Q: How was your time at the Pre-Draft Camp, your first real professional experience?
“It was fun, competitive. Everyone was out there trying to show what they can do and play the best that they could possibly play so that was really enjoyable to be a part of. Everyone there was good and had certain aspects of their game that could help a WNBA team and they’ll all get a shot.”

Q: Were there any skills that you were looking to highlight for people who might not have gotten a chance to see you play as much?
“I did not really try and showcase one particular skill. I just happy for the opportunity to play and was focused on playing a good all-around game.”

Q: Are there any skills you feel you need to improve at the next level?

Rebekkah Brunson talking to the media at Pre-Draft camp.
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Q: What do you feel will be the biggest adjustment for you in the WNBA?
"The post players in the WNBA are probably a little bit bigger than I am and might be a little bit stronger so I probably will need to gain some weight in order to compete with them physically. But I’ll be fine."

Q: Are there any current WNBA players that you look up to?
“I think that the transition that Tamika Catchings made from college to the WNBA was great. She really elevated her game so much and has become an even greater player. I would love to be able to get my game to that level.”

Q: Is there anyone you are looking forward to playing against or meeting in the WNBA?
“I am just looking forward to playing against everyone each night.”

Q: You got to play against Diana Taurasi on a regular basis. Any thoughts on her potential impact?"
“She is a great competitor and a great person. She is ready.”

Q: How early in your life was the WNBA something you thought of as a possiblity?
"When I got out of high school, I did not think of the WNBA as a possibility. I was just glad that basketball had given me the opportunity to go to college. But given that the college program that I went to was not as successful, there are still some things I would like to accomplish in this game.”

Q: Are you excited for the draft itself?
"I am nervous. Everyone is telling me not to be, but I can’t help it. I hope I do well, but we’ll see what happens."