2006 Draft-Day Chat Recap With Tamika Williams
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The WNBA Draft marks the unofficial end of the offseason and for the first time in league history, the Draft took place outside of the NBA Entertainment Studios in New Jersey. Minnesota Lynx forward Tamika Williams joined us to co-host our live WNBA Draft coverage from Boston on April 5, 2006.

Williams knows all of these Draft prospects well as she works as an assistant coach at Ohio State in the offseason. Her Lynx have the first and seventh overall pick, so Williams will also be the first to meet her new teammates.

With 20 of the top picks on hand to hear their name called, meet WNBA President Donna Orender and pose for a picture, the new Draft picks will immediately join us to chat with you and fans all over the world.

You sent in your questions, now check out what transpired live from Boston.

Matt Wurst: And we're coming to you live from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center... the Draft room is filling up and things are getting exciting.

Matt Wurst: Tamika Williams is just getting ready here to co-host our Chat. Remember that we have 22 prospects here this year, more than ever... So as soon as you hear a name called, send in your questions! Tamika...?

Tamika Williams: Welcome to the tenth annual Draft in Boston... and the first BIG draft in the BIG Convention center doing BIG things.

PK (Columbus): What are your expectations for the 2006 season with the Minnesota Lynx??

Tamika Williams: I want to have a really good regular season considering how young a team we are. In my second and third season, we went to the Playoffs. So I want to take this team. If Maryland can win with a young team, then so can the Minnesota Lynx.

Tamika Williams: ...And Patrick, get back to work!

Saint Paul MN: Yay Tamika! Do YOU know who the Lynx are going to draft #1?

Tamika Williams: I have NO IDEA! Suzie said it's a secret.

Matt Wurst: Come on, really? Well who do you think the team will take?

Tamika Williams: I think the first pick will be either Cappie Pondexter or Seimone Augustus. I'm scared to say which one, but I'll be happy to have either on my team. Both would help us out tremendously.

Germany: What do you think of Erin Grant from Texas Tech???? What do you think what pick she will be....I was in high school with here 2002....Thank you

Tamika Williams: I think she is one of the smartest point guards in the draft this year. She can run an offense, hits open shots and plays with a lot of passion.

Matt Wurst: So what do you think are the team's most pressing needs or areas of weakness that you guys can strengthen?

Tamika Williams: I think the Lynx have to get a few guards. We need a scorer, we need someone who can run the offense and hit big shots. We need to play like an experienced team - our young players...

Tamika Williams: By the way, all the players are sitting and ready to go... they are a very chill crew. Some are signing autographs for the invited guests here in attendance. No one seems too nervous. At least on the outside.

Steve (Utah): Will Aya Traore go in the first round?

Tamika Williams: I like her. She's good. But as far as where she'll go, I am not sure. She is a good 6-foot guard... long, can shoot those pull-up jump shots and get to the rim. Maybe the second round? But don't hold me to that.

Matt Wurst: And as the lights dim, we remind you to send picks in for players as they are picked... just a few more minutes to go.

Tamika Williams: I have chills right now. My new teammate is about to be picked.

Matt Wurst: And with the first pick... here comes WNBA President Donna Orender... the Minnesota Lynx select...


Tamika Williams: So, new teammate, welcome! How does it feel to be in the same company as Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Tina Thompson and Lauren Jackson?

Tamika Williams: How does it feel to be in the same company as Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Tina Thompson and Lauren Jackson?

Seimone Augustus: It feels great - I put in enought hard work - so to be a first pick, I'm just happy. I've been thru a lot of struggles from when I started to now.

J.C. (NYC): Seimone, I am from Louisiana originally, and know how it is to leave home, and go far away. Just was wondering how you are preparing yourself to leave home to start your professional career ? Best of Luck !!

Seimone Augustus: I think for the most part when i got to travel with usab, it helped me get adjusted. I had my parents with me, and i think my mom will come up and help me.

Xavier , Dallas: Congratulations Seimone on a great collegiant career.What players in the league are you looking forward to playing against ?

Seimone Augustus: Wow.. I don't have any preference. I'm just excited about getting to play and see the legends of the game. Lisa Leslie... Sheryl Swoopes. I'm just ready to get started.

Matt Wurst: And here comes Cappie Pondexter up next...

Tamika Williams: Hey Cappie. So you are going to a young team to play with Taurasi again and Paul Westhead. It will be a running team. How will you fit in?

