Buckeye State. Alison Bales, Dee Davis, Jessica Davenport, and I'm pretty sure Brandie Hoskins will be taken in the next two rounds. Can I get an O H?

Storrs, Ct.: Congratulations, dee! How has coming to the pre-draft camp upped your stock in your mind?

Dee Davis: (2:09 PM ET ) I don't think I would have gotten such agood pick had I not been there. I gained a lot of respect from coaches, people who have my back and people who believe in what I can do now.

Lauren Baker : What do you think the biggest challange will be moving from college to the pros? :)O

Dee Davis: (2:10 PM ET ) Just moving into the real world, becoming a more mature player and playing with veterans. It will be a challenge and getting to know my teammates will be a lot of fun and I cannot wait to get started.

Dee Davis: (2:18 PM ET ) My mom is up in here crying. She's so happy.

Dee Davis: (2:11 PM ET ) I cannot look at her. :)

SportsNation Moderator: (2:12 PM ET ) And here comes Shay Murphy... Tamika's new teammate.

Toya (La Jolla, CA): To shay murphy - is there a wnba player you really love to watch most? you seem like a fun person and i can't wait for you to bring even more fun to the wnba.

Shay Murphy: (2:13 PM ET ) Yeah! I love watching Nicole Powell play. She is really versatile and expecially coming frm the Pac 10 it give me confidence and she wears an awesome number in 14.

Matt, LA: Who's your pick to win on American Idol, Shay? Big fan from SC!

Shay Murphy: (2:13 PM ET ) I have been watching. I thought Sanjaya would be home a long time ago, but I think Melinda Doolittle will win. She is so talented.

Mississippi: Talk to me about the transition from the Pac 10 to the WNBA?

Shay Murphy: (2:22 PM ET ) From any conference to the WNBA will be tough. The games are so much tougher and people are athletic. I'm trying to stay positive and do what I'm asked. My work ethic will carry me through. Thanks!

SportsNation Moderator: (2:22 PM ET ) Up next... Shay Doron going home to NY.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:23 PM ET ) Shay says she is really happy to be heading to New York.
"I cannot even speak right now."

DeLeanna (Burkleton, VA): Hey Shay! What are you thinking and feeling right now. Your life is about the change, you know that, right? Best of luck to you and keep on keeping on.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:16 PM ET ) shay says... I'm so happy right now. I'm shaking. I grew up wanting to play at MSG and I cannot wait to play for that franchise. I cannot wait to help them out in any way I can."

Christine Saah (Rockville, MD): For Shay Doron, how did MD and Brenda Freese prepare you for the next level and do you think your ready?

SportsNation Moderator: (2:25 PM ET ) Shay says... "Definitely think I'm ready. Brenda is a great coach and I've played with great talent, which I will also do at the next level. I've had so many opportunities and experiences at Maryland. To go from 8th in the ACC to the national championship, Maryland has prepared me for the next level."

SportsNation Moderator: (2:19 PM ET ) Camille Little... up next.

ReRun Robards (Killeen, AL): Camille, Camille, Camille... what position will you play in the WNBA and what part of your game will you work on the most over the next few weeks and months?

Camille Little: (2:20 PM ET ) I think I'll be a 3, probably. Probably my shooting to be a bit more consistent with my outside shots.

Madison (Mo City, TX): This is to Camille Little. Camille, its been a wonderful 4 years watching you at UNC and you were great and very fun to watch. I really like your intensity, quickness, and you have a wonderful touch from the outside and inside. So are you surprise you were selected this late? Have a great career in the WNBA!

Camille Little: (2:28 PM ET ) I didn't really know what to expect. I'm just really excited to be going to a great team that has improved.

Justina (Hamden. CT): Camille Little- What do you think will be the toughest thing about transitioning from college basketball to the "pros" (WNBA)?

Camille Little: (2:29 PM ET ) I don't know. I honestly don't know. I guess it would be the tremendous players. I want to become a better player and I know it's going to be so tough with all of the great talent.

Kasey maspeth ny : Wow Ruth and Becky playing on the same team again . How good do you think the Silver Stars are going to be

Camille Little: (2:22 PM ET ) Great!!! And I hope I can slide in and make an impact playing alongside them.

