As Hall-of-Famer and ESPN analyst Nancy Lieberman gears up for another season of answering your questions and emails, she gets things started in 2005 with a special WNBA Draft-themed scouting report. Click to submit a question.

Charlotte says it wants to get younger and quicker/more athletic. Would you anticipate them trying to package one of their current starters (possibly Tammy Sutton Brown) to gain a second high 2005 draft pick, to go along with the #1? Is that something you would do if you were running the show there?
-Mark (Charlotte, NC)

A: "No, I think that they did a great job gettting veteran help in Sheri Sam. And this year, essentially, they'll have two No. 1 pick because of Jia Perkins, who they picked 35th in the third round a year ago. Perkins is as good as any kid who will be drafted this year. The Sting have become younger but they still have the experience on that team. If the Sting go small, I can see them taking Tan White. If they go big, I can see them taking Janel McCarville."

First of all, Nancy, I think that you were a great player back in the day and you are an even better sports announcer. You make the broadcasts on ESPN and others fun to listen to because you have a hip flare in the way you commentate games. But I was writing to ask you some questions on the Sparks. Do you have any scoop on who they are trying to pursue, or who they have their eye on in the draft. They really could use a little more help in the post and a good back up power and small forward.
-Leroy, (Midland, TX)

A: "I think they need to fill that void of losing DeLisha Milton-Jones. I think everybody is excited about Holdsclaw coming in and combining that productivity with Lisa Leslie. Milton was a great defender and we'll need to see what Henry Bibby's style is. But they going to have to work in a new key player in Chamique and they're looking for a rebounding and defensive specialist, because you know they have enough offense with Leslie, Tamecka Dixon, Mwadi Mabika and Nikki Teasley. They're loaded, and on paper they're as good or better than everybody."

Nancy, I am a huge LSU fan living in Houston. I was wondering if you think Houston would be interested or have a chance to pickup Temeka Johnson in the draft. I think she would be a great fit and fill a big need. Your thoughts?
-Curt, (Houston, TX)

A: "Curt, you should get into broadcasting or analyzing the draft. I agree with you 100 percent. That's exactly what they've lacked the last couple of years. They haven't had a solid point guard. They lost Ukari Figg, they lost Janeth Arcain, they lost Cynthia Cooper. If they drafted a point guard, that would be a great, great way to start rebuilding and I think she'd fit perfectly."

What are your thoughts on Tan White? I think she would be a great pick for any WNBA team. She has everything you need in a player. Not to mention she is super quick and has a great basketball IQ.
-MState Fan (Greenville, MS)

A: "Tan White, if everything was equal, would be the first pick in the draft. She's has a great grasp of the game, she's explosive, she can defend, she can shoot, it just depends on how they want to go: big or small. If you go small, you take Tan White."

The New York Liberty lost some good players and are in need of some fowards, Kristen Mann, of UCSB, can play any where you put her, she can hit the three and rebound. Do you think she might be a steal?
-Carol (Ventura, CA)

A: "I think she'll be a good player, the type of player that would fit in New York's system. I think the Liberty will be looking for a point guard and I don't think Temeka Johnson will be available for them. I think Tanisha Wright of Penn State and Roneeka Hodges of Florida State are good three-point shooters. As for Mann, she could be a good fill in behind Crystal Robinson and Vickie Johnson."

I think the Shock should choose Kristin Haynie. She's fast and scrapy. She could add points and assists. She's great. Your thoughts?
-Sally (Mason, MI)

A: "My thought is it would be a boon for Haynie to go to Detroit, to be quite honest. But I think Bill Laimbeer is interested in Sancho Lyttle, who can play a variety of positions. He could even trade up for her. As for Haynie, I think she's played amazingly well and I think she would help any team."

The Sun need a big post player to come off the bench and/or enable Taj to move over to the No. 4 spot. They also need a saavy point guard to maintain continuity when Whalen sits down. Katie Feenstra is perfect for the Sun. I like a heady player like Erin Grant in Round 2. What does Mike Thibault do to deepen his team?
-Van (Hattiesburg, MS)

A: "I have heard a rumor that there's a trade in the works for the Sun that would send away their first round pick. That being said, I think Feenstra would be someone who would fit in with Mike Thibault's system in Connecticut."

My question is... Where do you think Auburn's Natasha Brackett ranks as a prospect in this year's senior class? What round in any do you predict her going in?
-Ashley (Auburn, AL)
A: "I think you're looking at second round ... I can't tell you where she would go, because by that time in the draft, it's often the best athlete available with players like Ashley Battle, Brackett, Yolanda Paige, DeeDee Wheeler in that group. I also have Kristen Mann on the list, LaTonya Blue, Jenni Lingor of Southwest Missouri St. and Angelina Williams from Illinois. This draft has two solid rounds."

I think the Mercury need someone like Ely or an athletic defensive player like Battle. What do you see them doing?
-Jen (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: "It depends on what they're looking for. I know they need a post and there's been a lot of thoughts about Kendra Wecker or Sandora Irvin, if McCarville is not available. I've also heard about trade rumors here too. It depends on whether or not Washington is able to bring a quality post player to their team. New York is also interested in maneuvering around in the Draft. Phoenix needs to get more athletic on the perimeter and needs a get-down-on-the-block drop step scorer. But I like their backcourt. I like a lot of things about Phoenix."