Katie Smith
Minnesota Lynx guard Katie Smith, one of the most prolific scorers in WNBA history as well as a two-time Olympic gold medalist, joined us at the 2005 WNBA Draft to co-host the Draft Day chat. She was also a graduate assistant coach at Ohio State the past two seasons and knows the top prospects inside and out. She also knows a thing or two about the importance of the Draft. The Lynx were a playoff team last year thanks, in part, to their two Top Ten draft picks in 2004. Smith answered your questions, made comments throughout the day and welcomed each of the top picks as they joined us live to chat with you as well. Thanks to Katie and the draft picks who were in attendance... Kendra Wecker, Tan White, Janel McCarville, Sandora Irvin, Kara Braxton, Katie Feenstra, Temeka Johnson, Jacqueline Batteast and more!

Katie Smith: What up, ya'all. I'm here and ready to get this started... This is going to be a fun day.

minnesota: katie-how's your knee and are you going to be starting the season?

Katie Smith: The knee is good, just a little arthritic. Just need to take care of myself and I'm excited to be back in Minnesota to see my teammates and get back on the floor. GO LYNX. WHOO HOOO!

pilight: Hey Katie, who's gonna be the #1 pick?

Katie Smith: I say Janel McCarville will be going first to Charlotte. A great passer, a good feel for the game, can score, defend, but isn't someone that needs a lot of touches. I think Dawn would enjoy playing with her.

Baton Rouge: Hi Katie, I am a Buckeye from my Ph.D. degree, watched you play there. When and who do you think will draft Tameka Johson from LSU. I work st LSU now. JOan

Katie Smith: I think she'll go to Houston at the fifth pick. It should be a good pick for them... but I have no insider information or anything like that...

Katie Smith: Look at that headshot of me. I'm so hot... :)

Ohio: Hey Katie will Caity Matter make the WNBA?

Katie Smith: I don't know when she'll be drafted, but she'll end up on a team. She'll be a good role player and you can always use someone who can knock down shots in this league.


Lynn (Charleroi): Hey Katie, since you've been an asst. with Ohio State, would you consider coaching as a full time job in the future?

Katie Smith: I don't really want to coach as my occupation. I see from being involved at Ohio State just how stressful it can be and the type of lives that coaches have. Players can stress out the coaches, especially if the players are like me. But I would like to teach the game and love kids...

Lakeville MN: The Mpls. paper's mock draft had the Lynx drafting Kristin Haynie, but the St. Paul paper didn't even have her mentioned in their mock. Why not, and what do you think? Would she be a good pick for the Lynx?

Katie Smith: It's a possibility. I think she could be a good point guard. She just got that role with Mich State this year, so she has a lot to learn, but has the physical abilities to be good. Don't know if she'll be there at 11.

Lynchburg, Virginia: Where do you see Katie Feenstra being chosen in this year's draft? Have you heard any rumors about this pick?

Katie Smith: She'll be chosen. I don't know exactly where she goes. Ohio State played them this year and she showed great ability to score, defend and she moves well for her size. I think she'll definitely get drafted and make an impact. You can't teach size.

Katie Smith: ONE MINUTE!!!

dylan(bowie): Where do you think Heather schiber from texas will get drafted? Thanks and your HOT!!!

Katie Smith: I think she might get picked up in the later rounds. She's another one who can shoot the ball. As a role player, to have someone like that, a shooter, is huge. And thanks!

Moderator: And we're live....

Moderator: As soon as the picks are made, get your questions in for each of the newest members of the WNBA.

Katie Smith: This is SO exciting... I can't wait to see who I'm playing with... and against.

bea: Hi Katie! Who do You think would make a good player for The Lynx?

Katie Smith: Obviously we'd love to get McCarville, not only as a player, but the fan support would be great. Another guard that can defend and score and give us a little more depth at the wing position... I'm getting old. :)

bea: where do you see kristin haynie going?

Katie Smith: I think Tanisha Wright (Penn State) will be around. Haynie could be there, Batteast and maybe Dionnah Jackson from Oklahoma.

Moderator: Charlotte is on the clock...

Katie Smith: We are ready to get this going... Start making some picks!

Katie Smith: And a special hello to the WNBA players following us love overseas... hope you get what you want.

Katie Smith: Charlotte takes... JANEL McCARVILLE!!! Go Big Ten!

And with that, the 2005 WNBA Draft was underway...