Thanks to Minnesota Lynx guard Katie Smith and the draft picks who were in attendance... Kendra Wecker, Tan White, Janel McCarville, Sandora Irvin, Kara Braxton, Katie Feenstra, Temeka Johnson, Jacqueline Batteast and more!

Jill (Minneapolis): Hi Janel! I was wondering how you feel your style will fit into the wnba game, and what will you miss most about the college game especially playing for the Minnesota Gophers?

Janel McCarville: I think my style will fit very appropriately. The WNBA needs great passers and rebounders. We already have great scorers. What I'll miss most about college is my teammates and the camaraderie we had.

Joe (Indianapolis): Janel - What will it be like to play and live somewhere outside of Minnesota/Wisconsin?

Janel McCarville: It'll be interesting. My first time moving away from close to home. Definitely looking forward to it.

Bill (Minn): Hey Janel, Will you look forward to playing in the East againist Lindsay Whalen?

Janel McCarville: Yes, it's an opportunity to play against her. I've known her for a long time, and for the most part, it will be fun.

Lolo (Rock Hill): Janel, who are looking foward to playing against and with in the wnba?

Janel McCarville: I am definitely looking forward to playing with Dawn Staley. She has done so much for women's basketball as a coach and player and I can't wait to meet her.

Rob (Carson City): How's it feel to join Taurasi, Bird and other great players as a No. 1 overall Pick?

Janel McCarville: It's definitely an honor. All of those players have had great college careers. They are talented and have a lot of great years ahead of them. It's an honor to be among them.

Moderator: Here come Tan White...

Donnie (Chicago): Tan how does it fill to be the #2 pick of the draft. What do you think wil be your biggest adjustment.

Tan White: I guess adjusting my style of play and what is needed. I'm a shooter, a penetrator.

Lynn (Charleroi): Tan, what will it feel like to be playing with Tamika Catching?

Tan White: This is another opportunity for me to play with a great player. I played with LaToya Thomas, so it will be great to play with Catchings, someone who I played against when she was at Tennessee.

Herta from Lisboa, Portugal: Tan White, what a great name! And a great player, too. Did you ever get frustrated that your school in college did not get the success that you wanted or the exposure that you as such a great player deserved? How did you stay positive?

Tan White: Yes, it was always frustrating. My chances were slim and I didn't get the attention all the time. Regardless of it all, I got some publicity, so it was ok.

Dereck (Cordova, TN): Tan: What a great career at MSU and in the SEC. You and Latoya have brought the recognition to the State of Mississippi that it deserves. Two questions, what are you most looking forward to in the WNBA? and what advice, if any, has Latoya given you for play at the next level?

Tan White: I haven't really talked to her much because she has been overseas. But she told me to come in and stay focused and play my game.

Sean (petersburg): Tan, congrats on being the #2 pick. With you and Tameka Catchings on the same team is it going be hard for you not being the the #1 option like you was in high school and college?

Tan White: No, I was the number two option with LaToya. She was tying to make me better and I made her better so I think we can definitely adjust and make each other better in Indiana.

Katie Smith: Here comes Sandora...

Sean (Petersburg): Sandora how do you think playing with Diani Taurasi help your overall game next year in the WNBA?

Sandora Irvin: Man, I don't know. I can't wait to play with her. I have never been with someone that good. I am definitely looking forward to her leadership. She is very smart and a great player even though she's only been in the league one year. I think she can definitely help my game.

Carla (macheline, AZ): Sandora Irvin, everyone knows how great your defense is and about your ability to block shots, but what kind of offensive skills will you bring to your new team?

Sandora Irvin: I'm very versatile. I can get inside and post up really well. I can also take it outside and shoot the three and the 15-foot jumper. I can do things that a lot of people can't do. To be successful in this league, you have to be versatile like Swin Cash and Tina Thompson.