Cappie Pondexter: Its something I'm used to. Diana is a great player, a proven winner and I'm excited to play with her. She has won the titles so i'm excited to get that and learn from her.

Charles (Basking Ridge, NJ): Question for Cappie: What is the most important thing you learned from Coach Stringer that you will bring to the WNBA?

Cappie Pondexter: Just the life lessons away from basketball - to be a great person.

Lou (Hamilton, NJ): Will Cappie play PG or SG in the league?

Cappie Pondexter: I want to play the 1, of course. I want to get Diana some shots. I'll take some, too! It's going to be a fun place to play.

Sherrie,Dallas: Hi cappie , great season loved you at rutgers but now that you have been drafted in the WNBA ,what player do you look forward to competing against?

Cappie Pondexter: These are the best in the world... I can't wait to play against Lisa and Sheryl. I am excited to play against everyone!

Justina (Hamden, Connecticut): Cappie Pondexter how does it feel to be draft? Also what will you be able to contribute to your new team?

Cappie Pondexter: My passing abilities to get everyone involved, my attack off the dribble and the penetration to get my teammates the ball.

Tamika Williams: Next up, Monique Currie..

Tamika Williams: So are you awake? Are you happy that you stayed five years now that you are a third pick and healed from those injuries?

Monique Currie: I am awake. I'm definitely excited that I came back. I had so many great memories and got to develop more. We are so happy that we went as far as we did, and we did come close...

Na'Cole, New Iberia,LA: This is for Monique Currie, What went through your mind the day of the WNBA Draft and What went through your mind at the WNBA Draft? Do you feel any type of pressure? Well, Monique Currie I wish you good luck on your WNBA career, and you know this I always follow up on my Blue Devils.

Monique Currie: It was just nerves. I had no idea where I was going. So when they said people could drop, I was trying not to listen. I was just waiting for Donna to call my name. Then I was happy.

Monique Currie: I'm still shaking.

Anthony (NYC): Monique great game last night. Do you feel last nights game will make you more prepared for your WNBA career?

Monique Currie: Hopefully, the NCAA Tourney is so competitive and you play against the best players, and that's every night in the WNBA. I'm ready to go.

Tamika Williams: Sophia Young up next...

Tamika Williams: All-American, National Championship... not many years, though... what's next for you?

Sophia Young: Well, working with Dan Hughes, he's a good coach. He's going to be the right person to help develop my game. That's what I need. There are still things I'm learning. I'm learning the game and so much to see.

Crystal,Waco: Hey Sophia, Great Career at baylor , one of the all time greats to ever come through womens college basketball , but now that you have been chosen in this years draft , how will you prepare yourself for this upcoming WNBA season

Sophia Young: I heard the transition is pretty tough. 30-second clock to 24- second clock will be drastic, as will the pace and the intelligence will be a higher level. Just have to step up a little bit more.

DBarr (Memphis, TN): Sophia, you were brilliant at Baylor. That team will really miss you. What do you think you'll contribute to San Antonio from day one on the court?

Sophia Young: I think working with Kendra Wecker, LaToya Thomas and Katie Feenstra will help me work on the inside game and strengthen that. I will listen and be willing to do whatever I can to help.

Matt Wurst: Getting to stay in Texas...?

Sophia Young: Yeah, Baylor is just three hours away, so I hope the fans come out and support me. They were hoping I was coming to Texas. I love you guys and I'm so excited.

Tamika Williams: Lisa Willis, here she comes...

Tamika Williams: Congratulations, and I love the fashion statement... Kangol, shell-toed Adidas... How does it feel to go so high - to LA, your hometown?

Lisa Willis: Great. Everyone at that table has helped me get to this point, and my family who couldn't be here. The fact that I can stay home and be with them is amazing.

Keerica, Ga: how does it feel to be one of the top picks in the wnba drafts? Do you think you'er going to miss playing with your college team?

Lisa Willis: The bond - I heard it's not the same, but I'm a people person, so hopefully I make that bond with new teammates... but I'll be right up the street with them.

Tamika Williams: And Candice Dupree...

Tamika Williams: Coached by Dawn Staley...

Candice Dupree: I learned so many intangibles, a hustle player... that desire to win. Some moves here and there...

Donnie (new Orleans)(chicago): Candance, how does it feel to be the first ever Sky pick?

