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Here are some of the comments fans have been saying in the Fan Forum:

Nicole Powell
(Photo courtesy of Stanford)
"I am a Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson fan, so I follow the Storm. I believe that the Storm should trade their sixth pick and a player for the Sting's third pick. The Storm should then select Nicole Powell. She is a complete player who can play any position. The Storm's biggest problems are a consistent third scorer and a lack of depth. I see Powell as the solution to these problems. She will be an integral part to the Storm winning a WNBA Championship in the future."
(Brian, Australia)

"I'm all about Nicole Ohlde in the draft. I've been watching her since she was a Fresh in college! This girl is one of the BEST bigs in the country, and I believe she'll go as a top 10 pick. Ohlde to Seattle! I'm on the Nicole Ohlde bandwagon now and will be for a long time!"
(Birdy, Manhattan, KS)

"As far as I am concerned, Diana Taurasi and Alana Beard are the top two players to come into this League together since Leslie and Swoopes. The are the future AND the present. We all know that Taurasi is the the real deal, but I really hope people get a chance to see Beard play sometime. She is just so smooth in all facets of the game. I also hope they find a place for her in the Washington lineup - trade????
(Babs, Roanoke, VA)

Lindsey Whalen
(Photo courtesy of Minnesota)
"Lindsey Whalen will be a perfect fit in New York, and we sure could use a point guard that can score the basketball. She is the mopst exciting college player today west of Connecticut. I have had the pleasure of watching her a few times in person and she screams toughness. I'll tell you, that girl is gritty, intense and fun, just like the Big Apple."
(Sasha, Highland Park, IL)

"A player who I think will make any team better is Jackson State's Amie Williams. She is 6-7 and led the SWAC in defense and rebounds. She averaged a double-double for the season and is awesome to watch. I think the scouting reports have done a real injustice to the league by not recognizing an awesome player of her caliber. If any team is listening, I think that she will be a nice steal in the Draft."
(Stevie, Jackson, MS)

"Taking absolutely nothing away from Nicole Powell and her great college career, she is among the two most talented players in the Pac-10. The great unanswerable question is, who is the most talented player in the Pac-10: Powell or Washington's Giuliana Mendiola? The only reason that Mendiola is not as well known as Powell is that the Huskies haven't had the success that the Cardinal have seen lately. The reason the Huskies haven't seen as much success lately is because this team has been ravaged by injuries. Five Huskies with eligibility remaining spent the entirety of this past season in street clothes; three will never play again. This year Mendiola captained a team of six freshmen and a roster of anywhere between seven and nine players. I hate to play the "what if" game, but anybody who knows anything about the injured Huskies knows that if they were healthy, then the team would have the kind of respect that would get Mendiola her dues. I'm sure some of my fellow Storm fans are dreaming with me of a backcourt with Sue Bird and Giuliana Mendiola. But I fear it's just a pipe dream. It would be great for Seattle, but Coach Donovan doesn't understand the Northwest. I mean, look at what she did to Kate Starbird. Powell will probably be one of the top picks; she's earned it. Mendiola will be a steal late in the first round or in the second round. I will always be a Storm fan, no matter what Donovan does, but I wish both Powell and Mendiola great WNBA careers with whomever they play."
(BC, Seattle, WA)

Kelly Mazzante
(Photo courtesy of Penn State)
"I think Connecticut with their first and second pick should look long and hard at Kelly Mazzante from Penn State and Lindsay Taylor from UCSB. Kelly would give them a much needed two-guard and scoring punch with the trade of Shannon Johnson. Lindsay would give them much needed size coming off the bench as we don't know how much Taj McWilliams-Franklin has left in her."
(John, Springfield, MA)

"The Minnesota Lynx need Whalen! If they draft her - they will come!"
(Tracy, Minneapolis, MN)

"There is no question that the #1 pick will be Taurasi. Regardless of her stats this season, she has the intangible and unquantifiable quality of being a WINNER. She is a big time player. Next pick will be Beard, but I will go out on a limb and say that it SHOULD be Nicole Powell. Like Taurasi, she can do everything. And unlike Alana Beard, she brings it every night. I love Beard, but, honey, you gotta go down with a fight (re: Minnesota vs Duke Elite Eight game). That was huge. On the other hand, Powell single-handedly kept her team in the game vs. Tennessee and nearly won it for them. I think Beard has a lot to prove in the WNBA."
(Anneliese, East Brunswick, NJ)

"We need territorial draft picks to improve attendance and for the good of the league like LeBron went to Clevland. If you believe lottery wasn't fixed I got a bridge for sale. The Suns need Diana and they will sell out every game. Unfortuntately she will be lost in Phonix as the number 1. Beard and the rest of the All Americans first."
(Dick, Thompson, CT)

"I know exactly what Phoenix needs .. and you want to know what that is .. take a guess.. DIANA TAURASI!!!! Come on now folks! She is going to lead her team to a 3-peat baby! GO UCONN!.. and you would be crazy insane to not pick her first! good luck with everything, I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!!"
(Amanda, Agawam, MA)

Alana Beard
(Photo courtesy of Duke)
"I think that if phoenix is smart, they will take alana beard because she is an all-around player and not just offense like taurasi. Alana can play defense and offense and has some outstanding dribbling techniques. I really enjoyed watching alana beard play!"
(Xavier, Dallas, CT)

"I think the number one pick will be Diana Taurasi. Everyone has predicted it and it will come to pass. What's most impressive is her killer instinct on the floor. She knows when to make a basket and at the right time. Alana Beard will be number 2. She is a complete player and the best defender coming out of this class. If there was a defensive player of the year nationally, it would go to Alana. I think Lindsay Whalen will go third. She's raised her stock a lot and she's proven she's a winner and that game against Duke showed everyone she is the Pistol Pete of this year's class. As much as you talk about Beard and Taurasi, I feel Whalen is the best slasher. She has total control in the air. Don't believe me? Watch how many times she slashed against opponents in the NCAA tournament - she's either going to score or kick out to player wide open. Pick your poison. Nicole Powell will be number 4. She is an all-around player and showed she'll do whatever it takes to win. Powell came up short but her game was still spectacular. Her game is so smooth when she scores and she is versatile enough to play every position in the WNBA. I think Nicole Ohlde will go at number 5 although she had a rough Tournament. You can't deny what she has done. You can't teach size and Nicole has size and skills. She's showed she can handle the ball and in the WNBA, bigs that can handle are becoming a commodity. Teams in the west would be smart to go after her since they have to see Lisa Leslie and Lauren Jackson a lot. I think my Storm team needs a perimeter player at the 2 or a small forward. I think that these will be the top five, but at Number 6 I think Chandi Jones and Kelly Mazzante would be a nice addition. Mazzante may find is easier to score with Lauren, Sue, and Kamila getting most of the attention. When she is on, she is as good as anybody. She may be the purest shooter and that quick release will serve her well. Same goes for Jones, who is a good slasher and fantastic finisher. This year's class is so deep that it may get quality players all the way to the final pick. Go WNBA and Go Seattle Storm."
(Mike, Seattle WA)

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