Sean (Petersburg): Sandora, congrats on being the #3 pick do you think you will be able to block 16 shots in a WNBA game like you did in college last year? (I think you can)

Sandora Irvin: Definitely. It's the same game. Same ball, same game. I'm just going to go at it. I can only get better in Phoenix. This ability that I have is something that I will always have. I'm here to take over games and block shots. That's why I was drafted.

Katie Smith: Kendra Wecker is here...

Tony (Manhattan, KS): Kendra we'll miss you at KSU! What is going to be the biggest challenge for you as you switch to a full time wing as expected?

Kendra Wecker: I think defensively will be the biggest challenge. I've been playing post defense my entire career. Now I'll adjust and play perimeter defense.

Asjha (Connecticut): Congrats, Kendra. So what's it like being up there with Katie, whose award, The First Annual Katie Smith Award, you won this year? A lot of people say your games are similar. What do you think?

Kendra Wecker: I actually found out about the award at the Final Four. Katie is a great player and I've been watching film on her in college. To see her play with a former teammate of mine, Nicole Ohlde, in Minnesota is great...

Sean (Petersburg): Kendra congrats, what position do you see your self playing in the league a 3 or more of a 2?

Kendra Wecker: A 4?... A three, though I'm not sure where I'll play at the next level. I'm just looking forward to extending my game to the perimeter at the next level.

Jenn, Minneapolis: Congratulations Kendra! As a Lynx fan, I was hoping you could play up here with Nicole Ohlde, but I am glad you are playing closer to home. I think the Silver Stars have a really good future now with you there! Are you looking forward to playing in the West? Do you have any advice for your former K-State teammates?

Kendra Wecker: Definitely looking forward to playing in the west with Ohlde. Advice... continue to work hard and be really excited about next season. They have a great future ahead of them... and of course to come watch the matchup when I play Nicole.

Seth (Fort Worth, TX): Kendra how will you adjust from playing at Kansas State to playing the physicalness of the WNBA?

Steffanie Blackmon: Hopefully I'm phsyically going in well. I don't consider myself a weak player, but it will be a huge adjustment...

Katie Smith: She was a Punt-Pass-Kick champ, BABY. She can do it all.

Katie Smith: Sancho is here now...

Lolo (Rock Hill): Sancho, are you excited about staying in Houston<

Sancho Lyttle: I am so excited. I'm from there. I have nowhere to go. No need to travel or go anywhere.

Katie Smith: Have you been to Comets games?

Sancho Lyttle: Yes, I got to see a game a few years ago. It was fun and I can't wait to play with them.

Seth (Fort Worth): Sancho Congradulations! What position will you think you will take over or what role do you think you will play?

Sancho Lyttle: I think I'll be a 4 or a 5. I'm just going to play the best I can and do what I did at U of H... rebound, block shots and run the floor a little bit, too.

Andersen (Houston): Sancho - Van Chancellor demands great things from great players. Are you ready for Houston?

Sancho Lyttle: I am ready for that. Sometimes he'd come to the school because he is great friends with the coach. I'm just trying to fit in because they have great players in Thompson and Swoopes, so I am looking forward to playing along side them.

Sean (Petersburg): Sancho, congrats on going down the street to the comets. How do you think it will benifit you not having to move across country to play pro basketball?

Sancho Lyttle: I want to move to Houston and not move around. Staying there, I can get accustomed to what is happening and what is going on. Moving would have meant to start all over again, but no need to find my way around the city or anything like that.

Dan (Houston): Congrats Sancho! We are so excited to have you in Houston and look forward to seeing you! How do you think you will assist the Comets to improve their game and get us back to the playoffs?

Sancho Lyttle: I'm just there to do my best - rebound, get open looks for teammates. I'm a rebounder and can see the people up the floor. If they like to run, we'll be in free...

Katie Smith: The little one, Temeka is here now...

Sean (Petersburg): Tameka, what will you miss most about Lousiania and moving to a place like Washington DC to be a mystic?

