With the number three overall pick in the 2003 WNBA Draft, the Detroit Shock selected Cheryl Ford from Louisiana Tech.

Youíre in a unique situation having a father [Karl Malone, Utah Jazz] who has played professional basketball. Is this something that you have thought about for a long time, something that you wanted to do as well?

Ford: Well, not at first did I think about playing just because he was playing. I just did it thanks to my mom. Sheís the one who made me play. Thatís why Iím here now.

How do you think your dad will really feel about you playing for Bill Laimbeer?

Ford: [Laughing] I donít know. I guess I will find out tonight when I get there. I will just have to wait and see.

Does Coach Laimbeerís physical style play to your strengths?

Ford: I like when coaches bring that aggressive side to the court. Because if they donít, then thereís no respect and you wonít get hard work on the court. So I think thatís my style of play.

So many players have come out of Louisiana Tech and made good careers for themselves. Have you had the chance to meet any of them and do they ever come back to campus?

Ford: Ayana Walker has been on campus since the spring quarter started. Sheís with the Detroit Shock also. I talk to her a lot and we go out to eat. We talk about basketball.

Have you had the opportunity to talk to Swin Cash since youíve been here?

Ford: Not yet. I think she knew from the beginning though, but I havenít talked to her yet.

Some of the early predictions on the draft didnít have you being selected in the top three. Weíre you surprised to be taken at number three?

Ford: Yeah, I didnít think I was going third. That was a big surprise. It was great and Iím glad.