Judy G. - Chapel Hill, NC: Latta & Little! We are SO PROUD/SO THANKFUL/SO BLESSED to have had you both here at UNC these last 4 yrs! All the BEST to you as you venture on into the WNBA and with whatever you "do" beyond that!!!!!

Camille Little: (2:22 PM ET ) Thanks! That was nice of them.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:32 PM ET ) Jessica Dickson joins us...

Steve Gainesville FL: Jessica Dickson, What are your feelings about being able to be drafted?

Jessica Dickson: (2:25 PM ET ) I am very excited. It's definitely a blessing and very glad to be here. I've never been to Sacramento but I'm ready to go.

Arianna (Bayonne, NJ): J-Dickson - way to make it big, girl! Congratulations. Do you think you can dominate on the scoring end of the game like you did in college?

Jessica Dickson: (2:25 PM ET ) I think I will go to the Monarchs and do whatever they need me to do to help the team out.

Marion (Ocala, FL): I am so proud that Jessica Dickson has realized a dream and made it to the WNBA!!!! What will she bring to her new team and who is she looking forward to playing with most?

Jessica Dickson: (2:26 PM ET ) I just want to do what the team needs... Playing with. I look forward to learning from and playing with Yolanda Griffith. Just looking forward to this new opportunity.

Tamika Williams: (2:35 PM ET ) We have two picks now... Go Lynx!

Tamika Williams: (2:35 PM ET ) Brooke Smith!

Kia (San Jose, CA): (Brooke Smith - this question is for you) With the versatility you have demonstrated, what position do you think you will play in the WNBA?

Brooke Smith: (2:30 PM ET ) I am most naturally a 4. But I can do a little bit of a 3 and a 5, but it would be tougher defensively.

Bonita, California: Brooke, do you think your hook shot will be as effective in the WNBA?

Brooke Smith: (2:30 PM ET ) I hope so. It's my best post move, so I still plan on using it and hopefully I can still be as effective with it.

Waldo (berkeley,ca): congrats brooke. im your biggest fan i love u sooo much. i know its not where u wanted to go but u landed there for a reason. you will do well

Brooke Smith: (2:32 PM ET ) I'm happy to go wherever! I didn't care where it was and I am still in the West.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:33 PM ET ) So what do you think about Minnesota? Have you ever lived any place so cold?

Brooke Smith: (2:34 PM ET ) We played at Minnesota last year but I have never lived anyplace that cold, but I don't think it will be too bad in the summer, right?

SportsNation Moderator: (2:35 PM ET ) Thanks, Brooke. Good luck and have fun with Tamika this year.

Tamika Williams: (2:35 PM ET ) See you in a few weeks!

SportsNation Moderator: (2:43 PM ET ) Up next... Cori Chambers.

Fredrequie (Atlanta, GA): My question is for Cori Chambers. Do you think there is as great an adjustment for great 3-point shooters as there will be for other players. Shooting is shooting, right?

Cori Chambers: (2:45 PM ET ) I guess 3-point specialists shoot 3's and a shooter is a shooter. They are so important to teams, but if you can shoot from there, you can shoot from anywhere.

Jake (San Jose, Ca): Whats your favorite food?

Cori Chambers: (2:38 PM ET ) Any kind of shrimp. Like Forrest Gump. Fried, cooked, baked, whatever.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:42 PM ET ) We are in the third round now... Chicago selects Jenna Rubino from DePaul. A smart local pick.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:53 PM ET ) Up next is Kathrin Ress, another Minnesota Lynx player. They're everywhere.

Henrietta Abramsohn (Cambridge, MA): Kathrin Ress, congratulations on making it to the WNBA. I wonder how you think playing in the WNBA will be different than playing in Europe. Do you consider yourself a veteran already because you have played with and against the best of the WNBA already? Wishing you all the best in your career.

Kathrin Ress: (2:47 PM ET ) I'm excited coming from Italy in this country and learning this culture first and then playing in the WNBA with great players. I'm not a veteran at all. I'm here to learn and get better. This is something that so many people in Europe never get to experience, so I'll to bring this back to them there.

Kent in St. Paul: What will it be like coming into a minnesota training camp with three other new draft picks? How do you think the competition for roster spots will go?

