Q. What strengths, qualities or skills will you bring or add to a WNBA team?
"I'd say leadership is my greatest strength and being able to push the tempo. I love to get in the transition game and play a faster pace than most people like to. I really enjoy holding people defenmsively, playing against the best and locking them up. Another strength of mine is just staying consistent as a point guard, running the offense and posing a threat offensively by making others better."

Q. What skills do you feel you still need to improve or work on at the next level?
"The WNBA is known for its physical play. I like to play that way, though I could not get away with it too much in college. I look forward to doing it at the next level. I also just need to keep improving offensively. I have to work on keeping my shot accurate and my knowledge of the game sharp. As a rookie, I expect to learn from the veterans."

Q. Are there any specific teams you would like to play for?
"Maybe the Sparks so I can be close to my mom. I also like New York and the Comets and teams that like to get up and down."

Q. Is there a current WNBA player you look up to?
"Teresa Edwards. I love the way she plays, her dedication to sport and her defensive play. She is not the flashy type, but knows the game and how to make everyone better. She could carry a team or step up when she needed and always knew her role as a player. I really admire her."

Q. What will you remember most about your college experience?
"That we made it to the Final Four all four years. Another memory that stuck was when we finally beat Connecticut at UConn this past year, my senior year. We finally beat them to break the streak. That was a great feeling. Also, it was great to be a part of Coach Summitt's history-making wins."

Q. Which of your fellow WNBA Draft prospects will make the most immediate impact in the League?
"Tan White is so versatile and can do everything: pass, score, shoot, make others better. She is a complete player and teams want people like her. In the post, Janel McCarville is a passing in the threat. Sandora Irvin also has a presence in the inside game."

Q. Which of your fellow WNBA Draft prospects will win WNBA Rookie of the Year?
"Tan White."

Q. What WNBA player are you most looking forward to playing against or meeting?
"Becky Hammon. I like the way she plays. I got to see her play in a league down in Knoxville a few years ago."

Q. Do you have a favorite NBA player or team?
"Steve Nash is my man, just a complete player."