Candice Dupree: I don't know, I was excited to go anywhere, but Chicago will be great. I've never been, but have heard it's great. In high school and college, I had to step right up and hope I can make an impact right away.

Bill (Philly): Candice, Do you think you'll be a center or more of a 4 in the WNBA?

Candice Dupree: Probably more of a 4. A little undersized as a center...

Tamika Williams: New teammate... Shona Thorburn. Here she is... my question is... coming to a young team, a big role on the team. What do you think you can bring to the LYnx right away?

Shona Thorburn: I think I can contribute on the court with what you guys need and what is asked of me.

Tamika Williams: See, we got a good crew already. She's excited.

Tamika Williams: So are you going straight to Minnesota? I'll be the person you're coming to with any questions... this or that. Call me. Here's my number....

Anthony (NYC): Congrats Shona! Are you looking forward to play with seimone next year? Can you two can become an instant impact?

Shona Thorburn: Oh of course I am . Who wouldn't be? She's a great player... has so much to her game. It will be fun passing to her.

Tamika Williams: 8th pick... Mystics take Tamara James.

Tamika Williams: So you're such a great scorer... instant offense. Can you keep it up at the next level in Washington?

Tamara James: I'm pretty sure my teammates will make me a better player, so I'm just ready to go in and learn from them. Just glad that this is over. I'm so excited and I was so nervous. I'm gonna cry.

frank,( baltimore ): With the best and dedicated fans in the WNBA we welcome you to the Mystics how will you help us get to a Championship level? welcome Tamara!

Tamara James: I'm gonna bring it every day. I'm gonna score and we're going to make each other better. We're not going to settle for anything less.

Renne (fla): Tamara! what are you gonna miss about the state of Florida? How do you feel about moving?

Tamara James: My family!

Tamika Williams: La'Tangela Atkinson... How will it be playing with Tan White and Catchings?

La'Tangela Atkinson: I'm excited. The WNBA President was telling me that Tamika was great, so I'm excited to play with her. Coach Charlotte is on team, too. She taught me, so to get a chance to play with her and show her what I learned and to keep learning will be great.

Jenn (NC): La'Tangela, How do you think playing in the ACC has prepared you for this next level?

La'Tangela Atkinson: The ACC is the top conference, with tough and elite players. Playing against Maryland, Tamara James, Monique... playing D on them prepared me with the knowledge to play at the next level.

Pam (UNC): La'Tangela We'll miss you here in North Carolina. How do you feel about your new team? Who are you looking forward to playing with?

La'Tangela Atkinson: I know Tamika Catchings and have wanted to play with her growing up. Her aggressiveness reminds me of myself and I'm looking forward to playing with her.

Tamika Williams: Number TENNNNN- essee! The Sting select Tye'sha Fluker...

Tamika Williams: Being such a strong player, you ready to bang against McCarville and Tammy Sutton Brown in practice?

Tye'Sha Fluker: I think I am real physical and bring it inside. I'm ready to do whatever Coach needs, but I can't wait to learn from everyone. I want to improve myself. I'm so excited.

Tamika Williams: She is so excited.

Tye'Sha Fluker: I had no idea where I was going. Number ten, right? Charlotte... Okay, I got it now. Let me calm down.

DBarr (Memphis, TN): Tye'sha...congrats. The SEC is soo competitive and you had the greatest coach in college basketball. How has she prepared you for the next level? --Go SEC!

Tye'Sha Fluker: She made me mentally tough. I had to grow up playing for her... my maturity level. She says she watched me go from a child to an adult... not just on the court, but life skills as well.

Kim (Tennessee): Hey Tye'sha. What will you miss most about Tennessee?

Tye'Sha Fluker: I think my relationship with teammates. Senior year was so fun. I'm sure the fans will be around, so I'm going to say my teammates. I love them.

Tamika Williams: Big time BARB TURNER! UCONN!

Matt Wurst: Hugs all around...

Barbara Turner: That waiting was just the worst 45 minutes of my life.

Tamika Williams: This is a good fit because Birdy's gonna take care of you. And pay for everything.

Robert, 12 ,Petaluma CA: hey future wnba star, now that you are the 11th pick in the draft and going to seattle storm what are you most looking forward to?