Kathrin Ress: (2:49 PM ET ) I think anywhere we go, it will be new rookies trying to make a team. So the competition will be everywhere. I know Brooke and had a great connection with Noelle Smith at Pre-Draft Camp. We will definitley help each other and have a lot of fun.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:50 PM ET ) Up next... Nare Diawara.

TuLeesa (Pompano Beach): I wonder how Nare Diawara has done such a great job adjusting to the American basketball system and if she has anything to say to her friends and family back home.

Nare Diawarra: (2:53 PM ET ) I want to thank everyone... my mom and dad for supporting to come to the United States, to get a great education and allowing me to pursue my dreams.

Falls Church, VA: Nare, how's your english coming and how excited are you to be moving up to the WNBA?

Nare Diawarra: (2:53 PM ET ) I didn't know I would be going to college. My first year here it was so hard to speak to anyone here. I'm proud of myself to finish college and looking forward to playing with great players for my career.

Austin, Texas: Silver Stars on the rise! Love the picks today for San Antone. What do you think about coming in to play for coach hughes and playing with the other stars in town?

Nare Diawarra: (2:54 PM ET ) I am really excited to play with them and see how I can do and what I can do to help them. It's going to be great.

SportsNation Moderator: (2:54 PM ET ) Just a few more to go... and here comes Chrissy Givens...

Gisella in Iowa: For Chrissy Givens, What are you looking forward to most about moving to a new place?

Chrissy Givens: (3:03 PM ET ) Wow. Just the experience. I like to travel and like the challenge of new situations.

Justina (Hamden, CT): Chrissy Givens- Hi, congratulations on being drafted! Personally, what do you think is the most underrated player in this draft?

Chrissy Givens: (2:56 PM ET ) I would have to say Megan Vogel from SD State but because I've witnessed first hand what she can do.

Randy Inskeep (Murfreesboro, TN): For Chrissy Givens: More a comment than a question. Chrissy, you have played a big part in building the Lady Raider program into a nationally recognized program. I know that you will continue your superb work ethic @ the next level, and you will do well no matter where you land. Don't forget that you have a date to be back in Murfreesboro in 5 years when MTSU will retire your jersey. Best of luck to you!

Chrissy Givens: (2:57 PM ET ) Thank you so much. It is very inspiring and I appreciate it a lot.

Chrissy Givens: (2:58 PM ET ) And one more player here to talk to... Gillian Goring! And here she comes now....

Sabrina - Carson City, California: To Gillian Goring, how do you think you will match up against the centers of the WNBA? And can you dunk?

Gillian Goring: (3:01 PM ET ) Yes, I can dunk, but I am so excited to be going up against so much talent. They can play outside and inside and I'm going to do my best to challenge them.

Carly (Pelham GEORGIA): Dear Gillian Goring, What will you miss most about being at NC STATE and what are you looking forward to most about being in the wnba?

Gillian Goring: (3:09 PM ET ) I will miss Coach Yow, Most definitely. And the coaching staff. Playing at The Coliseum was amazing. I'm looking forward to being a versatile WNBA player with a complete game who can do a lot to help my team.

Ursula (Ontario): To me, Gillian Goring is an inspiration. To see how hard she has worked and improved is amazing. I wonder where she gets her inspiration and motivation from to work as hard as she does?????

Gillian Goring: (3:10 PM ET ) Basically, it's Coach Yow, my parents and myself, knowing what I've gone through to get here and prove myself as a player has provided inspiration for me.

SportsNation Moderator: (3:03 PM ET ) And that wraps up our coverage here in Cleveland... Anything you want to say, Tamika, to wrap it up.

Tamika Williams: (3:12 PM ET ) Well... WNBA fans, everyone here has been selected and I feel the GMs of our league have done a good job positioning themselves to win a championship. Thanks for tuning in and checking us out and following online. And go buy your picks.

Tamika Williams: (3:05 PM ET ) Oooh, and what a way to finish. Brandie Hoskins getting drafted by Seattle. Amazing. I'm so excited for her.

SportsNation Moderator: (3:13 PM ET ) Indeed, a great way to end the most exciting Draft ever. The 2007 WNBA season opens up on May 19 as the Detroit Shock raise their banner and host the Sacramento Monarchs on ABC. Next up... training camp!