March 28, 2005 - So you watch some college basketball during the season when a game is on ESPN and really get into the NCAA Tournament? Sound like you? Well maybe that means you're missing out on some of the mid-major talent around the nation, those players who could go in the secord or third rounds where anything can happen. Once some of the more familiar players are gone and off the board, teams begin to draft based on need and to fill holes or add depth to their rosters. Whether a shooter, a big body or a backup point guard, these are a handful of the players to watch in the later rounds on Draft Day.

Zane Teilane, center, Western Illinois
At 6-7, she has a huge upside. Not to mention the fact that she already has a polished international style of play, with the ability to face-up and shoot from perimeter. She also has lateral quickness, can put the ball on floor and changes shots on the defensive end. However, like the rest of most of the players below, she has not really played against good competition on a consistent basis, so questions linger.

Jennifer Harris, guard, Washburn
The Division II Player of the Year, she will also be playing in the WBCA College All-Star Game on Saturday, April 1. She is athletic, can handle the ball, has good size and length and can score from perimeter. She is also a good passer. It will be interesting to see her play with the Division I stars, though in an exhibition with Kansas State prior to the season, she did play quite well.

Emily Christian, forward, Tennessee Tech
A scorer capable of putting up crazy points. She could go in the late second or early third round simply because of her ability to score from anywhere. Yet, she is still raw, and having played in a smaller conference, questions linger whether a player of her exposure can match up against other 3's in the WNBA like Sheryl Swoopes.

Liad Suez-Karni, forward, Villanova
Ok, so Villanova is not exactly in a mid-major conference, going up against teams like UConn and Rutgers in the Big East, but Suez-Karni fits the mold of this type of player. She is older - 25 years old - with maturity and life experiences behind her. Having joined the Israeli army prior to beginning her career at Villanova, she is also quite tough. Another scorer with great range, Suez-Karni is undersized, but better against inside players defensively. She is only 6-1, but is smart enough to guard bigger players using her intelligence. She is poised on the court and is a good passer.

Kari Koch, guard, Missouri State
As a result of a first round loss in the NCAA Tournament, fans might not have seen her play, but Koch is a scorer. In fact, she is the second leading scorer in the history of Missouri State behind another well-known name, Jackie Stiles. Koch is a shooter with range, can put the ball on the floor a little bit and has a strong body

Kasha Terry, forward, Georgia Tech
A raw athlete with huge upseide, people have likened her to DeMya Walker, though Terry does not yet have the same offensive tools that DeMya had at this point in her career.

Jennifer Humphrey, forward, Kentucky
She has good physical gifts, great hands and nice size... and playing in the SEC has enabled her to compete against good teams

Michelle Cozad, guard, Santa Clara
A shooter that teams might look at to see if she fits into their system.

Cyndi Valentin, guard, Indiana and Melanie Boeglin, guard, Indiana State
Point guards who can score.

Cotelia Bond-Young, Wake Forest
A great athlete who will have to play more point guard at the next level, but one of the top scorers in the ACC this season, and very quick to boot.