Q. What strengths, qualities or skills will you bring or add to a WNBA team?
"I am a good, sound defensive player and have the ablity to learn, which is always important. I'd say my strengths are defense and rebounding."

Q. What skills do you feel you still need to improve or work on at the next level?
"I need to develop a stronger shooter's mentaility as well as work on shooting the ball. I cannot be afraid to shoot, or at least I should shoot more than I have."

Q. What do you expect to be some of the biggest challenges at the next level?
"The physical nature of the game is different at this level. It will definitely be a challenge for me. As you can see, I'm not that big, but I plan on getting into the weightroom and putting on some pounds of muscle."

Oklahoma's Dionnah Jackson is too quick for the camera.
Matt Wurst/NBAE Images
Q. Is there a current WNBA player you look up to?
"I really enjoy watching Nikki Teasley play. She came into the WNBA and made an impact with the Sparks by working hard."

Q. What will you remember most about your college experience?
"My teammates and the teams I played with. All four teams were different. Just being around them, I learned so much. That's what I'll remember and miss. I got to go to the Championship game as a freshman... I was lucky."

Q. Which of your fellow WNBA Draft prospects do you think will be the first pick taken?
"Janel McCarville."

Q. What WNBA player are you most looking forward to playing against or meeting?
"I am most looking forward to re-connecting with Niele Ivey. She was my sister's best friend growing up. She's older and we did not play together in high school, but I would love to play with her or against her in a real game. I love her game."

Q. How about a favorite NBA player?
"Allen Iverson. He is the best, most underrated player. He doesn't get the respect he deserves."