Selected in the First Round of the 2002 WNBA Draft, the Minnesota Lynx's Tamika Williams took part in the 2004 WNBA Draft as co-host of the live draft chat. Williams commented on everything from Diana Taurasi's impact in the league to how her parents and sister are doing. Check out Tamika's highlights:

Tamika Williams: Hey everyone - I'm so excited to be here and can't wait to get started.

Chaz-East Haven Ct: Hi Tamika, I was just wondering how your parents are doing? I sat near them several times at games and chatted a bit. They are the nicest people. Hope they are doing well.

Tamika Williams: My parents are living the retired life, loving each other and happy.

Fresno,CA: HI Tamika! I read in the newspaper that your sister is headed to fresno state. I just want to know how you fill about her not going to UCONN?

Tamika Williams: I'm sad, but it's a great decision for her. She loves the coaches and the university. And I have a great place to vacation...

Inyene. Norman, OK: Hey Tamika, how do you think Diana will contibute to the mercury???? Also, what position do u think she will play. Good luck

Tamika Williams: I think she'll play some point and some shooting guard. She'll make a winning impact on the Mercury franchise.

Bethany (Logan, IA): Tamika, Hi! Do you think coaching at Ohio St. this year will change the way you play in the WNBA or how you look at the game? Thanks and best wishes on another awesome season!

Tamika Williams: Coach Foster is a professor on the floor and I've been in his class the entire year.

Amy (Chicago): Tamika, What advice would you give the rookies about the WNBA and any adjustments that may be needed?

Tamika Williams: Come into your situation open. Work hard. The toughest thing for a rookie to do is to come in and find their role on the team. The quicker they find their role, the easier the transition will be. Example: Cheryl Ford, who was a tremendous rebounder in college and carried it over to the league as well.

Tamika Williams: Wow, this is fun!

Tamika Williams: And tiring.

Megan Nh: Tamika: What advice would you give to the people who don't make it in the 1st round?

Tamika Williams: I would tell them to use this as an opportunity to prove everyone wrong.

north wales: Tamika who do you think will win the wnba rookie of the year.

Tamika Williams: Let me think... our two new rookies. Ohlde and Hayden - they'll split it.

Tara-MN: Tamika, How do you feel about your new teammates? who would have you picked for the Lynx?

Tamika Williams: I think it's great. We need more power in the post position. We got better players and we needed that as well.

Romell (West Covina, Ca): hi tamika how are you doin? Do you think Diana Taurasi can change the way the womens game is played?

Tamika Williams: I think she will help the game because of players like Leslie, Swoopes, Edwards - it is going to be hard for her to change it by herself. There are some great players in the league and she still needs to prove herself.

Libby CA: Who do u think is the most underrated player in next yrs graduating class?

Tamika Williams: Jessica Moore - the Huskies! Even though she will be going through some tough situations, she was the X-factor for Connecticut's winning tradition the past two years?

Jean, Fairfield, CT: Tamika- First of all thanks, my 12 year old daughter, Emily met you in New Orleans and you were very sweet to her. How is the WNBA different than your college experience?

Tamika Williams: Wow, that was SOOO far back. Definitely more physical and the players are more talented.

Tamika Williams: Oh, and you miss the charter flights and pre-game meals.

Scott WV: Tamika who do you think will be the sleeper in this years draft

Tamika Williams: It could be Christi Thomas. With Milton's health a question, I think she can do the dirty work opposite Leslie until Milton returns.

Tara-MN: Tamika, Which rookie are you most excited to play against?

Tamika Williams: All of the players that play the power forward position (because my dream came true - I am no longer a center for the Minnesota and can play my true position!! YESSS!!!).

Amy (Roseville, MN): Tamika, will you be at the Wolves game tommorrow night? And, do you think you can wrap up a number one seed with the picks that you have aquired?

Tamika Williams: I wish I could be there to rep my boy, KG, but I will be in Columbus, OH for another week. But every game they play at the Target center after May 25, I'll be there. As for the second part of your question, there are a lot of veteran players in the Western conference. Our youth will help us, but I don't know if it will help us enough to get a top seed. They still need to guard Leslie, LJ, Yo, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Robyn (Rockville, MD): Hey Tamika! This event sure does bring memories from two years ago :) What do you think about this draft, and are you happy with your team's pick?

Tamika Williams: I think not only was this year's Draft talented, but DEEP and talented. As for our picks, I am feeling utter jubilation with all of the young talent... which is funny coming from me because I just turned 24 on Monday.

Tamika Williams: I would like to say hello to my Buckeye family and to Swin, Sue, and Asjha.

Tamika Williams: So make sure you tune in this season to watch all of the new and great players. I am looking forward to the season and come out to the games and support us.