Temeka Johnsom: No doubt I'll miss the food. and my family, teammates and the family that I built at LSU.

Donnie (Chicago): Temeka, when you were playing at Bonnabel, did you ever think you would be a top 10 pick in the draft

Temeka Johnsom: To be honest, no I didn't. I am the kind of person that takes one thing at a time. When I was there, I was just focused on the college level.

Sean (Petersburg): Temeka what do you think is your best asset to a young team like the mystics will be?

Temeka Johnsom: Just my determination and hard work, my work ethic. and we'll go from there.

Seth (Ft Worth): Tameka, you were a tremendous leader at Louisiana State U, can you bring that leadership and toughness to a bunch of veterans and other players on your new team?

Temeka Johnsom: Yes, I've always been a leader. Leadership qualities are something that I bring. I can bring them to my new team along with the things I picked up along the way.

Moderator: Kara Braxton...

Oscar (Laredo, TX): Kara B, What's up girl. Your little one is adorable. You must be so proud. So how are you feeling now and who will take care of him when you are gone? Good luck to you and Odell.

Kara Braxton: I'm excited and so happy that this worked out for me. My mom will be taking care of him when I'm playing. Another plus is that I am from 30 minutes from Detroit, in Jackson. It's great!

Sean (Petersburg): Kara congrats on going to Detroit and also congrats on your new baby (Born in January I believe) how you think playing for guys like Rick Mahorn and Bill Lambierr will help you overall game since they both were great post players?

Kara Braxton: That's nothing but good for me. It's just a plus because they were post players and can help us a lot at the position.

Sean (Petersburg): How much better will you think you will get by going up against players like Swin Cash everyday in practice?

Kara Braxton: It'll be great to have that competition every day in practice. It only gets you ready for upcoming games so it's a big plus.

Moderator: Katie Feenstra on the way.

washington,nc: Katie Feenstra when did you start playing basketball and did you ever think you would make it this far?

Katie Feenstra: I didn't start playing until 7th grade and I had no idea I'd make it this far. It's just something I picked up and it brought me a long way.

Lynchburg: Katie Feenstra, You're the first female athlete from Liberty to go pro. How does that make you feel?

Katie Feenstra: It's amazing. These past few weeks have been great. The Sweet 16 was out Cinderella Story. and now the WNBA. I'm putting Liberty on the map and giving them a name.

Lolo (Rock Hill): Katie, you brought great things to the table at Liberty, what do you think you are bringing to the wnba? Dou you think you still have something to prove?

Katie Feenstra: Hopefully a reliable post player that can play strong, post up and get rebounds. I want to be as coachable as possible so I can be a better basketball player.

Sean (Petersburg): Katie congrats on going to the Sun. How do you think playing in that high scoring offense with players like Linsday Whalen and Nekisha Sales will help you in your early career?

Katie Feenstra: I think they are great players who will pass me the ball and make great decisions. I'm excited to play with the top of the top and the best of the best.

Moderator: And Kristin Haynie...

Lorin, Philadelphia, PA: My question is for Kristin Haynie. Kristin, what will it be like coming in as a rookie point guard, a player that needs to be a leader on the floor? How do you get veterans who have been in the league to listen to you out there?

Kristin Haynie: It's not going to be difficult. Kara Lawson to help me work will be great and college helped me and prepared me to be a great leader on the floor.

Jeremy (Mason, MI): Kristen - Congrats on putting Mason, MI on the map. You had an awesome year in East Lansing. What makes you capable of succeeding at the next level?

Kristin Haynie: Just my hard work. I just love getting my teammates the ball and making them look good.

Marty (San Fran, CA): Kristen, what role do you see yourself playing as a rookie and what are you most looking forward to about playing in your new city?

Kristin Haynie: It's going to be great in Sacramento. California... warm weather. Playing with Kara Lawson and Yolanda Griffith will be great. I can't wait for an exciting summer.

