College can prepare a Draft pick for the WNBA in many ways, but one area in which the top prospects often find themselves all alone without proper instruction or education regard just what they should where on their first day as professional basketball players. For some, what they wear and how they look is just as important as where they go. Ok, maybe not, but some recent Draftees share their fashion tips for the 15-20 prospects that will be invited to the Draft in Boston and hear their named called by WNBA President Donna Orender.

Kendra Wecker, San Antonio Silver Stars
"I went a little non-traditional with what I wore to the Draft last year. I wore the slacks and a dressy tank instead of the blazer or suit that you commonly see. I think it worked for me. I wore something that I was comfortable in, but also it was hard for me to find a suit last minute in Manhattan, Kansas. It will be a different experience this year coming right after the Final Four. Some of the prospects could be coming off of a huge high or low after those games in Boston and then get drafted the next day."

Sancho Lyttle, Houston Comets
"My coaches told me what to wear to the draft, I didn't really want to get dressed up but they told me this was the one day to look special, I guess this moment is going to be your picture for years to come so you can do better than just sweats, so just put on some comfortable to you, businesslike, but you want to look good on TV, and people will say oh yeah, she wore something good."

Kristen Mann, Minnesota Lynx
"Make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing that is, of course, presentable. You really don't want to be sitting there waiting for the, to call your name in something that you are not comfortable in because it will show. You'll be twisting and shifting all over the place. I also went with slacks and a tank top, but that's my sort of thing. I'm not really a whole suit kind of girl."

Kristin Haynie, Sacramento Monarchs
"Definitely no fashion tips for me except one: don't wear anything too bright. Everyone is nervous and has no idea where they will be going. But we are lucky enough to be on television a lot in college, so that it is not an entirely new experience for us."

What they've said in the past...

2004: Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"Just wear something that looks nice. Don't make it a bigger ordeal than it is. Just enjoy the experience and wear some comfortable shoes because you're in them all day."

2002: Tamika Williams, Minnesota Lynx
"Color is in. Maybe something solid. At the Draft, you don't want to go to bizarre. It is the perfect time to buy your first suit. Go classy. Most of us didn't have suits in college. So I would say a suit with something solid and a splash of color."

2001: Ruth Riley, Detroit Shock
"That's definitely a good question. Just be yourself and wear whatever is comfortable. And wear any color that looks good on you."