Having played against one another on just about every level, no one knows the strengths, weaknesses and all-around game of the WNBA prospects better than... the WNBA prospects themselves. Leading up to the Draft, WNBA.com asked many of the potential picks to evaluate each other's games.

Yolanda Paige on Jacqueline Batteast (Notre Dame) - "A great player with solid all-around game."

Chelsea Newton on Ashley Battle (Connecticut) - "She reminds me a lot of myself. She is quick and a good defender who can guard anybody 1-4. She has also been working on her outsisde shot."

Wynter Whitley on Nikita Bell (North Carolina) - "She is very athletic, and so fast and strong."

Kelley Suminski on Andrea Bills (Oregon) - "An amazing rebounder at Oregon, she had so many boards and racked up so many three-point plays."

Jamie Carey on Steffanie Blackmon (Baylor) - "Really athletic, a heady post player that rebounds well. The biggest difference with her is outside shot, something she has improved upon."

Nikita Bell on LaTonya Blue (Virginia) - "She has nice ball handling skills, so much so that you have to keep your distance on her or else she will cross you up and make you look silly."

Heather Schreiber on Jamie Carey (Texas) - "Jamie is the perfect example of a point guard, a leader who understands the game, who knows how to get the ball to her teammates and always finds the right matchups."

Jenni Dant on Ashley Earley (Vanderbilt) - "I watched her a lot and I really respect her game. She is undersized, but does big things for her game."

Ashley Early on Shyra Ely (Tennessee) - "She is a very competitive player, a competitive person. She is aggressive, and every time you step onto the court and look into eyes, you knew she wanted to win and would leave it all on the court."

Jess Strom on Kristin Haynie (Michigan State) - "She is so tough. She has so much heart, probably the most heart of anyone we played against."

Nikita Bell on Roneeka Hodges (Florida State) - "She is a good offensive player, a go-to player down the stretch who can score. As a defender, you really have to limit her touches."

Cathrine Kraayeveld on Sandora Irvin (TCU) - "I didn't guard her in our NCAA Tournament game, and the only time I was there was to double team her. She is an athletic post with good moves both outside and inside. She is quick and can use that against other posts to get to the hoop."

DeeDee Wheeler on Dionnah Jackson (Oklahoma) - "She is a great rebounder for her size. It shows she is a great athlete and can defend anyone all the way up to the 4."

Sara Potts on Temeka Johnson (L.S.U.) - "The best point guard I've ever seen. I really like her a lot."

Anna Montanana on Cynthia Jordan (Temple) -"Cynthia is a good point guard that can shoot the 3-pointer, penetrate and sees the floor well."

Caity Matter on Laurie Koehn (Kansas State) - "The best all-around outside shooter..."

Kelley Suminski on Cathrine Kraayeveld (Oregon) - "She has amazing height but can do many other things well. She can play outside and is very hard to guard. We focused on her when we played because she can hurt you in so many ways, inside and out."

Jess Strom on Caity Matter (Ohio State) - "She can shoot it."

Angelina Williams on Janel McCarville (Minnesota) - "She is THE MAN. She can do it all. She's just outstanding."

Ari Moore on Anna Montanana (George Washington) - "The right word for her is deceptive. Her game is really a smooth and very solid with ball. People misjudge her size as a weakness, but she uses that as a strength."

Anna Montanana on Ari Moore (Temple) - "She is a 3/4 combo player that knows how to guard people. She is very aggressive and does the little things well."

Ashley Early on Loree Moore (Tennessee) - "She leads her team and always keeps an even keel. She also always has the same expression on her face and never gets too high or too low."

Ashley Battle on Jessica Moore (Connecticut) - "She is fierce in the low post, another person who will do whatever she has to do to win games. She is a great defender, blocks shots, takes charges, rebounds and can guard anyone."

Yolanda Paige on Chelsea Newton (Rutgers) - "She plays with a lot of energy and has the all-around game to go with it."

Jessica Moore on Yolanda Paige (West Virginia) - "She works hard. Playing against her, she gave us problems for a number of reasons: She has a great outside shot and finds people that get open."

Tasha Morehead on Sara Potts (Kentucky) - "She has a nice jump shot and is a very good three-point shooter."

Dionnah Jackson on Heather Schreiber (Texas) - "You have to guard her in transition because she can shoot the 3-pointer at any time. She can come off the screen and shoot and is effective because she is taller than the guards."

Caity Matter on Jess Strom (Penn State) - "A very good floor general, she gets teammates where they need to be, makes great passes and can put the ball in the hole."

Andrea Bills on Kelley Suminski (Stanford) - "She is very experienced and has taken her basketball farther than most of us have. She is smart and knows how to get herteammates involved."

Dionnah Jackson on Kendra Wecker (Kansas State) - "I don't think you can find a weakness. She is a scoring machine. She knows how to score. Period. Whenever. Wherever. She is so hard to defend because she is faster than most post players and stronger than most guards."

Kelley Suminski on DeeDee Wheeler (Arizona) - "She's awesome and really very cool. She was my roommate at pre-Draft camp and was very nice. She is also really quick. You think you have her and she goes by. She has good range on her three, is a good driver and a great passer."

Ashley Early on Tan White (Mississippi State) - "A scorer, she is incredible. You really can't stop her, you can only hope to contain her."

Caity Matter on Angelina Williams (Illinois) - "So long and quick, shecan elevate and get her shot off easier. She also plays defense at a higher level."

Jess Strom on Tanisha Wright (Penn State) - "A great defender, she can defend anyone on perimeter."