Barbara Turner: Being in Seattle. Sue Bird... that UConn connection will be great. She's a great point guard and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun

Matthew (Loretto): My question is for Barbara Turner. I wanted to know what WNBA player you most admire? Congrats on your UConn career!!!!

Barbara Turner: Tamika Williams! No, Swin and Tamika. Those two are known for their hard work and their love for the game. Two players I watched growing up a lot.

Tamika Williams: I'm old. Barb Turner has graduated!

Tamika Williams: And Sherill Baker, in New York...

Tamika Williams: Hello Miss Baker. You're going to be in NY - Becky Hammon and all... and Athens to New York.

Sherill Baker: It's going to be a big adjustment - warm weather to cold and the big city, but I'm just going to being the intensity every night,

Anthony (NYC): Congratulations Sherill and welcome to New York!!! What do you think you can bring to a team that lost four starting players during the offseason?

Sherill Baker: I'm not necessarily looking to start. I just want to help a team and get playing time. This is another level. More intensity and more physical, so I'm going to do my best.

Donnie (new Orleans)(chicago): Sherill, do you think there is a faster person on the cout than you.

Sherill Baker: Oh yeah, Temeka Johnson. She's so fast.

Tiffany, Montgomery: Sherill How do you think you are going to have to improve your game to compete in the wnba?

Sherill Baker: I know I need to improve my 3-point shot and probably my stamina. It's a longer season, so I have to get in better shape and take care of my body.

Tamika Williams: And Kim Smith is going to Sacramento now...

Tamika Williams: So they don't show the WNBA in Canada... what did you grow up watching?

Kim Smith: I'm pretty sure my friends and family are all in a bar watching this. So it's all good.

kristin woolard: hey kim, who is your favorite player on the monarchs?

Kim Smith: Kara Lawson is a great player, Nicole Powell, Kristin Haynie. They are a talented team, so I'm excited.

Charlie (Sac): Hey Kim, how do you feel about staying relatively close to where you went to school?

Kim Smith: I like the West Coast. I fit in a little bit better out there. Laid back. Not a big city like NY, so I won't get too lost.

Matt Wurst: Scholonda Hoston just taken by Sacramento...

Kim Smith: I've seen her a few times on television and I'm looking forward to getting to play with her. She's tough and plays great defense.

Tamika Williams: And that's the first round... here comes Scholanda... So after everything you've been through, the baby, marriage, what's it like being here?

Scholanda Hoston: I'm stronger. I can handle anything right now. I've been through a lot and I'm definitely blessed. I've seen a lot, and had teammates who had it rougher. My family is so supportive and gave me everything I needed. It prepared me for everything I needed in college. I am ready. It's made me a stronger person.

Sactown: Hey, kim just had some great things to say about you, what do you know about her?

Scholanda Hoston: I'm looking forward to being a part of that program. They are athletic and I think I fit in very well. I'll just keep doing what I am doing. Kim is a great player and I'm looking forward to playing with her.

Donnie (new Orleans)(chicago): Scholanda, congrats. LSU goes first and last in the first round. What do you think you need to improve to make an impact.

Scholanda Hoston: I think I can work on my ballhandling. I'm kind of a short guard so to work on that will make me better. I also want to improve upon my shooting and knock down the big shots more consistently.

Tamika Williams: And that was the first round. I think it was a solid first round. I think there might still be some trades, so who knows where these players will ultimately end up. But they are talented, all very well-spoken and the types of players that you want to continue the tradition that Thompson, Staley, Leslie, Cooper and the rest have left for us to inherit.

Matt Wurst: Right on. Some surprises, and my mock draft was torn to shreds, but I am excited for two more rounds.

Tamika Williams: And finally a second to breathe in between the rounds now.

Tamika Williams: Here comes the second round. And Miss Renee Brown... the Comets select Ann Strother.

Tamika Williams: Hello, lady! So you won two championships and join Sheryl and Tina Thompson who won four titles. What can you learn from and add to a tandem like that?

Ann Strother: I think I can learn a lot from them... the championships and experience. Hopefully I can come in and just help them out and do what I do best.

Kate (Kansas City): Hey Ann Strother! Is there anything big you learned from Coach Auriemma that you think will really help you in the WNBA and life? I'm gonna miss you in your UConn jersey!

Tamika Williams: And here come the fans swarming her to get autographs...

Ann Strother: I think that's one of the best parts about having a great coach. And Van Chancellor will help me continue to learn and improve more at the next level.

