Q. What strengths, qualities or skills will you bring or add to a WNBA team?
"I have a good work ethic and communication is always a good one. I always try to communicate on the floor because it helps everyone else out on the court."

Q. What skills do you feel you still need to improve or work on at the next level?
"There are always a lot of things that can be improved. I think I just need to be more consistenet with everthing I do and have to play well every day."

Q. What do you expect to be some of the biggest adjustments at the next level?
"The physical nature of the game. That is the biggest. I am alittle worried, but I can handle it. I'm a big girl."

Q. Are there any specific teams you would like to play for? Did you have a favorite team growing up?
"I watched a lot of teams. Of course, I want to play for whatever team wants me to be there."

Q. Is there a current WNBA player you model your game after?
"I always liked Cynthia Cooper's game. She was not flashy and always got the job done. I also really like Katie Smith. She is a hard worker who does what she needs to do to help her team win.

Q. What will you remember most about your college experience?
"The friendships and experiences that I had. Those are not comparable to anything else."

Q. Which of your fellow WNBA Draft prospects will make the most immediate impact in the League?
"I think Janel McCarville has the opportunity to make a real impact."

Q. Which of your fellow WNBA Draft prospects will win WNBA Rookie of the Year?
"Kendra Wecker." She's really physical and not afraid to bang. She has soft touch with the basketball."

Q. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
"Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind, don't matter."