With the number one overall pick in the 2003 WNBA Draft, the Cleveland Rockers selected LaToya Thomas from Mississippi State.

Youíre part of the new wave of players who have entered college with the knowledge that the WNBA is out there waiting for you. Is this something youíve thought about or dreamed about for a while now?

Thomas: This is something Iíve been thinking about ever since I was in high school and itís simply a dream come true. So hopefully I can fulfill my dream.

To go number one, are you stunned? People have been talking about you being the number one for a while.

Thomas: Yeah, I was surprised. I still canít believe it, so my heartís still beating.

Were you a little nervous about being the number one pick, and obviously going into the draft with so many people expecting you to be the number one pick?

Thomas: Yeah, I was kind of nervous. Iím from a small town and I just didnít know what it was like.

Do you have any players or teams in the WNBA that you have watched or liked?

Thomas: Yeah, I have a couple teams. I watch everybody that plays on TV.

Is there anybody thatís been a role model or inspiration to you?

Thomas: I like Yolanda Griffith and Tamika Catchings. Theyíre two of my favorite players in the WNBA.

Did you follow Cleveland much last season?

Thomas: Yeah, I watched Cleveland. They were rebuilding. They had a lot of young players. Hopefully when I make it there, thatíll change.

What do you think youíll bring to the team?

Thomas: I think Iíll bring more excitement, more scoring. I want to help rebuild the team.