Katie Smith: How do you look in purple?

Kristin Haynie: We'll see... I won't look too bad...

Katie Smith: TEAMMATES NOW. Kristen Mann!!!

Sean (Petersburg): Kristin congrats on going to the Lynx, do you think you can lead the league in assist if you pass the ball to Katie smith on every possession?

Kristen Mann: Oh for sure. Come on now! With Katie, Tamika and Ohlde, we'll be alright.

Katie Smith: We got a whole crew now!

DMIZE, Hoboken, NJ: Kristen, as a west coaster, how will you feel away from the beaches of California for long stretches of time in the summers? Do you like to surf?

Kristen Mann: There are lakes... It'll be different than California, but I'm excited to go someplace new.

Katie Smith: I'll take care of you.

Sarah - Minneapolis: Welcome to the LYNX! What can Minnesota fans expect for you to bring this season?

Kristen Mann: Hmmmm. I'm a California kid. Put it that way.

Sean (Petersburg): Do you think you can beat Katie Smith in Horse a couple times this summer in practice?

Kristen Mann: I'm not a good trash talker. I can't do it.

Katie Smith: Yeah, me neither.

Cathy (Santa Barbara): Hi Kristen! Congratulations! What are you looking forward to most about the WNBA? Good thing the season is in the summer so you won't totally freeze in Minnesota!

Kristen Mann: I'd say the competition. I know it will be a tough change and difficult to adjust to, but I'm looking forward.

Moderator: Katie and Kristen are now talking about places to live...

Katie Smith: Ok, that's the first round... there are still some people here. Not too many surprises. Teams got what they needed. Teams that already had some bigs got some more... they need to share the wealth.

Moderator: And so, the last pick of the first round is... Dionnah Jackson. Oklahoma.

Seth (Fort Worth): Dionnah, you were a fantastic leader at OU. You can score, rebound, pass, and basically do everything. Will you be able to bring that to the WNBA?

Dionnah Jackson: I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do. I know it's a tough challenge. Scoring in such a competitive league will be tough, so I'm focused on bringing tough defense to the WNBA.

Sean ({{etersburg): Dionnah, how do it feel moving to the big city?

Dionnah Jackson: It wont be a big adjust ment because I'm from St. Louis. It's a big city, but Detroit is busier and I'm excited for the new chapter in my life to begin.

Renny - hope, AK: Dionnah Jackson, you are truly a wonderful athlete and were a joy to watch perform in college. What will it be like going up against bigger and stronger players now? How will it affect your game?

Dionnah Jackson: I know that I will have to adjust, but I will try to keep that attack mentality. I'm ready to learn as much as possible. That's my objective going into the league.

Sarah (Wisconsin): Dionnah, Are you excited about playing for the Shock? Also are you looking forward to playing with Swin Cash?

Dionnah Jackson: Definitely looking forward to playing with the team. They run, are athletic and Swin Cash is a great athlete and player. I remember playing her twice my freshman year in college, once in the championship game, so I'm looking forward to playing with her.

Kevin (Detroit): Dionnah, you are truly a beautiful young women, if you ever need a date in Detroit you can always call on me.

Dionnah Jackson: Thanks, I'm flattered. I'm looking forward to coming to Detroit.

MekaRules (Israel): Dionnah, which position do you think you'll play in Detroit? what's your natural position?

Dionnah Jackson: I've played the point guard for the longest and I'm most comfortable there. I have no idea where they'll put me in the league. I'm prepared for any situation, so we'll see.

Moderator: And we're now ready for Round Two...

Katie Smith: ROUND TWO! It's ONNNN.

Moderator: Shyra Ely was the first pick in round two and will join us in a second or two. Get those questions ready...

Donnie (Chicago): Shyra, what do you think will be your biggest adjustment going to the WNBA

Shyra Ely: Probably just the business aspect of it. Knowing that it's a job - the real world. I need to have some professionalism and a sense of self.

