With the number five overall pick in the 2003 WNBA Draft, the Detroit Shock selected Kara Lawson from Tennessee.

Have you had the opportunity to talk with Cheryl [Ford] now that you two will be teammates?

Lawson: Not really because theyíve been pushing us around everywhere. Iíve played against Cheryl for four years at Tennessee and La. Tech. And we were on the same team in high school together that went over to Russia, so Iím quite familiar with her and her game.

You go to a situation youíre kind of unfamiliar with, a rebuilding project. Is that going to be tough for you?

Lawson: I think itís not really for me. I think as a player, the way I approach practice or the way I approach a game doesnít change. Iím going to compete and play with a lot of intensity in practice and in games. So as far as my game, does it change going from Tennessee to Detroit? It doesnít. I think playing in a program like Tennessee prepares you well for the pro game just because of the scheduling, the type of players youíre able to play against and the coaching that you receive. So I feel that Iím as prepared as I could be as a college player coming out. Thereís definitely going to be an adjustment period as youíve seen with every rookie. You just have to elevate your game a little more to play with the best players in the world in this league.

Does it encourage you to see the success the past rookies have had?

Lawson: I think itís encouraging to see how the rookies have done. I also think itís encouraging to see how well Tennessee players have done in the league, and thereís a lot of Tennessee players playing and doing great things for teams. When you have a track record like that, it makes you a lot more confident as a player knowing that you came from a great program.