With WNBA Draft prospects now intently focused on the Draft and their rookie seasons, we asked them a bunch of questions about their fellow Draft picks and their own Draft status.

Which players will be the top three picks in the 2006 WNBA Draft?
Ambrosia Anderson (Brigham Young): Seimone Augustus, Monique Currie, Cappie Pondexter
Abiola Wabara (Baylor): Sophia Young, Monique Currie, Seimone Augustus
Tamara James (Miami) Semoine Augustus, Cappie Pondexter, Sophia Young.
Tasha Williams (Louisiana Tech): Seimone Augustus, Sophia Young, Cappie Poindexter
Megan Duffy (Notre Dame): Seimone Augustus, Cappie Pondexter, Sophia Young

Which player will make the most immediate impact in the league and why?
Kasha Terry (Georgia Tech): I think La'Tangela Atkinson from UNC will simply because she is just an all around athlete.
Alexis Kendrick (Georgia): I think Seimone Augustus will make an immediate impact in the because she's an awesome player that has always played a step above her competition.
Christelle N'Garsanet (Missouri): Monique Currie because she played in a major conference, and acquired a lot of experinece for being at Duke for 5 years.
Shona Thorburn (Utah): Seimone Augustus, Any team that picks her is going to need her right away, and she is good enough to contribute right away.
Liz Shimek, Elizabeth (Michigan State): Seimone Augustus because she is such a great offensive player but she has also proved that she can be a great defensive player.
Kerri Gardin (Virgina Tech): Cappie Pondexter, great scorer and knows how to get her own shot.

Which player will surprise fans the most and why?
Ambrosia Anderson: Kim Smith, she is lesser known but good.
Abiola Wabara: Sophia Young, because her potential has no end
Tamara James: La'Tangela Atkinson, her game is improving by the second.
Tasha Williams: Tasha Williams-Because she is a no-name player.
Liad Suez-Karni (Villanova): Ann Strother, because Ithink she still hasn't shown what she is really capable of.

Which player will win 2006 WNBA Rookie of the Year honors?
Tamara James: Tamara James
Tasha Williams: Seimone Augustus
Megan Duffy: Cappie Pondexter
Jennifer Harris (Washburn): Seimone Augustas
Kasha Terry: Sophia Young
Shona Thorburn: Seimone Augustus
Candice Dupree (Temple): Joanna Seimone Augustus

Which player this year's draft would you most like to play alongside during your career and why?
Ambrosia Anderson: Ann Strother
Abiola Wabara: I would like to play with Monique Currie. She seem a very unselfish player with all the talent in the world.
Tamara James: Ellen Sophia Young
Megan Duffy: Seimone Augustus because she works extremely hard, is a humble kid and wants to win. I would love to make her job easier by getting her the ball!
Tiffany Stansbury (N.C. State): Cappie Pondexter, beacause I think she is a great player and she is a cool person.
Alexis Kendrick: I would love to be in the backcourt with Sherill Baker again because we had great chemistry on the court at UGA and she's a great team player.
Liad Suez-Karni: Megan Duffy, Ann Strother, Barbara Turner. Because they are not only great players they are also great teammates and great people.
Kim Smith: Shona Thorburn I have played with her before and I think she is an excellent passer and has good court vision.

Which player in this year's draft is the best pure shooter?
Alexis Kendrick: Shanna Zolman
Shona Thorburn: Lindsay Bowen
Candice Dupree: Lisa Willis
Liz Shimek: Shanna Zolman
Kerri Gardin: Shanna Zolman
Melanie Boeglin (Missouri State): Shanna Zolman

Which player in this year's draft has the best inside game?
Ambrosia Anderson: Liz Shimek
Tamara James: Ellen Sophia Y
Jennifer Harris: Sophia Young
Kasha Terry: Mistie Williams
Tiffany Stansbury: Tiffany Stansbury
Alexis Kendrick: Tye'sha Fluker
Candice Dupree: Candice Dupree
Liz Shimek: Sophia Young
Kim Smith: Sophia Young

Which player in this year's draft talks the most trash on the court?

Tasha Williams: Tye'sha Fluker
Kasha Terry: Tamara James
Liz Shimek: Cappie Pondexter
Kerri Gardin: Monique Currie

Which current WNBA player are you most looking forward to meeting and why?
Ambrosia Anderson: Tamika Catchings, because I admire her game and heard she was really nice.
Abiola Wabara: Yolanda Griffith, because she is a great player, with a lot of energy.
Tamara James: Nikki Teasley, I admire her game.
Megan Duffy: Sue Bird because I have always admired her game and the impact that she has made on the league.
Kasha Terry: Lisa Leslie because I want to see if I really favor her!!!
Alexis Kendrick: I'm looking forward to meeting everybody because playing in the WNBA is a dream come true and I will be playing against the best players in the world.
Christelle N'Garsanet: Ticha Penicheiro. I have been following her since I started to be interested in the league, and she never stopped amazing me. She plays with a lot of heart
Shona Thorburn: Lisa Leslie, heard she is a trash talker want to see if its true.
Liz Shimek: Diana Taurasi. I have never been able to see her in person and really respect her game.
Kerri Gardin: Cappie Pondexter, because she's a great player and she seems cool to be around.
Mistie Williams: Tina Thompson- She is the best inside player and I would love to learn from her.
Ashley Allen (Ohio State), Nicole Sheryl Swoopes she a good player and I've meet a few but she is one that I have yet to meet.