Seth (Fort Worth): Shyra you had a lot of experience being a Tennessee Lady Vol. How will that experience pay off in the WNBA?

Shyra Ely: I think that I've been put in certain situations guarding the best players on the best teams. We blew teams out, we won, we pulled out close ones - all on television. Being there at that program prepares you for everything.

Sean (Petersburg): With you failing to win a National Championship at Tennessee do you think you will be hungrier for a shot at the WNBA championship in San Antonio?

Shyra Ely: I am a competitor and wnat to win anytime. Unfortunately we didn't win one in my college career. It doesn't make me hungrier. I always want to win.

Sean (Petersburg_: Shyra, congrats on going to San Antonio, do you think you can bring a winning attitude to the Silver Stars coming from a rich storied program like Tennessee

Shyra Ely: Definitely looking forward to it. I've never really been around a losing program so it won't start now. I have high standards and expectations and can bring that attitude to San Antonio.

rico-tallahasse,fl: hey whats up shyra congrats on joining the wnba. i want to know how do you balance your personal life and basketball

Shyra Ely: It's difficult. I don't think I have a personal life... no, just kidding. You make time for the things that are important to you. It keeps me sane, being able to do the things I want to do.

Moderator: Here comes Roneeka...

Dan (Houston): Welcome to Houston Roneeka! We are looking forward to seeing you with the Comets. What impact will you have in helping Comets win the Championships this year ;) ..again Congrats!!!

Roneeka Hodges: I'm just excited to be a part of the team and will help in whatever way Coach Chancellor wants to use me. New Orleans is not far from Houston.

Roxy (Dodge City): How do you think your college years went? Do you think your WNBA days will be harder or easier?

Roneeka Hodges: It is a different experience, a new chapter in my life.

Andersen (Houston): Roneeka - Houston desperately needs backcourt help for Arcain. We have been waiting for you!

Roneeka Hodges: Glad to be able to help!

Sean (Petersburg): Roneeka, congrats on being selected in the draft. How much will miss Coach Semara, White, and Johnson at FSU and what do you think you can bring to Houston?

Roneeka Hodges: I will miss it all a lot. It was a great experience there and I had a great time, but as I said, I'm excited for this new chapter to begin.

Katie Smith: What was your major?

Roneeka Hodges: Social Sciences. Not sure what I'll do with that, but I'd love to go into coaching.

Katie Smith: Hey, it's our pick. Whoo woooo woooo!

Katie Smith: ...Jacqueline Batteast. That's good. She brings another scoring threat. She can do a little bit of everything... just like I called it. Some depth at the wing position.

Moderator: ...and she'll be joining us soon...

Katie Smith: TEAMMATES AGAIN! This will be fun.

Emily (South Bend): Jackie, leaving Notre Dame how do you think you can contribute to your new team? GO IRISH

Jacqueline Batteast: I think I can contribute in any way they want me to. I'm willing to do anything.

Katie Smith: You know anyone on our squad?

Jacqueline Batteast: You! And Kristen Mann, now.

Brandy (Muncie,IN): How do feel about the talent you are joining in Minnesota?

Jacqueline Batteast: I'm looking forward to being around great players and some names that are familiar. Hopefully the transition won't be so hard.

Katie Smith: Some good young blood.

Joesph,Pittsburg: Jaqueline Batteast is one of my favorite college players and is going to be a wonderful player. You are a role model to young girls, what would you tell them, if they were to follow in your footsteps?

Jacqueline Batteast: Continue to follow your dreams and don't let a road block stop you or ever get in your way.

KP (South Bend): Jackie, Congrats!! We're gonna miss you at ND but know that you're gonna be a star in minnesota. what are you looking forward to the most?

Jacqueline Batteast: Moving. Leaving the state of Indiana and moving on to the next level and improving my game.