Ann Strother: Wow, I have to find a restroom. See you later.

Tamika Williams: Next up, Shanna Zolman going to San Antonio... how does it feel to go to a team with a former teammate and a lot of young talent?

Shanna Zolman: That was the first thing I thought of - playing with Shyra Ely. I love her to death. We are great friends from Indy. I am looking forward to a familiar face. As for younger talent, I'm used to that. However I can add to that and help them, I'm looking forward to doing that.

Christine (Fort Apache AZ): Shanna Zolman-what is the next step you in your academic and your personal life? (e.g. Masters Degree, Buy a house, what?)

Shanna Zolman: Marriage is actually next. I'm probably getting engaged in the next couple of days...

Micala (preston): What do you thnk will be the hardest aspect of the WNBA transition after college? Good luck this summer.

Shanna Zolman: I hear a lot about the transition - the tempo and the physicality of the game. People say you can get away with a lot more, so I have to remain strong in my balance and continue to improve off the dribble and improve my skills.

Tamika Williams: Next pick was Ambrosia Anderson, though she is not here. And she was just traded to Minnesota. So another new teammate! Next on the clock is the Mercury again... Liz Shimek going to Phoenix.

Tamika Williams: I like your game a lot. We played against her a lot and I'm happy to see her gone from the Big Ten. She is getting married. How do you spell your fiancee's name?

Liz Shimek: Moeggenberg.

katrina (Abington): How does it feel to be in the WNBA and how hard did you work at it as a kid?

Liz Shimek: I'm just really excited. A loss for words, really. A great opportunity for women's basketball. The community work is great and I'm looking forward to a new era in my life.

chris long beach: what impact are you planning to make?

Liz Shimek: I think what I can bring to a team is my work ethic - whatever the coach and my teammates need. I want to make a difference.

Tamika Williams: And she does.

Matt Wurst: So what do you think about playing with Cappie and Diana now?

Liz Shimek: I was Cappie's teammate this past summer and she is a lot of fun. I'm just really excited for the next few months... and years.

Tamika Williams: Nikki Blue takens by Washington. And here she is... Nikki Blue and Nikki Teasley, how will that tandem develop?

Nikki Blue: That's a good backcourt. Something new to the WNBA. I bring an up-tempo game. Playing wuth her, James and Beard, I just want to play hard, play well and make a difference in Washington.

Wash: How do you feel coming all the way across the country to the nation's capitol?

Nikki Blue: There's a reason why I'm going there. I don't know that reason yet, but it will show up soon. Hopefully a husband, too.

Tamika Williams: Like Gilbert Arenas...

Greenbelt, MD: Considering the newly changed rules of WNBA game, how will you handle the transition from being a college baller to a professional baller?

Nikki Blue: I think the new rules will be perfect for me. I love moving up and down the floor, playing that up-tempo style and think it'll be a perfect fit.

Matt Wurst: What do you know about Tamara James?

Nikki Blue: She's a scorer and can shoot the three. Looking forward to the assists...

Tamika Williams: Ohhh, hold on, I have an interview with a reporter.

Tamika Williams: I'm back, and Phoenix just took Mistie Williams...

Tamika Williams: Wow... lots of trades. Ann to Phoenix is great for her and I think Mistie Williams will be a good fit in Houston.

Vladimir (Russia): Tamika, What is Matt wearing?

Tamika Williams: A sharp black suit, a blue and yellow egyptian tie and a Catholic School boy-blue collared shirt. Looks good.

Matt Wurst: So still left in the room here are Erin Grant, Megan Duffy and Zane Teilane. So get some questions ready for them!

Matt Wurst: And for the record, Tamika is wearing a charcoal suit and a black, sheer shirt with the silver heart necklace that may or MAY be from Tiffany.

Tamika Williams: We're cruising through here...

Tamika Williams: and Debbie Merrill just went! Go Ohio State! YESSSSS! I'm about to leave her a voicemail.

Tamika Williams: And the third round is on as Tiffany Stansbury was just selected.

Matt Wurst: Khara Smith just went to San Antonio, though I'm not sure she will play this year. So, Khara Smith, see you next year!

Serenia, Detroit: Who do you think will be a sleeper in this years draft?

Tamika Williams: Well, I like Strother for Phoenix with that style of play and knowing Diana is there. She can stretch out the defense, play the 3 and 4. I also like Jennifer Harris, the D-II player (a great pick for Chicago) and Megan Duffy.

