Q&A: Diana Taurasi, Pick #1, Phoenix Mercury

Q: What do you think is going to be the biggest difference between the college game and the WNBA?

Taurasi: I definitely think I have an advantage after playing a week with the U.S. team. Obviously, those are the elite players in the league. The gameís just a lot different Ė the speed of the game, how physical it is, just how every player on the court is interchangeable so it makes everyone a lot harder to guard. So, itís definitely going to be a challenge.

Q: Talk about the adjustment youíre going to have to make, considering that you really have not had a break.

Taurasi: It was difficult going straight from the Final Four to the U.S. team, and even now Ö I think in the last month Iíve been to school about two days. So thatís been a little difficult, but Iíve always been good with adjusting to new situations and, obviously, itís a new city with new teammates, new surroundings. Iím looking at it in a positive light and Iím really excited. So everything that comes my way, Iím definitely going to enjoy it.

Q: Are you looking forward to going to Phoenix Ė the shopping and weather?

Taurasi: Iím excited. Itís a lot closer to home than Connecticut is. My parents will get a better opportunity to go out there. And like you said, the shopping, the city, a lot of new things to look at. So, Iím excited.

Q: Have you talked to some of your former teammates about what itís like to go from a winning program to a team that is rebuilding?

Taurasi: I talked to Swin [Cash], who obviously had the biggest shock when she went from her senior year going 39-0 to her first year in the pros, where I think she lost her first 15 games. And she said itís going to be hard, but youíve just got to keep positive. Every time you think itís going to not get better, youíve got to keep a positive light on everything. And thatís what we usually do at school so thatís not going to change my approach. Itís not going to change whether the wins or losses increase or decrease because thatís just the way weíve been taught.