Basketball Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Ann Meyers breaks down the frontcourt players available in this year’s draft. Based on the players she has watched over the course of the season and in preparation for the upcoming WNBA Draft, Ann offers her insight and scouting reports for the top forwards and centers in the class of 2005.

Jacqueline Batteast, forward, Notre Dame - Such a fluid player who is so smooth on the court. She just looks like she floats out there. Like many other frontcourt players coming into the WNBA, she will need to improve her outside shot and ball handling, but she is good going to basket, has a variety of shots inside and knows how to get to the basket. An athlete.

Nikita Bell, forward, North Carolina - Another strong player, more of an inside player who can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket, is physical, but needs to improve outside game.

Kara Braxton, center, Georgia - A big, strong player with a lot of talent who could have been a top pick had she not just had a baby. What kind of shape is she in after being out of the game for awhile? Regardless, she is a banger, a physical player with soft touch around basket and a variety of moves.

Ashley Earley, forward, Vanderbilt - At 5-10, she is strong as a bull. Coming out of school, her game reminds me of a lot Adia Barnes. But it will be interesting to see how she is used in the WNBA. She is a post player who can handle the ball but needs to improve her outside shooting. She has a quick first step and a variety of moves, yet is not intimidated going inside. She is also a good passer.

Shrya Ely, forward, Tennessee - A versatile player, she likes to put the ball on the floor, is tough to defend inside, and has a lot of inside moves. She also needs to improve on outside shot. She is strong and is probably more comfortable playing the four with her back to the basket. However, she probably improved her chances by playing at the three this season. She is a 12-foot-andin type of player who will adapt her game at the next level.

Katie Feenstra, center, Liberty - Great size, good footwork and can go either way inside. She has some good mobility, but has to get quicker. She also has to get stronger and more physical and use her 6-8 frame. But she knows what she needs to work on. Teams will want to work with her because she has such great touch around the basket.

Cisti Greenwalt, center, Texas Tech - Because of her size and her numbers at a good school in a great conference, she is going to get looked at. The public probably isn't as familiar with her, but she had a good senior year and has a variety of moves inside. You can't always teach that.

Sandora Irvin, forward, TCU - Probably a Top 3 pick. She is long, plays so well on the defensive end and has a good inside game. She must get stronger, but she is already strong now, has good footwork and is efficient around basket. But what a defensive presence. Lots of teams would love to have a player like that.

Catherine Kraayeveld, forward, Oregon - A strong player with good range for her size. At 6-4, she can shoot the three and is very strong, but has to get better at ball handling. She is a player that many people may have not heard about, but she was instrumental in Oregon going as far as they did.

Sancho Lyttle, forward, Houston - Still very raw without a whole lot of experience, but she is another pure athlete. Very long, good defensively and can jump over everyone. She has to improve her offensive game and will get stronger.

Kristen Mann, forward, UC-Santa Barbara - At 6-2, she is a strong player who played more inside in college. She has worked on her outside shot and improved both her 3-point game her inside-15-feet range. She needs to work on her ball handling, but overall, a solid back-to-the-basket player, good in the lane and a good defensive player.

Janel McCarville, center, Minnesota - A Top 3 player with terrific footwork and a physical mentality. But she is also one of the best passers in the game. I think she must work on her speed and can be in a little bit better shape for this league. Can she defend a 4 or a 5 like Lisa Leslie, Lauren Jackson or even a Tari Phillips. Offensively, she has a soft touch, great hands and goes both ways well with a variety of moves inside.

Jessica Moore, center, Connecticut - A talented player coming from top program, she has played against the competition at a championship level. She is still a bit slight and has to improve her outside shooting and get stronger inside, but she has great footwork, surprises people on defense and is a very smart player.

Heather Schreiber, forward, Texas -More of a finesse player with the outside game, but people will look at her coming out of Texas.

Kendra Wecker, forward, Kansas State - A Top 3 to 5 pick. A lot of people compared her to Katie Smith because she has such strength. She has the ability to put ball on floor, can shoot the three, goes to the basket well, but needs to work on her defense a little bit. Can she start in this league next year? Sure - with the right team. Seattle, Sacramento, Charlotte - teams that need outside shooting.

Angelina Williams, forward, Illinois - Another great athlete. She has to improve her outside game and get stronger. The WNBA is so physical that it will be an awakening for so many of these players coming out who are not aware of just how quick, fast and physical the game is. Shots that you thought you could get off in college are a lot harder in the pros. It's a different ball game.

Overall my top seven or so picks are White, Irvin, McCarville, Wecker, Wright, Johnson and Braxton. Of course, it all depends on who is picking… We soon shall see. Tune in to ESPN2 at noon on Saturday, April 16!

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