With the number two overall pick in the 2003 WNBA Draft, the Sacramento Monarchs selected Chantelle Anderson from Vanderbilt.

Were you excited to finally have the waiting over with and to know where youíll be going?

Anderson: Oh yeah, I mean Iím glad I get the opportunity to play. Iím glad everything got worked out and that itís finally here. Itís a new chapter in my life and Iím just excited to start it.

You get to go to Sacramento to play along side Yolanda Griffith whoís one of the legends of the game. Are you excited about that? Have you watched her over the years?

Anderson: Yeah, Iíve been a huge fan of her game and I just think itís a great place for me because Iím going to be playing against one of the best players in the game every day in practice and I can only get better from that. I know that Iím going to get that much better in practice and it will make the games that much easier. I am excited about that.

How do you feel about coming in and contributing from day one?

Anderson: Thatís what I hope to do. I hope to contribute. This is a team that would not even have been in a position to select me if they hadnít had injury problems. So with all these people coming back from injuries, I think this is a team that has a ton of potential to be one of the powerhouses. Iím just really excited to be a part of it.

Playing in the SEC, youíre well prepared. Do you feel like youíre in a pretty good position to make this jump?

Anderson: Yeah, I definitely feel like I will make the transition a good one. I know that itís going to take a little bit of time but I hope not too long. I think that the SEC is the best league in America, and of course itís a whole different level, but I think that Iím as prepared as any college player going into the WNBA. I definitely hope to contribute right away.