Tamika Williams: Another of my new teammates - Megan Duffy... Dayton, Ohio, Chaminade Julienne, Notre Dame and now... you have to look at me every day. What can you add to our team?

Megan Duffy: I think, just talknig to Suzie, you need a point guard, someone who can get the ball to the bigs. I want to be a consistent force for the team and get better every day.

Justina (Hamden, Connecticut): Megan Duffy: How anxious were you as well as how worried were you?

Megan Duffy: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried, but I'm fortunate to be selected by Minnesota and show them what I can do.

Tamika Williams: Wow, I'm getting old, she followed me at my old high school.

Megan Duffy: This is a legend right here.

Ben (South Bend): Hey Megan! How do you think your game will benefit your new team?

Megan Duffy: From the point guard position, I can stretch a defense out. I can hit the three, but I'm also working on my defense and getting better. I have a lot to prove out there, but I'm getting better.

Megan Duffy: How hard is training camp?

Tamika Williams: Oh it's not that bad. And Minnesota is great. Especially in the summer it's pretty. Lots of lakes, and the Mall.

Suzanne (Easton): Megan- what aspects do you think will be necessary to add to your game in order to make an immediate impact in the WNBA?

Megan Duffy: No question, I will be a point guard who will try and penetrate - I need that mid-range game. Draw defenders and hit people that are open.

Tamika Williams: Oh, that's going to be a fun team next year. Two point guards, just what we needed... and Seimone.

Tamika Williams: And I have to send a shout out to Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird in Russia who are emailing questions and IMing both Matt and myself. #2 or #1. The nisk will never die!

Matt Wurst: And Zane Teilane just went to Detroit. All 6-7 of her. As Doris just said, you can't teach size. And she'll play the 4, not the 5.

Tamika Williams: She's good. We played against them. And here she comes.

Diane Renton, WA: Zane Teilane: How does it feel, coming from a mid-major school, to be considered one of the top centers in college? I'm a former WIU Westerwind, and am so proud to see one of "our own" doing so well. Congrats!

Zane Teilane: I feel very happy and great. Such a great opportunity for someone from a smaller school. And I'm excited to be going to Detroit.

dltjr.: hey, who is your favorite wnba player?

Zane Teilane: I really like how Lauren Jackson from Seattle.

Matt Wurst: What are you looking forward to learning from Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn in those practices?

Zane Teilane: I really think they can teach me how to go to the next level and how to go to the next level. I'm willing to do anything and learn everything they can teach me.

Zane Teilane: And I also have a sister who is also my height. Oh, and my mom is only 5-8.

Matt Wurst: Good luck, Zane, and tell Bill we say hi.

Tamika Williams: So only Erin Grant is left in the studio. I hope she goes to Seattle. That would be great for her to learn from Sue.

Matt Wurst: And there she goes to Seattle. Great call, Tamika! She'll be coming over to chat with us, rounding out our Draft chat.

Tamika Williams: Hey Erin, welcome! You're a smart point guard and know how to run a team. You are going to a team with a point guard who can teach you the game. What do you like about her game and what can you give to the Storm this season?

Erin Grant: Sue Bird is a great point guard. She isn't the biggest player I know, like me, so I can learn from her and how she gets things done in a physical league. As far as impact, I see the floor well and get my teammates involved and find my teammates.

Tamika Williams: And it's not where you get drafted in the order, but what team you go to.

Kendra (Texas): Hey Erin, Growing up in Texas and then going to college at Tech, how does it feel leaving the state?

Erin Grant: It's going to be different, but I have been to a lot of places in the world, and I can make it anywhere.

Justina (Hamden, Connecticut): Erin Grant: Congratulations!! Was it worth the wait? What will you contribute to your new team?

Erin Grant: I think it will be. I will have the opportunity to learn from a great team and a great player and coach.

Tamika Williams: And thus concludes our broadcast day. Wow, was that fun getting to meet everyone.

Tamika Williams: Thanks to everyone who wrote in and asked questions for me and the picks today. I had a great time getting to know the future stars of our league. I want every fan out there to buy tickets if you live in a WNBA city, and if not, watch every game on television. If that doesn't work, join Matt on WNBA.com.

Matt Wurst: And with the final pick, the Sun select Marita Payne, from Auburn.