The WNBA Draft Fan Forum is the place for fans to sound off on which prospects you think will make the biggest impact. If you have something to say, let us hear it.

Here are some of the comments fans have been saying in the Fan Forum:

"I am a Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson fan, so I follow the Storm. I believe that the Storm should trade their sixth pick and a player for the Sting's third pick. The Storm should then select Nicole Powell. She is a complete player who can play any position. The Storm's biggest problems are a consistent third scorer and a lack of depth. I see Powell as the solution to these problems. She will be an integral part to the Storm winning a WNBA Championship in the future."
(Brian, Australia)

"The Monarchs Need To Trade Up So They Can Get Nicole Powell From Stanford! NP Rocks!!!!!!"
(J.N., Sacramento, CA)

"Well, an athletic post would do nicely for the Liberty - someone like a Rebekkah Brunson. A wing would do just fine - Chandi Jones is a top wing i have in mind."
(Spoon, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

"Well, according to Rebecca Lobo, Kelly Mazzante will go sixth in the draft... and let me just say I HOPE!!! I'm a huge fan of the Storm, who has the sixth seed, and I love every asset of Mazzante's game, especially her range. I think one thing that she has underrated about her is her quickness, as well. Also, I think that Lindsay Whalen will go #4 to Connecticut because they NEED A POINT GUARD, and other than Diana Tuarasi, she's the only other player in the top tn that can play that position."
(Wade, Bellingham, WA)

(Photo courtesy of UConn)
"I think that Diana Taurasi will be the top pick in the draft, and the Connecticut Sun need some help in the post. They need to get bigger and better in the post.I think they should draft either Nicole Powell, or Nicole Ohlde."
(Chris, West Haven, CT)

"I believe Alana Beard should be the number 1 pick. But, I would like for her to go to a good team like Washington, so she can help out on defense."
(Loni, Dorchester, SC)

"My team, Indiana, needs an inside presence like Ashley Robinson because to play against the west and beat them, they will need a center that can rebound and block shots and score when they need her to. They have exellent guard play and all they need is an inside player.
(Ashley, Buffalo, NY)

"I think the Mystics can benefit from a player who is not afraid of penetrating the lane. Alana Beard is excellent at penetrating the lane as well as being score from the perimeter. She will bring a level of intensity the teams needs. They also are need of some solid post players."
(Joanna, Baltimore, MD)

(Caleb, Utah)

"O come on! Everyone knows who it is going to be. Diana Taurasi! Who else has the perfect fit? Not only is her shot been working for her in the games but her defence too. Stepping in to take the charge! blocking shots! Come on! And if her shot is not working she gets her team involved with or with out her shooting! Barbra Turner had a great game against Penn State! Taurasi had the help with her. She gets her team involved. But she takes over when she needs to. She calms her team down out on the court. She has the power!"
(A., Wickliffe, OH)

"I think, stratch that, I know Alana Beard is the best and if she isnt drafted number one over Diana Taurasi, then the WNBA got the game messed up!"
(Tiana, Lanham, MD)

"I think the WNBA should go back to the format of 1997 where players were put where they would increase the profit. Lisa Leslie went to USC and went to LA Sparks and Sheryl Swoops went to Texas Tech and went to Houston Comets and so on...If the WNBA is looking to expand its market, just think of the rating, numbers and attendance if, say, Lindasy Whalen stayed in Minnesota and played for the Lynx or if Taurasi stayed in Connecticut and etc..."
(Eric, Coon Rapids, MN)

"This is really a no brainer. D.T.(Diana Taurasi) will go first. Any team passing her up will be the equivalent of the Portland Trailblazers taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. You see where that got Portland."
(Patrick, Smyrna, GA)

"1.Diana T. 2.Nicole Powell. 3.Alanna Beard. 4.Nicole O. 5.Lindsey Whalen. 6.Chandi. 7.Kelly. 8.Rebecca Brunson. 9.Lindsay Taylor. 10.Vanessa Hayden"
(Darrell, College Park, MD)

(Photo courtesy of Minnesota)
"Lindsey Whalen needs to stay here, she is definitely the next Michael Jordan, something the WNBA has never seen, now where will she go??? Minnesota, Minnesota, Minnesota, I truly think if the Lynx do not get her they just as well fold the franchise. Just talking to other Minnesotans and fans, they all say the Lynx must have Lindsey to stay afloat. She is more important to them then Tuarsi, Beard and Powell together. Most people getting into Womens Basketball have no idea who these players are, but everyone, even non-sports fans know Whalen in Minnesota. SO HINT TO THE LYNX, trade everyone, even the owner if you have to. She will sell out the TARGET CENTER!!!!"
(Tim, Minnesota, MN)

"I am so sick of people claiming that Alana Beard doesn't show up in the big games. Duke was knocked out of the two previous Final Fours and Alana Beard was not the reason. I saw the Minnesota game and she wanted to lead her team to their first national title so bad that she forced it instead of letting the game come to her but to say she doesn't bring it everynight is a lie. The woman gives a 110% and leaves it all on the floor. She has done big things without nearly as much talent surrounding her as Diana Taurasi. She can't do it alone. One bad game does not negate four years of straight balling. She (along with Nicole Powell) is one of the most complete players in the draft. Washington would be crazy to pass up on Alana I don't care how many guards they have."

"I think that Nicole Powell often gets overlooked as a player...but she is awesome!! I would still have to stay with Diana for number one, but definitely take Nicole over Alana"
(Carrie, Syracuse, NY)