Only 42 names will be called at the WNBA Draft and only 20 or so of the prospects will be here in Boston, meaning that the rest will have to wait it out at home and watch on television or here on Here is what many of them willl be doing during the Draft and what they're thinking on the biggest day of their professional lives.

Kasha Terry, Georgia Tech
I plan on watching from home. I wanted to videotape it, but nobody has videotapes anymore, so I don't know how I'm going to record it. I don't have TiVo unfortunately. I'll find some way to record it, because there's a lot of people that I've played with that I'd like to see where they go.

Nikki Blue, UCLA
Nikki Blue, UCLA
I'm excited. Hopefully I won't have any butterflies in my stomach. I mean, I've been trying out for the WNBA for four years and it all comes down to this. I'm representing my family, UCLA and the west coast.

Fifi Camara, Marist
I have no idea. I'm probably going to be watching on TV because I have to go back to campus. I haven't really thought about it.

Liad Suez-Karni, Villanova
I'll probably sit at home with my husband and watch it.

Melanie Boeglin, Indiana State
I think I'm just going to watch it at my house with my family and some of my teammates. We've talked about it.

Crystal Kemp, Kansas
I hope to be in front of the TV, hopefully with family and friends around me.

Shanna Zolman, Tennessee
My mom and my dad are gonna be here in Boston and my boyfriend is gonna be here also.

Christelle N'Garsanet, Missouri
I might be in class. Hopefully, somebody will call me or send me a text to tell me what happens, or I can just run to the computer lab and check.

LaToya Bond, Missouri
I get out of class at 11:50 and I think it comes on at 12 my time, so I'm gonna rush home. I'll probably watch it with my teammates.

Erin Grant, Texas Tech
My parents and my grandparents are here in Boston. I'm really excited.

Crystal Smith, Iowa
I think my teammates and coaches are setting up this little party thing in our locker room.

Tiffany Stansbury, N.C. State
I'm going to be in lab, so my mom and my little sister are going to be in front of the television watching it for me. I'm sure they will send me a text and tell me what happens.

Kim Smith, Utah
I'm staying here in Boston to watch it. Our coaches will be here with us.

Debbie Merrill, Ohio State
I'm probably gonna hang out with some of my friends and sit around and watch it. I'll probably watch it with Ashley (Allen).

Tara Boothe, Xavier
I'll probably be watching with friends and family.

Ashley Allen:
I'll probably be working out. I might watch it, but I'll probably be too nervous to watch. I think I'd rather just have somebody tell me what happens.

Cassie Hager, Norther Iowa
I think we're going to watch it up in the coaches' offices. Any teammates that want to stop in are free to come.

Jennifer Harris, Washburn
I always watch the draft. It's something exciting for women's basketball and that's something that I'm going to put into my schedule.

Megan Duffy, Notre Dame
My mom and dad will be here in Boston, and my sister. My grandma and aunt and uncle will be up in the seats. My assistant coach ... there's gonna be a lot of people there. It's going to be pretty exciting. Something will change after that day.

Tasha Williams, Louisiana Tech
I plan to be watching on TV back at school. Hopefully, my husband will fly down and watch it with me.

Lindsay Bowen, Michigan State
I'm just going home and will wait and see what happens.

Alexis Kendrick, Georgia
I'll be in my room by myself back on campus after class. I'm a little nervous, but I'm happy that Sherill will be there.

Sherill Baker, Georgia
Saudia Rountree, a former Georgia player, will be there with me, along with Coach Landers and some friends who live in Boston. My parents won't be able make it.

Barbara Turner, Connecticut
My family is coming up from Ohio... my mom, grandmother, sisters and brother and my aunt. It will be a nice crowd and I'm just looking forward to the experience.

Ambrosia Anderson, B.Y.U.
I'll probably be watching at home. My friends want to make a big deal out of it and go to bar or lounge. I'll be watching to see where I'll be going. I'm nervous and excited, just anxious.

Liz Shimek, Michigan State
I'm excited. In Boston. I don't know what will happen because the possibilities are endless. It's exciting to not know where you're going.

Ann Strother, Connecticut
My parents are coming in to Boston to be with me. I'm excited. This is all kind of crazy.

Kerri Gardin, Virginia Tech
I'll probably be in class.

Tamara James, Miami
I'm trying to think about it.

Dalila Eshe, Florida
I'm not nervous because my ride through collge has been up and down. It's just amazing that I've come this far in one year. This wasn't an optipon for me last year, so it doesn't matter to me where I get picked. I worked hard and have proven I belong. I just hope for the best.

Zane Teilane, Western Illinois
I am nervous, and at the same time, very excited too.

Tye'sha Fluker, Tennessee
Of course, I'm nervous and excited. I'll just be sitting there crossing my fingers, waiting for my name to be called.

Kristen Kovesdy, Arizona State
I'm just excited to be here. Realistically, I didn't think this could happen. It is not Arizona State's style to put up big numbers. So I'm just taking advantage of this and enjoying the opportunity.

LaToya Davis, Texas Tech
I'm very excited, and also kind of nervous. I just want to keep playing.

Kari Koch, Missouri State
I wll watch at head coach's house. She gets the ESPN 2.

Aarica Ray-Boyd, Louisiana Tech
I'll be at school, probably in my apartment watching. I have class that day. My parents are driving down to see that they're with me.

Aya Traore, Purdue
I will be nervous just like everyone else. I have class that day, but hopefully the best will happen for me.