Having played against one another on just about every level, no one knows the strengths, weaknesses and all-around game of the WNBA prospects better than... the WNBA prospects themselves. Leading up to the Draft, WNBA.com asked many of the potential picks to evaluate each other's games.

Candice Sutton on Alana Beard: “She is a great player, a leader that can take over a game at any point in time but also gets her teammates involved.”

Shameka Christon on Jenni Benningfield: “She will surprise a lot of people.”

Stacy Stephens on Tera Bjorklund: “If you ever get underneath the basket, she’s deadly. For the first couple of years, she had a right-on left hook and the last couple of years, she has developed a right hook to the point now where she is lethal either way. At 6-5, hitting hook shots, that’s hard to beat.”

Amber Jacobs on Rebekkah Brunson: “She is a player that some people may overlook, but look at her college stats. The way she can rebound is unbelievable. She has great post moves, is very aggressive on the inside and is very tough to guard.”

Candice Sutton on Kaayla Chones: “She is a strong player with who makes her presence felt in the post on the offensive and defensive end.

Jenni Benningfield on Shameka Christon: “She does a little bit of everything and does it well. She is so quick, but then she can just stop and pop a shot. She is very talented and so versatile.”

Shameka Christon on Vanessa Hayden: “I respect her game to the fullest. She was the best post player in our conference, and in my opinion, the country, but I am not sure she will shock many people any more. Everyone knows how big and strong she is and will be aware of her presence, especially because she makes her opponents change their shots or at least hesitate going into the lane."

Ebony Hoffman on Giuliana Mendiola: “She is a very underrated player in this setting. I have played against her for four years, so I know that she is a very good point guard. She knows when and how to get her teammates the ball in the right position. She makes her team better and that is a testament to her ability and mental toughness.”

Rebekkah Brunson on Amber Jacobs: “I’ve played against her for a few years now and she is small, but she is quick and she likes to go at it.”

Sara Nord on Chandi Jones: “Chandi is a great player. She can really do it all. She can score, rebound and even block shots. She reminds me a lot of Diana Taurasi in that she can do everything for her team. She can shoot off of the dribble, she can take anyone one-on-one, she can shoot the three. She is just a great player.”

Shereka Wright on Kelly Mazzante: “I think the great thing about Kelly is that she has improved her game every year. Her freshman year, everyone thought she was just a shooter. She has been able to put the ball on the floor to expand her game.

Chandi Jones on Sara Nord: “I think she is a great point guard that not a lot of people know about because of our conference and the year that they had this year. But she has a great all-around game and that’s not something you can always find in a point guard.

Stacy Stephens on Nicole Ohlde: “She is a great player. She is an offensive threat anywhere from 15 feet in. She has all types of moves, she can handle the ball, go coast-to-coast. She plays really great defense though Kansas State hardly ever matched up man-to-man with us. It was always a zone defense, so maybe she isn’t that great of a defender... No she knows I’m just messing with her.”

Ebony Hoffman on Nicole Powell: “I think she is a very difficult match-up for as tall as she is and as well as she can shoot, that is difficult for one person to guard. If you put a smaller player on her, she’ll take them to the post. If you put a bigger player on them, she will shoot all day. She is a very versatile player.”

Jenni Benningfield on Ashley Robinson: “Ashley is very quick around the basket, has good touch, she can rebound and block shots. Just a good inside player.”

Erika Valek on Stacy Stephens: “I really respect her game because she is someone that is not as tall as her opposition, but she just gets it done. She has big, strong hands and is physical to the point where her height doesn’t matter. She plays like she is 6-5. I look forward to Stacy doing some big things in the future.

Lindsay Taylor on Diana Taurasi: “I am from Arizona and Diana is from California, so I played a lot against her in club tournaments while we were growing up. She is a good leader and a great all-around player. Her passing is great and I would love to play on her team because she moves the ball so well. "

Shereka Wright on Christi Thomas: “She is a great post player that made a name for herself by carrying her program. At 6-5, she is very mobile and will definitely have success at the next level.

Shereka Wright on Erika Valek: “My teammate, Erika Valek, is one of the most underrated point guards. If there is a team that needs a point guard that can make an immediate impact, she is a great fit. She has a great medium-range jumper and she is very vocal, which is important as a leader in the point guard position.”

Erika Valek on Lindsay Whalen: “By far, the most humble and one of my favorite players. She has just come so far. No one really knew about her coming out of high school but she is a hard worker and she gets things done. She is one of those people that you might look at and think she is not very good, but, boy, does she have smooth game. It’s amazing how she can push the ball up in transition. But I really admire that for all of her accomplishments, you never see her arrogant, cocky or talk trash.”

Chandi Jones on Shereka Wright: “She is very hard to stop. It seems like she is always scoring or going to the free throw line. She lives off of that. She is a great rebounder, defender and scorer.”