Sean (Petersburg): Jacqueline, congrats on going to Minnesota with ou being near South Bend all your life how will you like/dislike you moving away from home the first time?

Jacqueline Batteast: I think I'll like it. Being on my own finally and being in a new city, I'm already wondering how I'm going to get all my stuff up.

Katie Smith: Any pets?

Jacqueline Batteast: Nope. but I have a small fear of dogs.

Katie Smith: Uh oh, I have a golden doodle, Logan. He's great and nice. You'll meet him.

Brandy (Muncie,IN): What is the one skill that you believe is your bread and butter and you can hang your hat on? Also, what is the one skill that you know you must improve upon in order to be sucessful in the WNBA?

Jacqueline Batteast: Bread and butter... my ability to make plays and playing hard doing things on both sides of the court. Improvements... better shooter and better defender at this level.

Katie Smith: I like our picks!

Moderator: The 20th pick... Detroit takes Nikita Bell from U.N.C....

Katie Smith: We are still here, and things are quieting down in the studio. The only player remaining here who has yet to be picked is Steffanie Blackmon.

Paul (San Francisco): Hey Katie, do you know what the players do when they are done chatting with fans from you?

Katie Smith: Well, I was not drafted back in the day, but I know that there is a whole gauntlet of stuff that the picks do. After they talk with us, they are whisked away to take photographs, meet with the press and talk to their new coaches on the phone.

Katie Smith: I heard that Jessica Moore and Ashley Battle played well in pre-Draft camp.

Katie Smith: This Draft is not like last year with a dynamo class, but the draft so far has been solid. These picks are going to make people come in and work for their jobs...

Moderator: Back-to-back UConn picks...

Katie Smith: ...And with that folks, we are done with two rounds. Stay tuned for Round Three.

Katie Smith: This third round is under way... and I'm getting hungry.

Katie Smith: Picks are coming in lightning quick now... Cathrine Kraayeveld, Jenni Dant, Ashley Earley, Anne O'Neil, Jamie Carey, Tashia Morehead, Jenni Lingor...

Rod (Minneapolis): Looks like a solid draft for the Lynx! Katie, do you feel we now have the talent to bring the title to Minneapolis?

Katie Smith: As I said earlier, we have some depth at the guard position to go along with some solid post players. I definitely think we have a chance to go deep in the playoffs.

Moderator: Steffanie Blackmon was just picked and will be here shortly.

Tami, Florida: Hi Steffanie, Congrats on a great tournament! What do you think you learned in that title run that could help you in the next level?

Steffanie Blackmon: We played a lot of teams in the tournament, so keeping concentration, thinking about the next team. A different team each night, so you have to stay focused. Mental toughness.

Madison (Houston, TX): Hello Steffanie! First of all, congrads to you and the Lady Bears on winning the national title! What are the things you looking forward to in your first rookie season in the WNBA? Good luck and have a great rookie year!

Steffanie Blackmon: I'm just looking to get out ther ein training camp and work hard and bring a good attitude to the team.

Dale (South Dakota): Steffanie, do you feel like you've been through the ride of your life these past two years? (0.3 loss in '04, NCAA Championship, drafted in WNBA)

Steffanie Blackmon: Definitely has been an experience to remember with so many different challenges and victories at the same time. But obviously is has worked out well for us because we won the championship.

Karisa (CA): Hi Steffanie, congrats on winning a title at Baylor. What do you like to do in your free time, and is their any NBA player you compare yourself to?

Steffanie Blackmon: Thank you. I don't compare myself to any NBA player, but I looked up to Hakeem Olajuwon. There was no WNBA, but I looked up to him. He was a great role model in Texas. And for free time, I don't have much, but I want to learn how to play the piano and I like to draw. Hopefully after I graduate I will.

Katie Smith: And with that, the 2005 WNBA Draft is a wrap. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. It was a great draft and I had a great time. Get ready for an exciting time because the Lynx are ON THE PROWL!